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Open Call for hosting local of Autumn Agora 2018

Dear Network,

We would like to announce that AEGEE-Europe is looking for a local ready and willing to organise the Autumn Agora 2018.

The Agora is one of AEGEE’s statutory events, gathering representatives of the whole Network in order to decide on the future of the organisation, to make decisions regarding the structure and the functioning of our Network.

The Agora should gather members who are willing to take part in shaping of the organisation and in helping the Network to adapt to the always changing environment.

As the content of the Agora is provided by AEGEE-Europe, the hosting local is responsible for providing logistics, such as rooms, lodging and the social program.

The organising antenna is explicitly responsible for the following points:

  1. To present an update report during th...
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Online Consultation Week with the CD-elect

Hello AEGEEans!

This is your new friendly-elect Comité Directeur speaking – freshly elected during Agora Enschede. Despite having just been elected, we’re on the important matters already; even though we will start our term on the 1st of August.

Our term will start with the drafting of our Activity Plan. As this document sets out the direction of our work during the rest of the year, we would like to also consider your opinion while drafting it. Your opinion matters, because AEGEE is YOU!

In order to gather your input, we are planning four consultation sessions during the month of June, that are open for both members of European Bodies and regular members of the network. The consultation sessions concern four broad topics that we consider important for our network:

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Tuesday 20-06, 20:0...

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AEGEE at the 18th University on Youth and Development Mollina!

Mollina-2 (1)

Dear AEGEEans

We are happy to announce that AEGEE-Europe will organise another training course during the 18th edition of the University on Youth and Development in Mollina, Spain. This year, the theme of the University’s joint theme “Developing Global Identities” – related to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. You can read the whole concept note of the joint theme: Developing Global Identities.

Our application this year was submitted in cooperation with UNSA Spain.

“Our mission is to create a network of cooperation between youth organizations engaged in the promotion of the UN’s values, including simulations of the UN system, training and the promotion of intercultural exchanges, with the intention to align our work with the Sustainable Devel...

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Open Call ++ AEGEE Inspire & Future of AEGEE


Dear AEGEEans

With this email, we would like to provide you with more information regarding the

“AEGEE Inspire & Where does AEGEE go?” slot during Spring Agora Enschede 2017 taking place on Saturday between 15:00 – 16:30

What is ‘AEGEE Inspire’?

AEGEE Inspire is a TED-like event, a platform for AEGEEans to share their ideas and motivation with the rest of the participants. It is an opportunity for participants to challenge their public speaking skills and inspire other participants. Each speaker will have a limited amount of time to share with the other participants anything that can be inspiring.

This year, the theme of the AEGEE Inspire is going to be:
Best of AEGEE: Locals’ Projects” – Successful projects of AEGEE antennae.

We are looking for presentations from loc...

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Open Call for Key to Europe Core Team

Key to Europe is AEGEE’s annual publication, presenting our work and achievements, providing an overview of our activities throughout the respective year and an insight into the possibilities for the upcoming year. It is one of our main tools for external representation, but also a nice way of updating the Network and keeping our partners informed about our current initiatives. This publication is made each year during the spring and summer in order to be printed at the end of the summer and delivered to the locals at Autumn Agora.

Spring has arrived, so it’s time to find the Core Team members for the Key to Europe 2016 – 2017. To be precise, we are looking for:

  • Editor-in-Chief
  • Creative Director
  • Photo Database Manager
  • Research and Statistics Manager
  • Editors
  • Journalists
  • Proofreaders
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Open Call for Jobshadowers

#What: Job shadowing in AEGEE’s head office in Brussels
#When: before Spring Agora Enschede
#Who: Motivated members, potential CD candidates
#About: future of AEGEE, understanding the complexity of CD’s work, leadership

Dear AEGEEans,

As you know, our Brussels headoffice is the place where the Comité Directeur, our staff members and assistants are working for you. We manage the work of AEGEE-Europe, plan the strategic development of the organisation based on your input, assist you in your work as much as possible, and initiate and implement improvements in AEGEE. We also act as ambassadors of AEGEE’s values and positions towards European institutions and organisations.

As the work in the Comité Directeur is a fascinating, but also a challenging experience, we would like to offer you...

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AEGEE and the Charlemagne Youth Prize – opportunities for you!


Dear AEGEEans

We are happy to let you know that AEGEE’s involvement in the Charlemagne Youth Prize is gradually increasing this year – and within the framework of the new ideas and initiatives, there is an opportunity for YOU as well to get involved!

What is the Charlemagne Youth Prize?

Awarded by the European Parliament and the Charlemagne Foundation every year, the Youth Prize is one of the most prestigious award any youth-led initiative can receive...

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Back to Budapest – Join the AEGEE Alumni event!

time capsule aegee photos

Dear AEGEEans

[[ Please forward this email also to members of your local alumni ]]

[ Those people who are helpful sources of knowledge, insight and information,

But they refuse to be called “alumni” because it implies they are too old for AEGEE ]

We are forever young – and this event will be exciting for ALUMNI- and for YOU as well!

With this we would like to warmly invite you to the “Back to Budapest – AEGEE alumni event

Application form

When: April 28 – May 1 2017

Where: Budapest, Hungary

Fee: 60 EUR


The fee includes: 3 nights in a hostel, antenna management trainings, gala dinners with alumni and an inspirational AEGEE weekend where you can gather useful contacts from AEGEE’s alumni network to support your local activities!

Back to Budapest_PROG2

3 good reasons...

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Post-EPM discussion on draft objectives of Action Agenda 2017-2018


Dear Network,

European Planning Meeting Zagreb is over, but the planning fun has only just begun. During the EPM, we have dealt for the first time with our brand new Focus Areas – Equal Rights, Civic Education, Youth Development & European Citizenship. As a result, we have created a first draft of the Action Agenda 2017-2018. Now it is time to continue the discussion on this draft online.

What are Focus Areas?
Focus Areas are thematic fields that we as an organization want to focus on for a period of three years. Together with the Organisational Improvements, they constitute our Strategic Plan. You can find the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 here (behind log-in). It will come into force on the August 1st, 2017, together with the first Action Agenda.

What is the Actio...

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European Training Course + (aka Leadership Training)

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature

Do you…

… care about the future direction of AEGEE?

… want to work in European teams, working groups or to become a CD member?

… want to get empowered and empower others?

If your answer is YES, then keep reading, this Open Call is for YOU!

We are launching an open call for participants for the European Training Course + (aka Leadership Training) that will take place in Brussels, from 26th of March to 2nd of April (26th is arrival day and 2nd is departure). This training aims at preparing the next generation of leaders of the organisation for their tasks. In this training, you will be able to test your leadership skills, challenge yourselves, get great insights in our organisation as well as in the European youth world, and get ready for the challenges of your next term in .

If you...

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