Open call for Liaison Officers 2017-2018

Questions to María

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Deadline 10th September 23:59 CEST

We are excited to present you the open call for new Liaison Officers of AEGEE-Europe – who will start their term on the 1st October 2017 until the 1st October 2018. This is a unique opportunity to develop yourself and our organisation by contributing to the External Relations of AEGEE. Apply through this form until the 10th September, 23:59 CEST

The Liaison Officers are dedicated AEGEEans who maintain a link between organisations and institutions AEGEE-Europe is working with and by that have the chance to gain further knowledge on the social and political work of our organisation and the organisations they work with.

We’re looking for Liaison Officers towards the following organisations:

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Open Call for Secretary Assistants!

#Deadline: 21st of August
#How to apply: send motivation letter to

Dare to experience something new! APPLY for one of the 6 open positions for SECRETARY ASSISTANT and enjoy a different kind of experience!

A kind of experience where you can contribute significantly to the organising of the Agora and be acknowledged for that! YOU just need the courage to apply and be part of an amazing Agora in Catania!!

As you know, taking minutes during the discussions of the Agora is very important as we need to be able to recall what has been said and decided during the Agora. If you would like to be a Secretary Assistant, we encourage you to apply! You will not have to take minutes during all of the Prytania, you can choose to take minutes during just one (or more if you want)...

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CIA v28.0

Dear Network,

We are proud to present you the Corpus Iuridicum Aeegense, edition 28.0. All the modifications approved by the Spring Agora Enschede 2017 are included in this updated publication.

In the first document, CIA General Rules v28.0, you can find the Statutes of AEGEE-Europe and the organisational rules. CIA Working Formats Compilation, comprises Working Formats of the Comité Directeur, Commissions, Committees and Working Groups. In the List of Motions are included all the motions since 2011, that are in the online system.

Seizing this opportunity, we would like to stress, that the new version of the CIA would not be possible without your involvement and concern...

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Job Shadowers of the Chair Team for the Autumn Agora Catania

# Deadline: 23rd of July
# How to apply: send application to

As you are all familiar, Agora Catania is coming soon, and the Chair Team has it’s hands full of work. However, maintaining all of the work by ourselves in Catania, is almost impossible, because we are fixed with our places on the stage. That is why we are issuing this Open Call for Chair Team Job Shadowers for the upcoming Agora in Catania!

As a Job Shadower:
– you will have a look behind the scenes on how the agenda is drafted, the workshops and progress meetings are selected, Prytania are prepared and what else there is to prepare a statutory event in AEGEE;
– you will be subscribed to the relevant mailing list and be able to follow all communication;
– you will also be welcome to join us during all upcoming me...

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Open Call for hosting local of Autumn Agora 2018

Dear Network,

We would like to announce that AEGEE-Europe is looking for a local ready and willing to organise the Autumn Agora 2018.

The Agora is one of AEGEE’s statutory events, gathering representatives of the whole Network in order to decide on the future of the organisation, to make decisions regarding the structure and the functioning of our Network.

The Agora should gather members who are willing to take part in shaping of the organisation and in helping the Network to adapt to the always changing environment.

As the content of the Agora is provided by AEGEE-Europe, the hosting local is responsible for providing logistics, such as rooms, lodging and the social program.

The organising antenna is explicitly responsible for the following points:

  1. To present an update report during th...
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Autumn Agora Catania – Open Call for Workshops, Progress Meetings and Plenary Time

# Deadline: 19th of August at 23.59 CET. 

# How to apply: fill in this application form

It is our pleasure to open possibility to submit applications for holding a workshop or progress meeting, and plenary time at Autumn Agora Catania. The Agora will take place from the 27th of September to the 1st of October 2017 (Wednesday, 27th is the arrival day and Sunday, 1st of October is the departure day).


1) Workshops

Workshops are a good possibility to deliver new knowledge and train skills in the framework of non-formal education.

Your workshop application ought to contain following information:

– what is the topic of the session?

– what sort of knowledge are you going to deliver? what kind of skills are you going to teach?

– which methodology will be used?

– what are foreseen outcomes o...

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Autumn Agora Catania – Open Call for Participants


# DEADLINE TO APPLY: July 21st, 23:59 CET



# Apply here:

The Agora will take place from the 27th of September to the 1st of October 2017 (Wednesday, 27th is the arrival day and Sunday, 1st of October is the departure day). The fee for this Agora will be 55 euro for non visa participants and 50 euro for visa participants.

You can apply until Friday, the 21st of July, when the application system will close at 23:59 CET.

Please make sure to apply on time.

While applying, remember to write a good motivation letter in English. As always, applying for a Statutory Event does NOT mean you will be accepted...

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Work Plan | Enschede – Catania

We are proud to present to you the Network Commission’s Work Plan until the end of our term in December. It is filled with initiatives and changes we are going to work on, with an aim to develop the Network and help the locals.

We are always open to suggestions, ideas and answering your questions. You can contact us on To follow our progress with this Work Plan, read our monthly Activity Reports.

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The Updated Working Plan of the Audit Commission (Enschede-Catania)


Dear Network,

The Audit Commission (AC) started this term just after Agora Enschede on May 29th, 2017 with two new elected members (Dennis and Oğuzhan) and a confirmed president (Luca) with the purpose to propose to achieve the following activities till Autumn Agora Catania.


HERE (CLICK) we listed all the members of the team you can contact for help.


The activities to carry on till Agora Catania, have been decided to be following:

16) Full Audit of 2 contacted Antennae;
17) Addressing and trying to solve the situation of non-approved antennae;
18) Proposing the new Financial Report Template to fix the issues it had and to make it conformed with EQAC, SUCT and IASB International Standards and ISO 190...

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Pictures, pictures everywhere!

Dear AEGEEans,

pictures, pictures everywhere!

This is a twofold open call – for pictures for AEGEE photobase/pictures library and for Social Media action that will put your picture in the next Key to Europe! Keep on reading to learn about both options.

  1. Photobase

Many of us struggle to find good quality pictures for our PR materials but that will soon come to an end because we are creating a new super cool AEGEE Photobase/ pictures library.

But we need you to contribute!

If you have any cool pictures that are AEGEE related, good quality and big size (not from facebook!) please share them here.

After collecting the inputs from the network and going through AEGEE archives, we will order, select and publish a photobase that will be for all of us to be used.

So if you have any epic picture...

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