Open call for sessions in EPM Yerevan

Dear members of locals and European Bodies,

We invite you to contribute to the creation of sessions for both the thematic and the drafting parts of European Planning Meeting Yerevan which will takes place on 8-12 March 2018. You therefore have until the 30th of December to send us your applications.

About the thematic part:
The topic “Borderless Europe: Can we dream that big?” will allow members and bodies to exchange their experience on what ‘borderless Europe’ is and how AEGEE can and should advocate its core idea. As has been underlined in the topic proposal, Borders can be considered both mental (Cultural, mediatic, politic) or physical (economic, administrative..)...

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Open Call for cooperation between locals and Equal Rights Working Group in a SU

Banner SUDear AEGEEans,

The time to start organizing SU for next summer has come! If you and your local are interested in Equal Rights, in fighting against discrimination and in enhancing equality; if you want to make a thematic and valuable SU; if you want to offer your participants a different experience, where fun and learning really go together, pay attention to this open call.

Do you also think that AEGEE is still an organization for privileged people? Do you want to make it friendlier for non-privileged? Do you want to organize a SU where disabled can participate or learn how to prevent sexual harassment at events? Then APPLY for organizing a SU in cooperation with the Equal Rights Working Group !

To be more specific, Equal Rights tackles discrimination based on gender identity, expressi...

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New CIA 28.1

Dear  Network,

it is our utmost pleasure to present you the latest edition of the Corpus Iuridicum AEGEEnse. In the General Rules you can find the Statutes and regulation of AEGEE-Europe with the proposals approved at the Autumn Agora Catania 2017. The most updated working formats of the Commissions, Committees and Working Groups are in the Working Formats Compilation. In the List of Motions are  included all the motions since 2011, that are in the online system.

We address our warmest gratitude to all the members, who dedicated their time and put efforts to improve the CIA together with us. You can find the document in the new, refreshed version. Also all the grammar mistakes and discrepancies have been fixed, therefore the CIA is more consistent now.

We hope, that the new CIA will be a...

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Describe your ideal political system and win an Interrail ticket





How would you organize the government of a country? Is the government really needed? Do you believe in a philosophy that the government and political system is based on? Which one?

Share your opinion and win an InterRail ticket! The Civic Education Working Group is organising an Essay Competition with the title: “What does the ideal political system look like?”.

Note that under political systems we do not only understand democracy, monarchy, autocracy or socialism. Try to think about the different ways to organize a democratic society such as parliamentarian or presidential systems, direct or representative democracy. Is two-house parliament or federal state your ideal system? Or maybe you like the constitutional monarchies...

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Subcommies 2018 – Locals Division till Spring Agora Krakow


Dear Network,

With the following message we would like to inform you about the new Subcommissioners’ Division and the locals this new group will have.

Few clarifications before starting:

  • The accepted Subcommies are 15, divided in 3 groups of 5 according to the 3 elected Commissioners;
  • Every single Subcom and Commissioner is entitled to have even her/his own local(s), but due to article 27 of CIA is not allowed to provide a judgment and therefore to Audit the finances of her/his local(s) to ensure Independence on Financial Evaluation. In such case the process will be carried by other internally appointed members of the team;
  • To decide about the locals division, we took in consideration the following factors:
    • Geographical location of the member (where he/she lives);
    • Languages spoken;
    • Expe...
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Open Call for Fair Fee System Task Force

During Agora Enschede the Motion for a Fair Fee System was voted. With the amendment:
We also would like to invite the CD, the Agora, the European Bodies to study and to make a research by the next spring agora (so in 1 year from now) a different, inclusive fee system, even after having taken into consideration different fees proposed by different student’s organizations and the possible effects in terms of fundraise. We would – therefore – like to ask CD to appoint members for a taskforce to deal on this topic.

If you are interested to take part of the Fair Fee System task force apply here.
Here you can find further explanation on the research that has been done so far and presented in Agora Catania in the Progress Meeting.

The deadline to apply is Monday November 27th, 2015, 11:59 CET...

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Open-call for EQAC members


Dear Network,

EQAC team invites you to join Events world and become a member of the comission! Applications should be send till November 19th, 12:00 CET to email

As the current team of the Events Quality Assurance Committee (EQAC) is reaching the end of its term, we would like to announce the Open Call for November 2017- October 2018.

This open-call is for reach a number of members of Committee, each member will have General Task as well as Specific Task, related to:

General Tasks:

  1. Assessing Events of the locals.

  2. Managing the evaluation of events.

  3. Communication with locals according to process of organizing events. (Members have a local distribution and each is in charge of a few networks)

  • PR responsible (2)

Your tasks will be:


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Open Call for European Training Course

When: 1-3 December
Fee: 20 Euros
No. of participants: max. 8
Local Training Courses (LTCs) equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to take up responsibilities in AEGEE locals and boards, while the European Training Course aims at preparing members to take an active role in the European bodies of AEGEE.

The concept is similar to European Schools – but being more accessible by lasting only weekend and taking place regularly in the AEGEE house in Brussels. Moreover, it is not only a place for training but also for consultation and brainstorming – there where you can have a sneak peek into the work of Comité Directeur and develop your ideas for initiatives inside AEGEE...

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Open Call: IT responsible of the Chair Team

#deadline: 26th November 2017

#howtoapply: write to

Dear Network,

It is our pleasure to announce an Open Call for IT Responsible of Chair Team for Spring Agora Kraków 2018.

The IT Responsible will the be part of the Chair Team together with (Vice-) Chairpersons and Secretary and be co-responsible for Spring Agora Kraków 2018.

The IT Responsible is expected to:

– take part in the preparation for the Agora as part of the Chair Team;

– be responsible for the technical administration and IT related issues during the Agora;

– cooperate with the local organizers on the IT requirements needed;

– be present one day before the start of the Agora to run the check-ups for IT requirements;

– set up a network at the Chair table;

– check and run the presentations that are hande...

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Open Call: Secretary of the Agora

#deadline:26th November

#howtoapply: write to

Dear Network,

It is our pleasure to announce an Open Call for Secretary of the Agora to join the Chair Team for Spring Agora Kraków 2018.

The Secretary will the be part of the Chair Team together with (Vice-) Chairpersons and IT of the Agora and be co-responsible for Spring Agora Kraków 2018.

The Secretary is expected to:

– take part in the preparation for the Agora as part of the Chair Team (up to discussion);

– take minutes during Plenaries and some Prytania;

– coordinate Secretary Assistants;

– be responsible for the minutes and remain responsible for necessary changes.

In accordance with CIA minutes of the Agora shall be sent to the Comité Directeur not later than two months after the Agora.


– ex...

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