• C'mon Pisa, Light My Fire! - Vol. III
    Location: Pisa Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 13.06.2017 to 18.06.2017 6 days, 3 cities and a spectacular night in the city of the Leaning Tower are an amazing way to start a great summer. Don't miss the chance, Tuscany is waiting for you!
  • Venez AEGEE avec nous!!
    Location: Lille Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 02.06.2017 to 05.06.2017 France is back in AEGEE ! You will learn how to cook French like a chef, how to drink French with wine and cheese tastings, discover the French culture with plenty of visits and of course Parties with the AEGEE spirit.
  • Pre-event AEGEE-Tilburg: Stroopwafel games
    Location: Tilburg Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 19.05.2017 to 23.05.2017 Would you like to have fun through playing games and being a bit competitive? Earn as much stroopwafels as you can and join us in the Stroopwafel games. Next to getting a glimpse of Tilburg and surroundings you will have a wonderful time playing football, typically Dutch games and more!
    Location: Groningen Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 18.05.2017 to 23.05.2017 Have a magical experience just before heading to Agora! Groningen invites you for loads of fun activities and workshops, a trip to an island, unforgettable parties and an enchanting atmosphere. Don’t miss the pre-event and start your Agora times in the Netherlands earlier!
  • AEGEEvision: celebrate diversity
    Location: Kyiv Type: AEGEE MEETING Date: from 09.05.2017 to 14.05.2017 You asked us and we are ready to do it! AEGEE-Kyiv organize a special event for Eurovision song contest!