Call for trainers – Diversity & Inclusion #DIVEproject


Call for trainers for a training in the fields of diversity and inclusion

AEGEE-Europe has a new opportunity for the trainers community of the AEGEE network, with a solid experience on the topic of diversity and social inclusion in youth organisations.


#When: July 10-15

#Where: Athens, Greece

#What: DIVE Training 2

#For: Trainers renumeration info below

#Deadline: 14th March – details below

Get to know, the DIVE project!


The Project: DIVE – Diversity in European Volunteering
Financing Institution: Erasmus + Programme – European Union
Type of project Key Action 2 – Strategic Partnerships – Good Practices Exchange


1. Description of the Assignment

Title: Lead Trainer for DIVE Training #2
Junior Trainer for DIVE Training #2
Duration of the assignment:   6 days (preparation 1 day before event, 4 days training, 1 day evaluation after the event)*
*Trainers are expected to arrive one day before the preparation meeting, and leave after the evaluation meetingPhysical meeting in Dubrovnik, Croatia (April 6-8)

3 Skype meetings leading up to the training in July

Period of the assignment: 10-15 July 2018 (the training itself is 11-14 July)
Place of assignment: Athens, Greece


2. Background of the project

‘European engagement’ understood as volunteering, activism, active participation and political participation with a direct European dimension is a shared characteristics of the partner organisations. Due to this shared characteristic, entry-barriers are created in terms of skills, knowledge and attitude. The partner organisations have come to the conclusion that the profile of their volunteers is not very diverse. By engaging into good-practice exchange through a cycle of three seminars and by developing new tools and resources, the partner organisations expect to slowly engage in a process of change that will make them more open and inclusive to diverse volunteers.

The aim of the DIVE project is to train the volunteers and member organisations to implement tools, practices and mechanisms that make their members base more diverse and their events and activities more inclusive.

DIVE_HR cycle

The youth-led organisations of JEF, AEGEE and ESN are in partnership with YES Forum in this project. YES Forum provides content expertise for the youth organisations on the topic of social inclusion. YES Forum expert(s) are working with the trainer team on shaping the final content of the training.

The trainer team receives support from the head office staff of the organisations of JEF, ESN and AEGEE. Head Office staff supports the trainers team in possible invitations of external speakers and experts that can bring additional value to the training event.

3. Assignment Objectives

The second Training of the DIVE project will gather participants of the Training #1 Sofia (February 13-18), as well as new participants from the partner organisations. The aim of the training is to ensure the development of the project objectives of DIVE by a successful implementation of the second phase: Communicate, recruit, motivate for European Engagement


During the Training #2 has the following objectives:

  • Understand and share practices about volunteers’ management in a European engagement context (how to recruit, how to talk about Europe, how to make Europe accessible and engaging)
  • Understand the drivers of long-term engagement and motivation of volunteers in this context
  • Develop new practices on a how to diversify the recruitment of new volunteers and how to motivate them

Training #2 is building on the previous experience on the topic of social inclusion practices that the participants got familiar with during Training #1.

It is important that the participants have a general background knowledge on the topic of social inclusion, and they are given the tools and space to come up with ideas and projects that can make their membership more diverse.


All three DIVE trainings share the following objectives:

  • allow the good practice exchange to happen in the most favourable context (through understanding common challenges, building common understanding of concepts around the question of inclusion and diversity in engagement)
  • allow the emergence and design of new practices by confronting different experiences, expertise and perspectives
  • allow each partner to use its own specific expertise at the service of the project
  • provide participants with the relevant skills, knowledge and attitude to change their practices within their own organisations
  • provide participants with the skills and support to actively disseminate the outcomes of the project and their learnings

4. Content and Format

  • Minimum 4 working  days non-formal education training in Greece for young youth workers.
  • Participative methodology: participants will mostly share their own expertise and reflections around the topic with the help of trainers and facilitators
  • Presentations by experts of the topic who will share their good practices
  • Presentation and discussion about the local realities of the hosting organisation
  • Group work and reflections to design new practices on the topic.


Knowledge, skills and attitudes required:

  • Understanding of the entry barriers in our organisation (knowledge)
  • Knowledge of existing inclusion practices to make volunteer-based organisation more open (knowledge)
  • Strategic planning (skill)
  • Inclusion practices (skill)
  • Inclusive communication (skill)
  • Openness and tolerance (attitude)


5. Trainer Assignment

For the DIVE Training #2 Athens, we are looking for 2 types of trainers:

Lead Trainer

Junior Trainer

The role of the trainers is to:

  1. Develop training materials, session methods and content to explore the concepts of European engagement, diversity and inclusion/exclusion together with another experienced trainer;
  2. Deliver a four-day training in Athens, Greece;
  3. Work with the second trainers partners on the training programme;
  4. Work in close cooperation with YES Forum and head office staff members;
  5. Submission of a training report after the event;
  6. Support the development of the DIVE project’s tangible outputs.


Trainer Profiles

The partners do not discriminate on the basis of age, race, colour, sex, religion, sexual orientation, or disability. The applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Lead Trainer
    • Attend the Transnational Partners Meeting (TPM) in Dubrovnik (April 6-8) and actively contribute to the development of the DIVE project,
    • Develop the flow / learning process for the Training #2 Athens,
    • Develop materials of the Training #2 Athens,
    • Deliver the final report of the Training #2 Athens.
  • Junior Trainer
    • Develop materials,
    • Support to the Lead Trainer in the implementation of Training #2 Athens.

Possible trainer candidates should showcase:

  • At least one previous experience in designing and facilitating several-day-long  trainings;
  • Previous participations in training for trainers is a plus;  
  • Knowledge and interest in the topics of inclusion and diversity in the youth field;
  • Good facilitation, communication and presentation skills;
  • Experience in working with youth organisation and volunteers;
  • Be generally available between the preparatory meeting and the event to communicate with the partners and work independently on the content of the event;
  • Facilitate some sessions of the activity programme;  
  • Evaluate the results of the event;
  • Be available for the preparation meetings and for the whole duration of the event;  
  • Ability to communicate in English is mandatory;

6. Activities and Timetable

Activity Working Days Timeline
Deliver a training in Athens, Greece 4 11-14 July
Preparation a day before the training 1 10 July
Evaluation a day after the training 1 15 July
Live meeting with partners in Dubrovnik
(for Lead trainer only)
1+ April 6-8
Online meeting(s) with Project partners until July 1 3 meetings
Total 9-10

7. Compensation

Costs for travel, board and lodging during the prep-meeting, the evaluation meeting, and the training itself will be covered by the DIVE project.

Costs of travel, board and lodging during the TPM Dubrovnik will be covered for the Lead Trainer.


Remuneration offered to Lead Trainer upon the completion of all tasks: 700 EUR

Remuneration offered to Junior Trainer upon the completion of all tasks: 400 EUR

8. Application Procedure

Please fill in the offline Word doc attached to the application.
DIVE_Trainer Application Form

Please send this application form together with your CV to: – ESN International – YEF Europe – AEGEE-Europe head office

Application deadline: 14 March 23:59 CET

9. Application Evaluation Criteria

All applications will be assessed by the head office staff of JEF, AEGEE and ESN.



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