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Open Call Project Team EoT 5

For the past month, 6 curious individuals have been travelling all around the network, creating spaces for discussions and dialogue, collecting opinions on Europe and enjoying the hospitality of more than 20 different antennae.

Do you know who we are talking about?

The Ambassadors of Europe on Track, of course!

What? You have never heard about this incredible project before? Then listen up!

Europe on Track (EoT) is a youth-led project where six Ambassadors cross Europe with InterRail passes for one month informing and interviewing young people about their vision of the Europe of tomorrow...

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Europe on Track – open call for ambassadors and hosting locals!

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Dear AEGEEans,

It is with my utmost pleasure to inform you that Europe is back on Track!

After two successful editions and a Charlemagne Youth Prize safe in our hands, we decided that it was high time for a third edition to happen!

Wondering what are we talking about?

Just imagine: 6 ambassadors travelling for one month throughout the continent, meeting people, discussing, debating, interviewing, to get the living-breathing experience of what Europe really means for all of us!

Excited to learn more? Well, that’s cool because you and/or your local can be part of the adventure! The trip will start on the 20th of April and finish in Agora Bergamo on May 20th!

1. We are looking for travellers:

With 3 different profiles:

* Interviewing/Blogging – high level of English and writing skills

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Europe on Track is back! – Open call for project team!

We are excited to kick off the preparations for the third edition of one of our most popular projects – Europe on Track – Capture the Future of Europe! – and with that to announce an open call for a members of the project team!
In 2012 and in 2014 the Europe on Track project has taken on the challenge of sending 6 travelling ambassadors all across the AEGEE network to discuss young people’s realities, their aspirations and vision for the future of Europe.
During the two editions of their 1-month journey, the ambassadors have
travelled a total of: 31 134 kms
interviewed 236 Europeans
visited 57 cities
…and had the experience of a lifetime!
Visiting you can find an extended description of the aims and objectives of the project, articles from great local AEGEE ev...
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