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Speaker Team

Name: Spyridon Papadatos
Age: 21
Local: AEGEE-Ioannina
Studies: Philology-Classics (Greek and Latin Literature & Language)
About me: My AEGEE journey started in late 2014 and I have to admit it has been a pretty amazing one. AEGEE has given me the opportunity to meet people and places that under other circumstances I wouldn’t have the chance. So I made a promise to myself to try as much as I can and the Network Commission seemed the right step to take! I have been the PR Responsible for AEGEE-Ioannina and I have attended and organized some local and international events until now. I love traveling, music and swimming. I am really passionate about my position and I hope to help our Network as much as I can during my term! See you around Europe!
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Name: Alejandra Piot
Age: 22
Local: AEGEE-A Coruña
Studies: Audiovisual Communication

About me: Hello dears! I’m Alejandra, from the rainy and lovely A Coruña. I’m finishing my degree in audiovisual communication and I’m also working as a waiter.
I joined AEGEE three years ago, and since my first SU in 2014, I didn’t stop to work and enjoy this association. I love it so much, I’m learning many things and getting a lot of personal development.
I’m giving the best of me to AEGEE and I’m really happy to do that.
This will be a great experience for me and I’m glad to have the chance to contribute in that measure to AEGEE.

 The Rest of the Team

Name: Aleksandra Mojsova
Age: 23
Local: AEGEE-Skopje
Studies: Psychology
About me: I joined AEGEE in 2014, starting with an autumn Network meeting right upon joining. As for all of the other Aegeeans, same goes for me: AEGEE became part of my life almost immediately. Exploring new worlds, opportunities, enjoying a multicultural dialogue, developing skills, knowledge acquistion, broadening horizonts and social understanding are all parts of the AEGEE spirit that had me at once. Being a Subcommissioner since 2015, it came only naturally that networking is my favourite part of AEGEE, that indeed is included in almost everything I did, (and we as Aeegeans, do). Besides that, I became a member of Your Vision for Europe project, and soon enough I decided that AEGEE is where I want to continue contributing, this time with my motivation and knowledge directed towards supporting other young AEGEE spirits. As a psychology student, it is only spontaneously that one of my biggest interests are humanities, with an accent to human rights and mental health. European integration and social constructivism are right beside. Next to my Aegee life, I love to swim, hike, and paint (regardless of my talents, I still do paint for myself).
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Name: Alin Georgescu
Age: 25
Local: AEGEE-Ploiesti
Studies: Cultural Management and Theatrology 
About me: 
I’ve joined AEGEE  3 years ago but I consider myself a member after my first NWM in Cluj Napoca in spring 2014. For me that was the moment when I realized what AEGEE means, what opportunities it can offer and what perspective I could have.  So far I’ve been involved for 2 years as a board member in my local and I’ve joined many other local and European projects , the most important for me, being  part of the Planning Team for Ideas Factory Leon 2016.

Currently except AEGEE, I’m studying Cultural Management and Theatrology  in Sibiu. Besides that I’ve took part it more than 10 Erasmus+ TC and youth exchanges and I’m planning to continue to work in this field more and more, at some implementing the idea also in AEGEE.

