Presentation of new Subcommissioners of Audit Commission


Dear Network,

After almost 1 month of application and a selection process, it is Audit Commission’s pleasure to inform you that the team of Subcommissioners of Audit Commission has finally been selected and already working.

The members of the team are:

Michele Bezzi, AEGEE-Bergamo
Dennis Bosman, AEGEE-Nijmegen
Teresa Carene Kiambu, AEGEE-Udine
Avram Catalin, AEGEE-Ploiesti
Olivera Lukic, AEGEE Beograd
Ceyda Peker, AEGEE Eskisehir
Wegener Mareike, AEGEE-Aachen
Nils Barkawitz, AEGEE-Aachen
Maria Kochkina, AEGEE-Moskva
Bruna Fernandes, AEGEE-Porto
Gulnur Aliyeva, AEGEE Tallinn
Liis Danelson, AEGEE-Tallinn
Marijana Asprovska, AEGEE Skopje
Simon Roussel, AEGEE-Lille
Lavderim Hoxha, Aegee Tirana
Javid Isayev, AEGEE-Baki
Blažo Živković, AEGEE Podgorica
Anna Nemets, AEGEE Kharkiv
Astrid Wentz...

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E.Q.A.C. Board 2016-2017


We are happy to intiduce you the New E.Q.A.C. team for the term 2016-2017.

unnamed_Mauro Bellani AEGEE-Bergamo

I’m Mauro from Aegee Bergamo a.k.a. “The one would sure come to the next event you’ll organize”, this is not a threat, but just becase I’ve a long list of event as participant, I’ve also something to say as Event organizer.. so I’ve lost the count but since Novembre 2012, when I join Aegee I’ve been involved in 40 events, more or less… This is my second term
in E.Q.A.C. You’d asking why I’m continuing? Easy, awesome events passionate everyone, good behavior of the organizers make it possible!


Kateryna Cherednychenko AEGEE-Moskva

Hello AEGEE family!

I joined AEGEE quite long time ago, in the begining of 2011, and for all this time AEGEE became my family...

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Open Call for AEGEE Day Team

Dear Network,

Last year, on 16th of April 2016, we celebrated together the AEGEE Day.

For 2017, in order to get everyone ready for this celebration full of awesome activities all over Europe, we are looking for a team to work together with us on the content, preparation and spreading the AEGEE spirit.

Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Content Team, responsible for the creation of guidelines and other materials to help locals contribute to the AEGEE Day.

  • Public Relations team, responsible for the PR campaign and other promotional materials.

  • Ambassadors, responsible for encouraging locals to celebrate AEGEE Day by informing them about the possible activities they can do, to help them choose and promote their ideas and to collect information about the outcome of the activities (which a...

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Open call for Interim Chairpersons for Spring Agora Enschede 2017

Dear Network,
Due to fact that there were no candidates for the position of (Vice-)Chairperson of the Agora, interim positions will have to be appointed. The selection will be done by a panel consisting of CD and Chair Team 2015-2016, as was stated in the motion that was accepted by the Agora. Therefore, the Comité Directeur and Chairpersons 2015-2016 hereby send you the Open Call for the positions of Interim Chairperson and Interim Vice-Chairperson for Spring Agora Enschede 2017.
CIA Article 10: 2 Candidates must have proven experience as a member of the Comité Directeur, a Commission of AEGEE-Europe, the board of an ordinary member or as a delegate to a former Agora.
If you wish to apply for one of this positions, please send an e-mail to
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Internship and job opportunities in Europe


Dear AEGEEans,

our partner, Qreer, is presenting their latest exposure of jobs, traineeships and internships throughout Europe. We hope you will find some interesting opportunities!

TRINEAN – Junior Lab Technician Quality Control Job in Gentbrugge, Belgium:

Trinean was founded as a spin-off from the University of Ghent and IMEC in September 2006. The founders of Trinean are Bert Luyssaert, Kris Naessens and Ronny Bockstaele, three optical engineers with degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Ghent (Belgium).

Driven by a strong spirit of entrepreneurship and an innovative attitude, they recognized that the move towards small-scale methods in the life sciences demands the development of versatile instruments able to rapidly analyz...

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Ideas Meeting after EPM Zagreb

Dear AEGEEans,

On the 27th of February which is the departure day of European Planning Meeting 2017, we will hold an Ideas Meeting. 

What is the Ideas Meeting?

It is kind of like Share Meeting but different.

What is the same?

Everybody can join.

It takes place day after the Statutory event.

There are no speakers or trainers, just AEGEEans sharing ideas and discussing future of the organisation.

What is different?

Theme! We will focus only on thematic aspect of our organisation, more precisely the new Focus Areas (Equal Rights, Civic Education, Youth Development, European Citizenship). During Ideas Meeting we will discuss initiatives connected to the new Strategic Plan.

Do you have any ideas for initiatives connected to the new FA? Come and share them! Find people who will like to work ...

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Open Call for Task Force on Pushing the Free Interrail Ticket Discussion

Dear Network,

As a follow-up of the motionAsking the CD to support free interrail tickets’, we hereby launch an Open Call for a Task Force.

Youth mobility was and is at the center of AEGEE’s concerns. The experience of traveling and meeting new people from all over Europe – either at a Summer University, an Agora or another European event – has opened the eyes and minds of many AEGEEans already. The freedom to travel allows us to broaden our horizon, literally and figuratively speaking, and it is crucial in fostering a true sense of transnational, European citizenship among young people...

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European Citizens’ Initiative: More Than Education – Shaping Active and Responsible Citizens

Dear Network, pic4externals

Do you believe that Europe is at a crucial moment in its history, and that our democracies are increasingly threatened and under pressure? Do you believe that the education of young people should go beyond their preparation for the labour market? Do you believe that high-quality education of civic competences is indispensable in developing and securing democratic societies?

Then YOU should join us in the fight for a more democratic and a more educated Europe!

We, AEGEEans coming from all over Europe, are using the first-ever tool for direct democracy at the transnational level to put Civic Education on the European political agenda: the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)! The challenge that we have taken up is to collect 1.000...

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Open Call for website proposal

Dear AEGEEans,

We have the pleasure to announce you that we plan to launch a new website which will be more user-friendly and visually appealing. At the moment we are looking for people that could develop this new website for us.

In order to be as open and transparent as possible in our choice for a contracting partner, we hereby launch an open call for website development proposals. Please share this call freely, and especially with friends, family or other acquaintances skilled in website development.

State of the current website

  • The page currently contains more than 200 pages and is based on WordPress.
  • The page is hosted on our own servers

Requirements for the new website

    • The page should be accessible by multiple groups of people that have access to different pages.
      • Eac...
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CEWG 2016-17 Newsletter#1 – October 2016

Read the awesome newsletter of the Civic Education Working Group (CEWG) ( and learn about their activities and how you can support them!
Not subscribed yet? Go to their site and click on Subscribe or directly subscribe to the mailing list (just click here). We promise it will not fill in your inbox with spam – just one, single newsletter a month.

Stay Civic, stay Educated!


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