NetCom Projects

Mentorship System

The Mentorship System is a project that offers help to new locals or weak ones. The main idea behind the Mentorship System Project is to give experienced locals the chance to share their practices with inexperienced locals that need help. This way a possibility for collaboration between the two locals is given.


Twin Antennae

The Twin Antenna project is a concept which is very similar to the twin towns, or sister cities which is present amongst many of the world’s cities. The main idea around the Twin Antenna project is to encourage AEGEE locals to form a mutual partnership for collaboration to work together, on one or various projects, for at least 12 months.



Our own Antenna Dating Site!!!

Fill in the form with the required information of your local, and your Network Commission will make its utmost to find you the best match for your desired activity.



AEGEE Locals and their members sharing their experiences of the NetCom projects. Read through them and get inspired!!