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Subcommies of Audit 2017-18




…A student of economics?
…interested in finances?
…willing to have an international experience in auditing to put in your CV?
…ready to become European Active in AEGEE?
…fan of cats?


…Well, Audit Commission is looking for you!


#APPLY from October 4th till October 25th
#JOIN the Finances and Fundraise Group


Financially Yours,


Elected team of Audit Commission 2017/18
Karina, Oğuzhan, Michał


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Interesting documents for you


Dear Network,
In before Autumn Agora Catania, we would like to publish the follow documents and updates about the state of the work of the Audit Commission of AEGEE-Europe.

  • Aside from the mentioned point number 20, the Updated Working Plan we published on July 17th, 2017 – has been fully achieved;
  • Minding this, we would like to announce the publication of the following documents:
    1. The Fiscal Law Database (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) – a document enlisting all the legal and fiscal provisions locals gave us. It has to be improved a lot, but here is our first version we were able to gather and present;
    2. The new Financial Report Template (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD) – the new template where you can go putting in, your locals’ data, only when the Financial Report season will be open (so from January 2018, fur...
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The Updated Working Plan of the Audit Commission (Enschede-Catania)


Dear Network,

The Audit Commission (AC) started this term just after Agora Enschede on May 29th, 2017 with two new elected members (Dennis and Oğuzhan) and a confirmed president (Luca) with the purpose to propose to achieve the following activities till Autumn Agora Catania.


HERE (CLICK) we listed all the members of the team you can contact for help.


The activities to carry on till Agora Catania, have been decided to be following:

16) Full Audit of 2 contacted Antennae;
17) Addressing and trying to solve the situation of non-approved antennae;
18) Proposing the new Financial Report Template to fix the issues it had and to make it conformed with EQAC, SUCT and IASB International Standards and ISO 190...

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New Subcommie till Catania


Dear Network,

after having taken the following Subcommissioners till Agora Catania, we decided to consider another candidature for the role, to cover a quite uncovered area we need to work on.

Therefore we are proud to announce to you a new Subcommissioner.

Her name is Tuğçe Demir from AEGEE-Eskişehir and we are certain she will be a great member.

See you soon for the Adapted Working Plan till Autumn Agora Catania.


Financially Yours,

The Audit Commission Team Enschede-Catania
Luca, Dennis, Oğuzhan

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The Working Plan of the Audit Commission 2016/17


Dear Network,

The Audit Commission of AEGEE Europe, which started its term on October 16th, 2016,  proudly announces you the 2016/17 Working Plan, from Autumn Agora Chișinău till Autumn Agora Catania 2017, as the Audit and its Subcommissioners decided together during their third online meeting happened on December 21st, 2016 and approve the following points listed in the following pages.

What you will see and read, are initiatives, ideas and changes we are going to work on, with an aim to develop the Network and help the locals and giving a further understanding on the Finances of the Network and its projects.

We are always open to suggestions, ideas and to answer at your questions.

You can contact us at (via mail you can discuss about everything, even sensitive data) ...

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Dear Network, Dear Friends,

my name is Luca Bisighini and I am the president of the Audit Commission of AEGEE Europe, for the Chisinau-Catania term.

With the following communication*, Audit Commission (AC) would like to announce you that soon, you will be contacted by your assigned Subcommissioner (CLICK ON THE LINK) in order to improve the communications (and the help) on Financial matters, between your local and the AC.
Soon, we we will also announce on the Members’ Portal:
  • our Working Plan for the year;
  • the dates when you can start sending the Financial Reports (FR) for Financial year 2016 (we are working to review the structure a little, making toolkits and prepare templates);

The Financial Report Submission period will be between January 15th and the end of february 2017.

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Presentation of new Subcommissioners of Audit Commission


Dear Network,

After almost 1 month of application and a selection process, it is Audit Commission’s pleasure to inform you that the team of Subcommissioners of Audit Commission has finally been selected and already working.

The members of the team are:

Michele Bezzi, AEGEE-Bergamo
Dennis Bosman, AEGEE-Nijmegen
Teresa Carene Kiambu, AEGEE-Udine
Avram Catalin, AEGEE-Ploiesti
Olivera Lukic, AEGEE Beograd
Ceyda Peker, AEGEE Eskisehir
Wegener Mareike, AEGEE-Aachen
Nils Barkawitz, AEGEE-Aachen
Maria Kochkina, AEGEE-Moskva
Bruna Fernandes, AEGEE-Porto
Gulnur Aliyeva, AEGEE Tallinn
Liis Danelson, AEGEE-Tallinn
Marijana Asprovska, AEGEE Skopje
Simon Roussel, AEGEE-Lille
Lavderim Hoxha, Aegee Tirana
Javid Isayev, AEGEE-Baki
Blažo Živković, AEGEE Podgorica
Anna Nemets, AEGEE Kharkiv
Astrid Wentz...

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Job Shadowers Selection Results

Dear Network,

it is our pleasure to inform you that the team of Job Shadowers has finally been selected and already working.
The members of the team are:
 Aleksander Saleta, AEGEE-Warszawa
– Ivan Cvetković, AEGEE Niš
– Krzysztof Buczyński, AEGEE-Torun
– Agata Krajewska, AEGEE-Warszawa
– Ada Lewińska, AEGEE-Warszawa
We wish them all the best for the new job in the Audit Commission
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Financial Reports 2015

Dear treasurers of the locals,

As you may know, one of the Antenna Criteria is to submit a yearly financial report to be approved by the Audit Commission.

Regarding this fact, we would like to announce the deadline for Financial Reports submission – 21.02.2016, 23.59 CET.

You can submit your simple Financial Reports here. If you are obliged to prepare extended report please use this form.

You can find all needed instructions below in the file FR Guidance.

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask on

FR Guidance


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(A)udit Commission – New Logo

Dear all,

We proudly present our new logo:

audit commission


Your Audit Comission.

David, Ilona and Olga

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