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Open Call SU with the whole CEWG


Last summer (2016) AEGEE-Warszawa hosted the whole Civic Education Working Group to provide a SU about Civic Education; “Get Civic, Get Educated”. The training were creative, full of fun. Given the passion of the trainers, the session were a real pleasure. Often the conversation continued outside the workshops around some local delicacies. It was an amazing experience that had a great impact on all the participants. We all came back with the envy to know more about the current world but also with the will to find concrete solutions to the multiple current world crisis.

It is up to us to grab the opportunity to become actors of a positive change. If you want to be the local hosting the CEWG ? Just contact us :

Civically yours !

Alexia Thomas

for the CEWG

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Franck Biancheri Award

The Association des Amis de Franck Biancheri (Friends of Franck Biancheri Association – AAFB) is an association created in the aftermath of Franck Biancheri’s death which aims at gathering, synthesizing, promoting, perpetuating and defending his work. AAFB and AEGEE-Europe launched a sustainable project aimed at reminding what AEGEE owes Franck with a view to help build on this grand heritage. This is where the “Franck Biancheri Award” – granted each year to various AEGEE antennae – was born.
FBY 2014 in Delft: In 2014, the Franck Biancheri Year label was awarded to AEGEE-Delft
which managed some fruitful events all along the year (meeting with AAFB nucleus
members, dinner debate, organizing the Franck Biancheri Memorial Event…).
FBY 2015 – Special 30th anniversary: On...
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Internship and job opportunities in Europe


Dear AEGEEans,

our partner, Qreer, is presenting their latest exposure of jobs, traineeships and internships throughout Europe. We hope you will find some interesting opportunities!

TRINEAN – Junior Lab Technician Quality Control Job in Gentbrugge, Belgium:

Trinean was founded as a spin-off from the University of Ghent and IMEC in September 2006. The founders of Trinean are Bert Luyssaert, Kris Naessens and Ronny Bockstaele, three optical engineers with degrees in electrical engineering from the University of Ghent (Belgium).

Driven by a strong spirit of entrepreneurship and an innovative attitude, they recognized that the move towards small-scale methods in the life sciences demands the development of versatile instruments able to rapidly analyz...

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Ideas Meeting after EPM Zagreb

Dear AEGEEans,

On the 27th of February which is the departure day of European Planning Meeting 2017, we will hold an Ideas Meeting. 

What is the Ideas Meeting?

It is kind of like Share Meeting but different.

What is the same?

Everybody can join.

It takes place day after the Statutory event.

There are no speakers or trainers, just AEGEEans sharing ideas and discussing future of the organisation.

What is different?

Theme! We will focus only on thematic aspect of our organisation, more precisely the new Focus Areas (Equal Rights, Civic Education, Youth Development, European Citizenship). During Ideas Meeting we will discuss initiatives connected to the new Strategic Plan.

Do you have any ideas for initiatives connected to the new FA? Come and share them! Find people who will like to work ...

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Open Call for website proposal

Dear AEGEEans,

We have the pleasure to announce you that we plan to launch a new website which will be more user-friendly and visually appealing. At the moment we are looking for people that could develop this new website for us.

In order to be as open and transparent as possible in our choice for a contracting partner, we hereby launch an open call for website development proposals. Please share this call freely, and especially with friends, family or other acquaintances skilled in website development.

State of the current website

  • The page currently contains more than 200 pages and is based on WordPress.
  • The page is hosted on our own servers

Requirements for the new website

    • The page should be accessible by multiple groups of people that have access to different pages.
      • Eac...
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Open Call: Interest Group Society and the Environment


How do we relate to our environment ? are we taking our dayly life for granted ? how can we challenge our habits ? do YOU want to think about how societies rely on our environment ?

It is time to TALK about environmental issues, what’s going wrong ? what’s going well? it’s time to give each other informations about how this world is spinning around.

In our time of globalisation, we’re getting more and more aware of the environmental consequences of the Industrial Revolution and of Capitalism in general. Is there a way to improve our relationship to the environment without losing our comfort in life?

We’re bombarded by information concerning CO2 emission, hole in the ozone layer, polar bear dying, the ice melting, the climate changing, … BUT what is really happening ? Info or...

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JOIN the Youth Employment WG: OPEN CALL for members & Policy Officer


Dear Network,

The Youth Employment Working Group is looking for 3 highly motivated AEGEEans!

If you...

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Open Call – Spreading Europtimism Working Group

Dear AEGEEans!

This is your chance to be an active part of a new team! You have ideas and dreams of where the European project should be going? You care about Europe’s future? You want to get actively involved in the European level and create many projects on the topic of Europtimism? Then YOU are the one I am looking for!

As the by the CD appointed new coordinator of the Spreading Europtimism Working Group 2016-2017 I have received the important and exciting task to build a new team in this field. Now that the summer holidays are overI am looking for six highly-motivated fellow members and one policy officer to form an international and dedicated team full of AEGEE-spirit for the next year starting as soon as possible. We will have a team weekend in the house of the CD in Brussels f...

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+World Refugee Day+ EPM Results booklet and MIGR video series!

Dear Network,

Migration has become one of the most relevant topics in the European agenda, which has been widely discussed throughout the continent. AEGEE is no exception to it: since October 2015, at Autumn Agora Kyïv, you have been driving the discussion and stressed the urgency to address the refugee crisis and take action as a European Network.

Because of this, we are very happy to introduce you to some latest news. First of all, the results booklet of the European Planning Meeting 2016 in LeidenYou can find it here. This year’s EPM was in Leiden, with the topic Refugees in Europe – Europe ‘vs.’ the rest: change of perspective?

In the booklet you can find details about everything that happened at the EPM, and most importantly, you can find your own ideas for action!

Were yo...

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++ OPEN CALL ++ AEGEE Ideas Factory Participants & Planning Team!



Dear AEGEEans

The time has come…

Here is your chance to get involved in the AEGEE Ideas Factory / Planning Meeting 2016 between 7-11 September, hosted by AEGEE-León! The Ideas Factory happens every 3 years and gives space for AEGEEans to come together to assess and analyze our thematic activities, draft and develop the new Strategic Plan and find solutions to the current challenges AEGEE and Europe are facing.

There are two possible ways for you to get involved in the event of the year:

  1. Join the Planning Team!

We are looking for 10 motivated AEGEEans who would like to support the preparation, organization and follow-up of the Ideas Factory...

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