• NWM Torino: Not a Waste of Money!
    Location: Torino Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 04.05.2017 to 07.05.2017 Discover the beauty of the Piedmontese capital in this Spring NWM that will take place in the middle of a beautiful urban park on the edge of the Po river. Many interactive and interesting sessions and lots of fun moments are waiting for you! Don't miss this unique NWM!
  • NWM Yerevan: HAY power!
    Location: Yerevan Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 04.05.2017 to 07.05.2017 This time you have an unique opportunity to attend the Network Meeting in Yerevan! We can assure that you will be amazed by hospitality of local people, their culture and city! Do you want to learn a lot, to meet new friends and also to know what does HAY power mean? Come and get it! ;)
  • Skills for YOUth!
    Location: Malta Type: TRAINING COURSE Date: from 03.05.2017 to 07.05.2017 Millions of young people are facing the challenge of so-called skills mismatch and while their formal education studies are providing them with essential knowledge, the needs of the job market are also calling for alternative and modernized ways for learning.
  • AEGEE Alumni event - Back to Budapest
    Location: Budapest Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 28.04.2017 to 01.05.2017 "AEGEE people!" Do you miss this call already? REMEMBER all those years fighting for a better Europe, exploring the continent, building bridges and friendships for life - while having the time of your life? RELIVE the memories - in Budapest!
  • NWM Gdansk: The Greatest ones Do Now!
    Location: Gdansk, Poland Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 27.04.2017 to 30.04.2017 The wondeful Baltic sea is calling you to become a great one. The one who knows how far will we go. Join this Network Meeting with 100 incredible AEGEEans and start creating the future of Europe NOW!