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Speaker Team

Name: Spyros Papadatos
Age: 22
Local: AEGEE-Ioannina
Studies: Philology-Classics (Greek and Latin Literature & Language)
About me: My AEGEE journey started in late 2014 and I have to admit it has been a pretty amazing one. AEGEE has given me the opportunity to meet people and places that under other circumstances I wouldn’t have the chance. So I made a promise to myself to try as much as I can and the Network Commission seemed the right step to take! I have been the PR Responsible for AEGEE-Ioannina and I have attended and organized some local and international events until now. I love traveling, music and swimming. I am really passionate about my position and I hope to help our Network as much as I can during my term! See you around Europe!
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Name: Dominic Dimian
Age: 23
Local: AEGEE-Passau
Studies: European Studies Major
2017-AEGEE-Board-8902About me: It was in autumn 2014 when I discovered AEGEE in the beautiful city of Passau. At first I was hesitant but this changed as soon as I got into some working groups, organising events for Erasmus students at my university. But this was just the beginning of a glorious relationship with this extraordinary association. I got active in the local board for several years until I made the move to go on my own Erasmus in Budapest which I am doing right now. However this should not be the breakup so I decided to take the next step: working for the best commission of AEGEE-Europe: the Network Commission. It is my passion get to know new people from around the world and bringing them together to create projects in AEGEE. I had the priviledge to learn a lot during the last years which is why I want to serve the network in this way and pass on to the next generation what AEGEE gave me. I really like the team and think that we play an important role in the association and that together with thousands of young Europeans we can have an impact on Europes future.
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Name: Evrim Emiroğlu
Age: 23
Local: AEGEE-Eskisehir
Studies: Economics
About me: My adventure with AEGEE started spring 2012. Since then, I am addicted to AEGEE and always been active especially in local level. I was the external relations, treasurer and president in my local. Moreover, I organized SUs, NWM, N7A, LTCs and many more European and local events. Besides, due to international events (Agoras, EPMs, NWMs) which I attended and international bodies which I took part, I had chance to learn how AEGEE-Europe function and how to work with people from other countries. And it helped me to understand current situation and insight of network. Now, I am here to support and develop the other locals, show them opportunities that AEGEE provide for us, understand and help them to integrate AEGEE world. Last but not least, I am a person who loves new experiences, push my limits and never been afraid to leave my comfort zone. More precisely, I live out of my comfort zone, I always find myself in busy life without noticing and query myself how do I came this point again and again. In the simplest term, this is story of my life.
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The Rest of the Team

Name: Alin Georgescu
Age: 26
Local: AEGEE-Ploiesti
Studies: Cultural Management and Theatrology

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetAbout me: I joined AEGEE  3 years ago but I consider myself a member after my first NWM in Cluj Napoca in spring 2014. For me that was the moment when I realized what AEGEE means, what opportunities it can offer and what perspective I could have.  So far I’ve been involved for 2 years as a board member in my local and I’ve joined many other local and European projects , the most important for me, being  part of the Planning Team for Ideas Factory Leon 2016. Currently except AEGEE, I’m studying Cultural Management and Theatrology  in Sibiu. Besides that I’ve took part it more than 10 Erasmus+ TC and youth exchanges and I’m planning to continue to work in this field more and more, at some implementing the idea also in AEGEE. AEGEE for me is a legacy, starting from a Conference  and becoming now the biggest student interdisciplinary association in Europe, thanks to the contribution of thousands of students. It’s  not an easy thing to keep this working for so many years, maybe that’s why I decided to candidate as a Network Commissioner, to bring my contribution to this legacy and motivate others to be part of it.
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Name:Elena Efremova
Age: 24
Local: AEGEE-Grodno
Studies: History
About me: Hi, people!
I am Elena from Southern part of Russia – Rostov-na-Donu! I became official part of AEGEE 2 and a half years – on 7th of January, 2015. From that time, I changed many locals (I have been a member of AEGEE-Rostov-na-Donu, AEGEE-Chisinau and now AEGEE-Grodno) and positions in AEGEE (from board member to the Chair Team). But to be member of the Network Commission is a special honour. As AEGEE exists only as long as locals are alive and strong, so to serve and protect is not only slogan, but a tool for action. I am in AEGEE because I feel how I was changed during my AEGEE time in the good way, and I believe that more people need to taste the AEGEE Spirit.
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Name: Celia Riveres
Age: 25
Local: AEGEE-Zaragoza
Studies: Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design Engineering and Product Development​ ​+  Master’s degree in high school teaching

Celia Riveres

About me: Hi everyone! 😀
My name is Celia, from AEGEE-Zaragoza since 2013. My first contact with this association made me realise that I was going to be totally hooked, and since my first SU in 2013 I have been active, attending as many events as possible and helping as much as time has allowed time. After 3 years on the board of AEGEE-Zaragoza, one year as subcommissioner of the Network Commission and different collaborations with the GEIG and the LGBT+IG this year, I feel I’ve gathered the experience and the right motivation, I’m ready to assume the role of Network Commissioner. I really want to start working with the whole team to make our Network stronger and help the locals doing anything in our hands. To define myself in three words I would say: active, responsible and happy. I’m active because I’m a true hurricane of energy, you won’t ever see me bored. I’m looking for new and motivating projects to join that make my day full! I’m responsible because I don´t sleep to do what I´m supposed to do but I’m also a little crazy and creative. I’m happy because whatever happens I love enjoying every single minute or experience in my life. As any AEGEE member, travelling is my passion and meeting new people my fuel. You will have to meet me to get to know me better! 

