Open Call Advanced Training on Diversity and Inclusion

Dear AEGEEans,

It’s a pleasure to share with you the open call for a training on diversity and social inclusion of marginalised groups in youth organisations, that will take place in Yerevan from 9-15th of August. The training course is part of an Erasmus+ Key Action 2 project of AEGEE-Europe and 6 more partners, called “Everyone Matters! Development of Inclusive and Participatory Youth Work Practices in Eastern Partnership countries”.

The Training Course targets specifically members in leading positions, such as board members of locals and coordinators of international teams, in order to equip them with knowledge, skills and attitudes on the topic...

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Open Call CIRC

#WHEN: From July 2018 onwards

#HOW: Please fill in this Form to be a member of the Corporate and Institutional Relations Committee

#DEADLINE: 25TH June 2018


Dear Network,

We are glad to launch the Open Call for you to become a member of the Corporate and Institutional Relations Committee of AEGEE-Europe. We are looking for a professional and enthusiastic member who would like to work together with the Comité Directeur to improve the association from a financial point of view. The member of the committee will support the Comité Directeur to improve the financial sustainability and performance and to implement the Corporate and Institutional Fundraising Strategy of AEGEE-Europe.

The committee meetings will almost all take place online and work will be done remotely, thus it’s possible to ...

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Contacts toolkit

Here you can find the new uptated “Contacts toolkit”
In this guide, we will guide you through the process of first becoming a Contact of AEGEE-Europe, develop your Contact and how to become a Contact Antenna.

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Open Call for Equal Rights Working Group Coordinator

Are you passionate about Equal Rights? Do you want to empower the whole Network to organise activities and events related to this Focus Area? Do you have good organisational and team management skills? Then you are the person we are looking for!

During Spring Agora Kraków no Working Group Coordinator for Equal Rights was elected, so he or she will be selected through this Open Call and will be appointed by the Comité Directeur.

What is a Working Group?

The Working Group ensures the Action Agenda implementation for the focus area of Equal Rights. This means organizing activities (e.g...

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Input for Presidential debate during Agora Kraków

Dear Network, 

As part of the traditions of Spring Agorae,  a US presidential style debate between the candidates for the position of President of AEGEE-Europe will take place during Agora Kraków before the question line will be opened for them in order to let the Agora know about their vision and view on AEGEE. The debate will cover three main parts: 

  • Vision – their opinions on how they imagine AEGEE, how they would lead the team, what would be their prioritiesetc; 
  • Future of AEGEE – opinions on what are their views regarding thematic workorganisational pointsexternal relations, communicationsetc; 
  • Programme – summary of their programmeasking questions from each oth...
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Get Civic during the Civic Education Action Month in April!

Hello AEGEEans!

Are you ready to get civic and get educated? Do you want to discover more what is behind the C? The series of the Action Months is continuing with the Civic Education Action Month in April!
What is an Action Month? It is thematic month organized by the Working Groups focusing on one of the focus areas, whit the aim to support the network to fulfill the objectives connected to the focus areas.

Check out the Civic Month Booklet full of activities, workshop materials, debating topics! When you organize an event or activity, send us pictures, so we can share it in the event as good examples and remember to report it to ACT as well. 
Find more info in the Facebook event or contact us at
CEWG Action Month
Stay Civic! Stay Educated! :)
Civically yours,
the Civic...
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AEGEE Day 2018 Ambassadors

We have 11 AEGEE Day Ambassadors assigned to each Network distribution area, below you find the list of Ambassadors and their contact e-mail. If you would like to organise an activity, or if you have any kind of question you can always contact your assigned Ambassador or us.

Alin’s locals: Violeta Vasile, AEGEE-Bucuresti (
Celia’s locals: Cristina de la Parte, AEGEE-León (
Dominic’s locals: Olga Sidorowicz, AEGEE-Kraków (
Elena’s locals: Maria Smirnova, AEGEE-Moskva (
Evrim’s locals: Pelin Sezer, AEGEE-Eskişehir (
Francesca’s locals: Antonio Castiello, AEGEE-Salerno (
Laura’s locals: Constantine Bakiris, AEGEE-Niš (constantine...

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Open Call Hosting Local Spring Agora 2019

Dear Network,

We would like to announce that AEGEE-Europe is looking for a local ready and willing to organise the Spring Agora 2019.

The Agora is one of AEGEE’s statutory events, gathering representatives of the whole Network in order to decide on the future of the organisation, to make decisions regarding the structure and the functioning of our Network. The Agora should gather members who are willing to take part in shaping the organisation and helping the Network to adapt to the always changing environment.

As the Agora content will be provided by AEGEE-Europe, the organising local is responsible for providing the logistics, such as rooms, lodging, meals and the social program.

The organising antenna is explicitly responsible for the following points:

To provide an adequate lodging f...

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Be the next Working Group hero!

Dear AEGEEans,

as the call for candidates for new Working Groups coordinators is closing on 24.03, we would like to offer you the opportunity to ask all the possible questions you might have about this position.


Either in our open Skype meeting on Sunday, 18.03.2018 at 7 pm CET (join here).

or individually – contact us and ask your questions via email or request an individual Skype meeting!

Alvaro, European Citizenship WG

Joanna, Civic Education WG

Svenja, Youth Development WG

Viola, Equal Rights WG

Maria, CD

2 (1)

If you are thinking about becoming member of the next Working Groups, we also offer the opportunity of job shadowing to experience our work...

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Open Call for Job Shadowers and Secretary Assistants Spring Agora Kraków 2018

Deadline: 15th March 23:59 

How to applysend application to 

Dear Network, 

Spring Agora Kraków is in two months, and the Chair Team is  already busy with the preparations.  Howevermaintaining all of the workload during the agora is almost impossible. Therefore we are looking for peoplewho are interested in supporting us with our tasks and learning more about how the Chair Team works in practice. 

That is why we are launching this Open Call for Chair Team Job Shadowers  and for Secretary Assistants for Spring Agora Kraków! 

As a Job Shadower: 

– you will have a look behind the scenes on how the agenda is draftedthe workshops and progress 

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