Corporate and Institutional Relations Committee

The Corporate & Institutional Relations Committee (CIRC) is a supporting committee of AEGEE-Europe and was established by the Agora Enschede 2012.

The tasks of the CIRC are:

  • Support the work of AEGEE-Europe and ensure its financial sustainability providing help;
  • Analyse the needs of the Network and European level;
  • Support locals on fundraising issues;
  • Implement the fundraising strategy and increase the financial resources of AEGEE-Europe.

The CIRC holds an internal and external role and is entitled to act towards the stakeholders of AEGEE-Europe with permission and supervision of the Comité Directeur.


OPEN CALL for members of CIRC

Posted on Dec 5th, 2016 - By crc

Dear AEGEE members, Fundraising is something complicated, not only for locals, but also for AEGEE-Europe. That is why we need you to join the…

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