Back to Budapest – Join the AEGEE Alumni event!

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Dear AEGEEans

[[ Please forward this email also to members of your local alumni ]]

[ Those people who are helpful sources of knowledge, insight and information,

But they refuse to be called “alumni” because it implies they are too old for AEGEE ]

We are forever young – and this event will be exciting for ALUMNI- and for YOU as well!

With this we would like to warmly invite you to the “Back to Budapest – AEGEE alumni event

Application form

When: April 28 – May 1 2017

Where: Budapest, Hungary

Fee: 60 EUR


The fee includes: 3 nights in a hostel, antenna management trainings, gala dinners with alumni and an inspirational AEGEE weekend where you can gather useful contacts from AEGEE’s alumni network to support your local activities!

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3 good reasons...

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Open Call for Job Shadowers!

Are you interested in getting involved in AEGEE at the European level?

Are you willing to strive for more Civic Education in Europe?
Are you curious to know how the CEWG is working?

Are you full of energy and motivation and looking to take up an incredible challenge?

Then the next Civic Education Working Group (CEWG) might be right for you! Want to find out? Send us a short email at and job-shadow us for a few weeks (from end of March until the Agora). You will get the opportunity to join our weekly skype meetings, learn about our activities and projects and even take part to some of them. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!!
Deadline: 24th March!
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Winners of Debate competition

Dear friends of debating,

two weeks ago the final of the debate competition took place at EPM Zagreb. 4 teams debated against each other on the proposal “This house believes that national referendums should be forbidden in representative democracies”. It was a very intense and complex debate. After the debate, the four judges Ivan Bielik, Eyrin Kyriakidi, Bálint Toronyai and Dorothea Harles announced the winners of the competition, the new proud owners of the two Interrail tickets: Winners_DebateDomen Brus and Alvaro Gonzales. The team was chosen because of their in depth analysis of the topic and the comprehensibility of their speeches. Watch the detailed results here. If you missed EPM and want to know what a debate looks like, take a look at the webpage where you can watch and listen to one deba...

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Spring Agora Enschede – Open Call for participants

# DEADLINE TO APPLY: March 23rd, 23:59 CET



# Apply HERE


We are happy to inform you that applications for Spring Agora Enschede are now open! The Agora will take place from the 23rd to the 28th of May 2017

(Tuesday, 23rd is the arrival day and Sunday, 28th is the departure day).

You can apply from Monday, 27th of February until Thursday, the 23rd of March, when the application system will close at 23:59 CET. Please, make sure to apply on time.

While applying, remember to write a good motivation letter in English. As always, applying for a Statutory Event does NOT mean you will be accepted.

You can see below selection criteria we will use for visitors:

Step 1: read motivation letters...

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Open Call for Drafter of Green Guidelines

You want to help local organizers make their events more sustainable ? You want to Help them find alternatives to plastic cups #CoffeeBreaks ? Find ways to reduce our ecological footprint while keeping the fun of the events ?

Society and the Environment Interest Group is looking for people willing to help drafting and creating guidelines to help organizers to make AEGEE event more sustainable. Sharing best practices, tips etc. Together we  take baby steps towards a less polluting AEGEE.


or via our FB group here


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Post-EPM discussion on draft objectives of Action Agenda 2017-2018


Dear Network,

European Planning Meeting Zagreb is over, but the planning fun has only just begun. During the EPM, we have dealt for the first time with our brand new Focus Areas – Equal Rights, Civic Education, Youth Development & European Citizenship. As a result, we have created a first draft of the Action Agenda 2017-2018. Now it is time to continue the discussion on this draft online.

What are Focus Areas?
Focus Areas are thematic fields that we as an organization want to focus on for a period of three years. Together with the Organisational Improvements, they constitute our Strategic Plan. You can find the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 here (behind log-in). It will come into force on the August 1st, 2017, together with the first Action Agenda.

What is the Actio...

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#JointhePRCside – Creative kids WANTED!

‘’Hello from the PRC Side

I’d like to see no bad design,

And no bad logos,

or horrible post

and help you through all the work you’re on’’


If you’d like to sing louder than Adele this lyrics, you’re the ONE we’re searching for.

OK, but now stop singing, please. We know you are.

Are you still singing? We already love you, continue below!

Join our mission: making AEGEE more social, more cool, more awesome, more whateveryoulike but #VIfriendly!

The infamous #PRfreaks and #VIfreaks are waiting you in the coolest band of the block (we’re not the coolest kid anymore, we grew up, or maybe we don’t).

BTW, here are the task force team you could join:

  • Social Media Team – People that have serious addiction to Social Media
  • Visual Identity Team – the infamous #VIfreak...
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The finalists of the debate competition by CEWG


Dear all,

we are proud to announce the finalists for the debate competition at EPM! One week is left preparing the big moment when the four teams will debate on the topic “This house believes that national referendums should be forbidden in representative democracies.”

Here are the competitors:

Team 1: Aleksandar Karatosho+Marijana Asprovska  

Team 2: Álvaro González+Domen Brus  

Team 3: Willem Laurentzen+Lisan Viveen  

Team 4: Borja Torres+Jesús Pérez Gil  

The winning team will receive Interrail Tickets, with which they can travel through whole Europe.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the pre-round! It were really interesting debates...

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European Training Course + (aka Leadership Training)

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature

Do you…

… care about the future direction of AEGEE?

… want to work in European teams, working groups or to become a CD member?

… want to get empowered and empower others?

If your answer is YES, then keep reading, this Open Call is for YOU!

We are launching an open call for participants for the European Training Course + (aka Leadership Training) that will take place in Brussels, from 26th of March to 2nd of April (26th is arrival day and 2nd is departure). This training aims at preparing the next generation of leaders of the organisation for their tasks. In this training, you will be able to test your leadership skills, challenge yourselves, get great insights in our organisation as well as in the European youth world, and get ready for the challenges of your next term in .

If you...

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Open Call for AEGEE Day Ambassadors

Dear AEGEEans,

We are happy to announce you that this year the 2nd edition of AEGEE Day will take place! After last years first edition when we were breaking borders, this year we think it is time to celebrate the foundation of AEGEE by Building Bridges. Bridges between people from different countries, cultures and religions, from different ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds, between the old and the young, between those living within Europe, between the higher educated and the lower educated, between the Europtimists and the Eurosceptics, between the politically engaged and those who feel excluded.

In order to have a successful celebrated AEGEE Day we need ambassadors to be the communicators of the AEGEE spirit...

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