European Training Course


Local Training Courses (LTCs) and Regional Training Courses (RTCs) equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to take up responsibilities in AEGEE locals and boards, while the European Training Course aims at preparing members to take an active role in the European bodies of AEGEE.

The concept is similar to European Schools – but being more accessible by lasting only weekend and taking place regularly in the AEGEE house in Brussels. Moreover, it is not only a place for training but also for consultation and brainstorming – there where you can have a sneak peek into the work of Comité Directeur and develop your ideas for initatives inside AEGEE. Our role will be to show you the ways to realize those ideas and to equip you with skills necessary to make them happen.

Sounds go...

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Open Call: IT responsible of the Chair Team

#deadine:22th January
#how to apply: write to

Dear Network,

It is our pleasure to announce an Open Call for IT Responsible of Chair Team for Spring Agora Enschede 2017. The IT Responsible will be be part of the Chair Team together with (Vice-) Chairpersons and Secretary and be co-responsible for Spring Agora Enschede 2017.

How to apply?

  • Write a short letter to: including the following information:
    your AEGEE experience
  •  task related experience for this position and level of knowledge of IT
  • motivation for applying
  • expectations towards being part of the Chair Team
  • your availability for February to May 2017

What does the IT Responsible do?

The IT Responsible is expected to:

  • take part in the preparation for the Agora as part of the Chair Team;
  • be responsibl...
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Open Call: Secretary of the Agora

#deadine:15th of January
#how to apply: write to

Dear Network,

It is our pleasure to announce an Open Call for Secretary of the Agora to join the Chair Team for Spring Agora Enschede 2017. The Secretary will be be part of the Chair Team together with (Vice-) Chairpersons and the IT responsible and be co-responsible for Spring Agora Enschede 2017.

How to apply?

Write a short letter to: including the following information:
– your AEGEE experience and relevant non-AEGEE experience
– motivation for applying
– expectations towards being part of the Chair Team
– your availability for February-May 2017

You can apply till 15th of January 2017 23:59 CET.

What does the Secretary do?

The Secretary is expected to:
– take part in the preparation for the Agora as part of...

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Open Call – AEGEE-Europe headoffice and home-based assistants

Teamwork makes the dream work!

#What: Open Call – AEGEE-Europe assistants
#Where: Brussels headoffice or home-based
#Application form
#Deadline: 16th January

Dear Network

As you might know, AEGEE-Europe is the administrative head and executive board of the organisation, with seven members of AEGEE living and working in Brussels for one year, on different portfolio-related tasks, projects, representation and external relations, network development and many other things.

We are launching an open call for assistants who would support our work on specific fields and we are looking for members who could take part in a valuable learning experience, working in the headoffice. We are looking for enthusiastic members who

  • would join us in Brussels – headoffice assistants,
  • who would like to contribute to our work from home –
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Open Call – New Liaison Officers of AEGEE – Discover Brussels and more!



Application Form

Deadline: 15th January

Guidelines for Liaison Officers

The web of AEGEE’s external relations is a complex one. With each of the institutions and partner organisations we cooperate on different initiatives, and with each of them it is a relevant link that strengthens the work of our organisation towards the outside world.

We would like to invite you to take part in building AEGEE’s presence and image towards the external world – by applying to become Liaison Officer towards the following organisations. You can find a short description about our cooperation and the possible future plans you can work on with each of them.

European Youth Forum

AEGEE is full member of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) playing an active role in the policy and advo...

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+Open Call+ Debate Competition at EPM


Dear AEGEEans, Participants of the EPM,

We are proud to announce that the Debate Competition of the Civic Education Working Group (CEWG) will take place at the EPM! #Debate your way to a European journey!

Do you like discussing social issues? Do you want to improve your skills in speaking in front of an audience? Ever wanted to know how competitive debating works? And do you love travelling? Then this competition is perfect for you!

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The Working Plan of the Audit Commission 2016/17


Dear Network,

The Audit Commission of AEGEE Europe, which started its term on October 16th, 2016,  proudly announces you the 2016/17 Working Plan, from Autumn Agora Chișinău till Autumn Agora Catania 2017, as the Audit and its Subcommissioners decided together during their third online meeting happened on December 21st, 2016 and approve the following points listed in the following pages.

What you will see and read, are initiatives, ideas and changes we are going to work on, with an aim to develop the Network and help the locals and giving a further understanding on the Finances of the Network and its projects.

We are always open to suggestions, ideas and to answer at your questions.

You can contact us at (via mail you can discuss about everything, even sensitive data) ...

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Open Call SU with the whole CEWG


Last summer (2016) AEGEE-Warszawa hosted the whole Civic Education Working Group to provide a SU about Civic Education; “Get Civic, Get Educated”. The training were creative, full of fun. Given the passion of the trainers, the session were a real pleasure. Often the conversation continued outside the workshops around some local delicacies. It was an amazing experience that had a great impact on all the participants. We all came back with the envy to know more about the current world but also with the will to find concrete solutions to the multiple current world crisis.

It is up to us to grab the opportunity to become actors of a positive change. If you want to be the local hosting the CEWG ? Just contact us :

Civically yours !

Alexia Thomas

for the CEWG

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Franck Biancheri Award

The Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri (Friends of Franck Biancheri Association – AAFB) is an association created in the aftermath of Franck Biancheri’s death which aims at gathering, synthesizing, promoting, perpetuating and defending his work. AAFB and AEGEE-Europe launched a sustainable project aimed at reminding what AEGEE owes Franck with a view to help build on this grand heritage. This is where the “Franck Biancheri Award” – granted each year to various AEGEE antennae – was born.
FBY 2014 in Delft: In 2014, the Franck Biancheri Year label was awarded to AEGEE-Delft
which managed some fruitful events all along the year (meeting with AAFB nucleus
members, dinner debate, organizing the Franck Biancheri Memorial Event…).
FBY 2015 – Special 30th anniversary: On...
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Dear Network, Dear Friends,

my name is Luca Bisighini and I am the president of the Audit Commission of AEGEE Europe, for the Chisinau-Catania term.

With the following communication*, Audit Commission (AC) would like to announce you that soon, you will be contacted by your assigned Subcommissioner (CLICK ON THE LINK) in order to improve the communications (and the help) on Financial matters, between your local and the AC.
Soon, we we will also announce on the Members’ Portal:
  • our Working Plan for the year;
  • the dates when you can start sending the Financial Reports (FR) for Financial year 2016 (we are working to review the structure a little, making toolkits and prepare templates);

The Financial Report Submission period will be between January 15th and the end of february 2017.

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