AEGEE for me is a legacy, starting from a Conference  and becoming now the biggest student interdisciplinary association in Europe, thanks to the contribution of thousands of students. It’s  not an easy thing to keep this working for so many years, maybe that’s why I decided to candidate as a Network Commissioner, to bring my contribution to this legacy and motivate others to be part of it.
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Name: Gabriele Scollo
Age: 27
Local: AEGEE-Torino
Studies: Design of Sustainable Tourism Systems (Business Economics)
About me: Since my very beginning in AEGEE two years ago as a newly arrived master student in Florence and following my random participation to EPM Burgos 2015, I had the feeling that I found out about this amazing organization too late and that I wanted to take from it the most I could in the time I have left before starting my “adult life”. In only two years I have learnt so much by organizing and participating in a lot of events, meeting a huge amount of incredible people and living unforgettable experiences. I don’t even know how it happened, AEGEE just became my top priority from one day to another and now I find myself here, as a Network Commissioner and graduating student, trying to give back what I received and most of all to reach out to those many people like me, that would fall in love with this organization, if only they had the chance to know it exists.
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Name: Kristina Reshetova
Age: 20
Local: AEGEE-Moskva
Studies: Linguistics, teaching
About me: One year ago I accidentaly found AEGEE page in the social network. My first thought was: Yes, that’s what I’ve been looking for. As you may guess my life completely changed since that moment. My first event was LTC, where I became even more excited about going to my first Summer University in Las Palmas. I came back with a heart, dedicated to AEGEE. In november I became a secretary of my antenna and the main coordinator of winter event “Capital Cities #2”, organized together with AEGEE-Kiyv. After that I joined Tereza’s SubCom team and decided, that I want to contribute to the development of our Network. My goal is to make my locals more active and strong, that’s why I’m ready to help them 24h per day to reach this goal! :). Beside AEGEE, I’m a fan of travelling (what is quite trivial in our organization :D), languages, latin dances and reading. And hugs!^^
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Name: Loes Rutten
Age: 22
Local: AEGEE-Utrecht
Studies: Geophysics
About me: Hi there! 4 years ago I joined AEGEE as a 18 year-old newbie. In these four years I met an incredible amount of people both on a local level and during international events. Apart from loads of fun and unforgettable trips, AEGEE has also provided me with an opportunity to develop myself and learn about a whole range of ‘real-life’ topics. My goal now is to provide as many people as possible with similar opportunities! This starts with a strong network in which locals, projects, and other European bodies connect and cooperate for the common good. The task of network commissioner is also a personal challenge. Somehow after 4 years I am still able to take this step out of my comfort zone and learn new things. For me this demonstrates the depth that our network has. Talking about depth, during my normal life I study the structure of the deep Earth, I closely follow news on international politics and I play waterpolo.
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Name: Mareike Ritter
Age: 21
Local: AEGEE-Heidelberg
Studies: Studies of Religion
About me: When I joined AEGEE in June 2015 I was immediately drawn into it: I became a board member of AEGEE-Heidelberg shortly after and visited my first Network Meeting in Berlin. After that, things speeded up: I found myself to be main organizer of the Summer University Heidelberg, although I had very little experience. I also became SubCommie for NetCommie Mareike Wegener and learned about how other locals work, what they have in common and how different they can also work. Seeing how much antennae can benefit from cooperating with each other and the motivating and encouraging atmosphere of Network Meetings made me want to join the NetCom. I would like to share my experiences and help locals as best as I can. I’m looking forward to continuing my journey in AEGEE, meeting and working with new people and always being surprised – by others and also by myself.
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Name: Pablo Palazon
Age: 26
Local: AEGEE-Manchester
About me: Hello! I am Pablo Palazon! I come from the sunny region of Murcia, in Spain and in my non-AEGEE life I am doing my PhD at the University of Manchester, in England.  I moved to England leaving my friends from AEGEE-Alicante. I was missing my AEGEE life so much that I decided to start working on the recovery of this AEGEE experience. Luckily we managed to get a nice team together to start what is now AEGEE-Manchester! I had so many AEGEE friends wiling to visit me in Manchester that I just needed to give them a good reason to come here! My goal now as Network Commissioner is to help antennae to grow strong and to motivate members to take the most out of their AEGEE experience!
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Name: Stanislav Mahula
Age: 19
Local: AEGEE-Kyiv
Studies: Information security
About me: Hi people, I’m Stas from AEGEE-Kyiv, an AEGEEan for almost 2 years and an enthusiastic student of IT department. I like cooking and traveling, discovering new places is the best thing for me. Thanks to AEGEE and its spirit, I finished my “20 countries before 20 years” list! I had an awesome Erasmus experience in the Czech Republic, I’ve seen myself from different perspectives. Therefore I hope to use all my skills and knowledge for the NetCom! I like being honest with people, meeting new ones and talking about everything – thus I think it will be useful. I want members to get the most of AEGEE, to use all the opportunities we have here. Personal development, making new friends and getting unbelievable experience –here are the things we need to focus on!
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