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Name:Francesca Zorcolo
Age: 24
Local: AEGEE-Cagliari
Studies:Economy and Management

Francesca Zorcolo foto1

About me: Hello AEGEEans!

I’m Francesca, I’m 24yo and I’m from AEGEE-Cagliari. I joined AEGEE in 2014 and it was love at first sight! I started to be active at a local level right away,  I’ve been a board member for two years and then subcommissioner for the Netcom Gabriele. I’ve decided to become Network Commissioner because in these years I had the chance to grow up so fast and I’ve had a great time, so much that I thought I couldn’t stop just now. I’m here because I want to give back what I’ve been learning in AEGEE and to support locals, the heart of our organisation.

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Name: Laura Pérez
Age: 23
Local: AEGEE-León
Studies: English Degree

About me: Hello dear AEGEEans! I’m Laura, 22 years old and I’m studying English at the University of León, although I’m going to start a gap year now in The Hague (The Netherlands) in which I will be working with kids and learning Dutch.
Already more than 2 years ago I discovered our awesome organization and now, after having been secretary, president of my local and subcommissioner for two different NetCommies, I just joined the Network Commission in Agora Enschede. I’m extremely happy to be working with this team and really looking forward to helping the locals as much as we can during our next term! It’s difficult to express how much my life has changed since I have become a member of my first local in León (now I’m also member of AEGEE-Delft). I just feel extremely lucky that I discovered AEGEE and grateful that I can now contribute to its development even more. E-mail address:

Name: Marina Klanjčić
Age: 26
Local: AEGEE-Zagreb
Studies: Electrical Engineering and ICT
About me: I joined AEGEE in late 2014 to travel and have fun all over Europe. One month later, I realised what is it really about and I decided to take on the opportunity to learn something new, so I joined the Board as HR Responsible. Back then, I would never imagine myself where I am now. I always reminded myself to not be afraid of taking the challenges and saying yes, so I mostly organised events in my local even before attending them somewhere else. On this three year journey, I just kept learning and growing as a person by organising various activities and events, participating in different events, meeting amazing people, exchanging opinions and living the unforgettable experiences. I am here now, as a Network Commissioner, to help others grow and connect them, to motivate them to take all the opportunities they are being given and to inspire them to lead the initiative in their local communities. That’s what AEGEE is about after all.

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Name: Marta Pąk
Age: 25
Local: AEGEE-Warszawa
Studies: Italian Philology


About me: I joined AEGEE in a cold autumn of 2013 and, as it usually happens, I started with going out for a beer (or a few beers) and casual conversation with some nice people that I met. Most of them were nice. Highly above the average. I liked it. And then it went fast: winter swimming, EPM preevent, SU, being a board assistant, being active even during my Erasmus year in Italy, being President of my local, joining internation projects and events, night swimming in a Baikal lake…. I loved every new experience that AEGEE gave me, and I developed skills that Universities do not usually teach. I learned that there is so much more to do than only study from books, and that the “learning by doing” is a smart approach to take. Now I am ready for my final AEGEE adventure: support the locals and help them to develop – not only in numbers that you can read in various reports, but also (or rather: most of all) to inspire their members to take the most of opportunities they are given, be active and influence the local communities. This is, in my opinion, what we are all about – young people making the change we want to see in the world. :)

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Name: Maria Zwartkruis
Age: 22
Local: AEGEE-Utrecht
Studies: Biomedical Sciences, Neuroscience and Cognition
About me: Hi everyone! My name is Maria and I became a member of AEGEE-Utrecht in 2013, where the awesome open-minded people immediately made me feel at home. Not much later than that, at NWM Copenhagen, I had my first experience with AEGEE-Europe and I fell in love with it right away. In the meantime, I learned a lot thanks to AEGEE, about AEGEE itself, as well as about life and about myself. Besides having been in the board of AEGEE-Utrecht as European Affairs & External Affairs responsible, I have been involved in the Key to Europe, The AEGEEan and the Corporate and Institutional Relations Committee. And of course, now I am a dedicated NetCommie, and I will try my best to support the Network the best I can! Besides AEGEE, I study Neuroscience and Cognition. Furthermore, I love travelling, music, figure skating and a lot of other things. During my term, I hope I’ll get to meet a lot of you, fellow AEGEEans, and provide you with all the awesome opportunities that AEGEE has to offer. Together, we can develop ourselves and achieve great things!

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