Open Call for EPM Burgos Content Managers

Dear Network,

At the Autumn Agora Cagliari, it was decided that the topic of our annual thematic conference at the European Planning Meeting (EPM) will be “Europe and Russia: Today’s challenges from youth perspective”. The EPM will take place in Burgos from 18-22 February 2015.

In order for the conference to be successful, high-quality content needs to be developed. Therefore, we are issuing an Open Call for EPM Content Managers to work closely with Comité Directeur on developing this content.

We will select 2-3 people who will work closely with Comité Directeur on the following tasks:

  • Developing the topic of EPM into the content of the conference;
  • Selecting relevant speakers that can contribute to the discussion;
  • Documenting the outcomes of the sessions during EPM;
  • Creating follow-up m...
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European Day of Languages 2014

AEGEE European Day of Languages



Are you a language lover? So… what are you waiting for? Join AEGEE EDL!

It is as easy as this: just gather some people of your local, think about an activity, join our Facebook group to get to know the latest updates, and be ready to have fun!

Even if EDL is on November 20th, you can organize something until the end of December. Do not miss the opportunity! 😉

Multilingually yours,
Adri – Speaker of LWG

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Mentorship System and Twin Antennae Manuals

The Network Commission has the pleasure to present you the:

If you are interested on on any of those Projects, read the manuals and don’t hesitate to ask your Network Commissioner if you have any questions.

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Open Call for Pool of Representatives

speechTo continue the initiative of the previous CD, we are updating our Pool of Representatives (PoR) to keep representing AEGEE externally. For many conferences, meetings or projects we are invited to, we would like to send an AEGEE member, but often lack financial and/or human resources for this. This pool sometimes offers a solution for this and we are updating it. Apply now to join!

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AEGEE-Europe Position Paper on EU Eastern Partnership Programme

Dear Visitor,

HERE you may find the official position paper of AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum on the Eastern Partnership. Through our experience in a large European students’ network, we have seen how unequally educational/ work /social opportunities are distributed among young people in the eastern and western parts of the European continent. AEGEE-Europe is deeply convinced that ensuring equal opportunities for young people all over Europe will be beneficial for the continent at large, thus we have prepared this paper for your consideration.

Armenak Minasyant & AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project

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Is AEGEE-Europe a Forum anymore?

The English translation of AEGEE to be used is European Students’ Forum. We certainly are a European organisation based in different corners of Europe with the common goal of going beyond national borders. We also represent students perspective in Europe and most of our members are Higher education students. But what about the word Forum? Is it still relevant for AEGEE-Europe? And where is the place for discussion in AEGEE? What means “Forum for Discussion” as a mean of AEGEE Identity?


Definition of “Forum” might cause some troubles, but for the sake of this article it is a place where members of the organisation exchange their opinions and views...

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The team of NetCom (Agora Patra-Agora Cagliari)

Speaker Team:

Name: Ana Potočnik
Age: 23
Studies: Biochemistry
anaAbout me: I joined AEGEE in 2012 and since then it’s slowly taking over my life.
After 2 years in board in AEGEE-Ljubljana and one year as an ACT member, I (but mostly my AEGEE friends) thought I am ready to take over the role of the NetCommie. So I did, and even though it’s taking a lot of my time and energy I am enjoying it very much. I love working with my NetCom and SubCom team and the diversity of the challenges they bring every single day.
Besides that I am trying to find time to finish my studies of Biochemistry, to perform with my theatre group and take sculpting classes.
Antennae: Banja Luka, Beograd, Bihać, Kragujevac, Ljubljana, Maribor, Niš, Nova Gorica/Gorizia, Novi Sad, Podgorica, Sarajevo, Skopje, Sofia, Tir...

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SHARE meeting at Autumn Agora Cagliari 2014

Dear AEGEE members,

Comité Directeur 52 decided to change the concept of European Level meeting. The new concept is called SHARE and it will be introduced at Agora Cagliari. SHARE stands for SHaping And REsponding to the challenges that different bodies in AEGEE face.

Purpose of the meeting

The purpose of the meeting is to network and to share best-practices of bodies directly involved in the meeting. This way AEGEE can successfully manage its knowledge about different topics. The agenda will be created by participants of the meeting later in October.

To whom is it opened?

To everybody who is AEGEE member and will attend Autumn Agora Cagliari.

Date of the SHARE meeting

2nd of November (after Agora closes) – from 10 am until 3 pm.

Deadline for registration: 30th September

If you are intere...

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Being SUCT: Revealing all secrets!


 There is plenty of time before upcoming Spring Agora Cagliari 2014 and a lot of people who willing to apply and have a lot of questions about how to be SUCT member. We decided to telll all the secrets and hopefully it will be sign for many of ambitious members to apply for the next board! 

Russo, 26, AEGEE-Padova, Project Manager.

What are your responsibilities in the team and how much time does it take?

unnamed (1)

I’m the coordinator of the work of all SUCT. It means setting objectives for the year, deadlines and checking that everything is done according to them, properly and on time. If there are problems inside or outside the team I should cooperate with the team and fix them.

It’s a constant work: I should be always reachable and ready give suggestions and answers...

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Why evaluation is important?


Although it’s the first day of autumn, there are some Summer Universities that still continue! The last one, organized by AEGEE-Leon, «On the Way of St. James vol.4: Looking to the south», AEGEE-Istanbul and AEGEE-Izmir «TURCOPERATION: SUltans on the Way» and the very last one by AEGEE-Tekirdag, «Survivor in Thrace» that will end on 8th of September. But there is something that better not to put off till tomorrow, or the last day of the deadline – evaluation of Summer University by participants.


This is how organizers ask participants to evaluate Summer University. 

Summer University Coordination Team would like to explain why it is so important for us, for organizers and for participants as well!

So, talking about us, SUCT, it’s quite easy – our main task is to check and help...

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