Back to Budapest – Join the AEGEE Alumni event!

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Dear AEGEEans

[[ Please forward this email also to members of your local alumni ]]

[ Those people who are helpful sources of knowledge, insight and information,

But they refuse to be called “alumni” because it implies they are too old for AEGEE ]

We are forever young – and this event will be exciting for ALUMNI- and for YOU as well!

With this we would like to warmly invite you to the “Back to Budapest – AEGEE alumni event

Application form

When: April 28 – May 1 2017

Where: Budapest, Hungary

Fee: 60 EUR


The fee includes: 3 nights in a hostel, antenna management trainings, gala dinners with alumni and an inspirational AEGEE weekend where you can gather useful contacts from AEGEE’s alumni network to support your local activities!

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3 good reasons to attend the event:

AEGEE Presidents’ Meeting

Reenacting a blast from the past of AEGEE, the PM is going to provide an open space with all AEGEE members present to discuss projects and organisational development ideas, as well as to share difficulties and differences, comparisons and cooperations.

Former or current board members or members interested in joining the board – you will be the voice of your real or fictional local and will represent its opinion!

Topics to be discussed:

  • The most urgent needs of AEGEE locals (resources?),
  • The activities of AEGEE locals (from local to European dimension)
  • AEGEE identity vs. local identity – branding AEGEE in your city!
  • Long-term development for the AEGEE network
    • From long-term programmes, yearplans and flagships
    • To Strategic plan and Action agenda
  • Open space – bring your topics! (Form will be sent to the participants)

Open Training Day

We are taught in universities but we learn in AEGEE – agreed! The OTD hosted by the Central European University will offer the best of AEGEE Academy former trainers’ sessions from project development to personal development and inspiration. AEGEE was the first youth organisation to have a pool of trainers, and attending the OTD will allow you to meet inspiring AEGEE careers who will also inspire you to take the long road to self-development in AEGEE, and be the best version of yourself! Can it get better? Yes – the OTD will be open to other local student and youth organisations as well – offering a great opportunity for networking and good practice sharing with BEST, ESN and others as well!

The OTD will include trainings on the following topics:

  • Impro-ve yourself!
  • Project management 2.0
  • The Arc – Stop dreaming. Start becoming.
  • What is the + in Erasmus+ ?
  • And more!

AEGEE Inspire: The best AEGEE stories – Alumni Gala Dinner

When AEGEE alumni meet the stories are countless – from the best projects to crazy travels, from pioneer actions to the biggest failures, the special dinner with storytelling, videos and pictures will allow you to grasp a new level of AEGEE spirit – delivered to you by the living-breathing memory of the organisation: the AEGEE oldies themselves. AEGEE 32 years later: from inspiration and idealism to AEGEE in 2017.

Looking forward to seeing you in Budapest!

Europeanly yours,

Comite Directeur 2016-2017 & Les Anciens / AEGEE Alumni Network

Joanna, Kasia, Lia, Maarten, Reka, Tekla, Zvonimir & Barbara, Julia, Theijs, Tim


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