OPEN CALL – Y Vote 2014 @ EYE event

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You believe in Europe?
You like to share this love?
You know AEGEE enough to explain it?
Are you in to join a BIG reunion of 10 000 young people in Strasbourg?

The Y Vote 2014 team, the comite directeur and AEGEE-Lyon are inviting you to a grand premiere :

the European Youth Event 2014 which will take place in Strasbourg from the 7 to the 11 of may

The European Youth Event is an event launched by the European Parliament in cooperation with the European Youth Forum and many other civil society partners. It will bring together around 10.000 young Europeans in Strasbourg in and around the European Parliament from the 9th-11th of May 2014. Participants will have the opportunity to meet European decision makers and discuss their ideas for a better Europe.

As part of EYE, the European Youth Foru...

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EurStory project is looking for a host local of its first Training Course

How can we feel we are all part of one big integrated Europe (standing for tolerance and solidarity) when every nation presents history according to its own point of view? History is, and always has been, a subjective field. If we are only familiar with the point of view our nation puts emphasis on, we can easily become prejudiced, and we will always attach pejorative feelings towards certain nations.

EurStory project was approved by Agora Zaragoza as official AEGEE-Europe project. Our aim is to foster mutual understanding in Europe by revealing the multiple sides of the European common History.

One of our activities is to organise a Training Course, where we will train the participants to make objective comparisons and we will help them to prepare and to deliver interactive workshops.


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Read our new magazine!

We are very proud to present to you our new magazine, that is completely devoted to what happens in 2 days, Valentine’s Day! In short, the magazine is all about what happens in the bedroom and why it is so healthy for you!

You can read all about it here:


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‘GO GREEN’ with EnWG

Have you ever heard about climate change? (of course you have!) and sustainable energy? Green Transportation? Greenhouse effect?


The EnWG start new action: ‘GO GREEN’ together with the AEGEE Network. Every month EnWG will organize a Social skype meeting about a determined thematic together with advices and ideas for actions. Locals can organize workshop, discussions, their own skype seminars, actions related with each month’s topic. Then we kindly ask you to share your experience, stories and photos to, and we will share with the Network.

We ask contribute antennas in local activities to green topics related by the each month:

February: Climate Change


Climate change is a controversial topic, only for those who still claim it is a natural phenomenon...

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OpenCall++ New Team members for Youth UnEmployment Project wanted!

Dear AEGEE members,

The Youth UnEmployment team is looking for new members, fresh ideas…YOUR

The Youth UnEmployment situation in Europe is one of the biggest problems
of the present and the future. Have you ever paid any thought to the youth
employment situation? Are you interested in what is happening in Europe?
Are you interested in youth policies on employment, youth guarantee,
quality of internship, volunteering, non-formal education?

Do you want to be a member of a multicultural, active team? Do you want to
inspire other people with your positive energy? Well now you can!

We are starting a new cycle of the project and looking for fresh members
for our team. It does not matter if you are experienced or not in the
field, you are welcome to join us and we will learn all together!

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Open Call++ Host local for European School of Entrepreneurship 2014

Dear AEGEE antennas!

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t
so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t” – A student
in Warren G. Tracy’s class

This sentences can be an inspiration for starting your business that can be
one of the possible solutions for the current European problems affecting
the transition from education to work. Why don’t you take the future in
your own hands?

Do you want to support our idea and be part of an interesting project?
Youth UnEmployment team is looking for an Antenna that would like to host
the 3rd edition of ESE (European School of Entrepreneurship).

Are YOU ready for new challenges?

If you want to be the next host of ESE, your local shall meet those

Able to apply for Erasmus + grant which has a deadline on 17.03.2013,
(YuE Team will support you in the whole process)

Appoint a coordinator who is the regular contact with YuE Team,

Accommodation and catering for trainers and participants,

Location for carrying out training (rooms and technical equipment),

Contribute to local fundraising and able to take care of budget,

Able to provide the necessary documents (invitation letters etc.) for
participants and YuE Team

Possibility to contribute the program within the coordination of YuE
Team (Support with local entrepreneurs and/or other speakers).

We are waiting for your applications till 20.02.2014 – 23:59 CET.

Please, fill in the application form below. Additionally,  provide us a
budget via e-mail in the case of both having an European Grant or not.

Your budget shall include clearly those sections:

Accommodation place for participants and trainers,


Reimbursements of trainers and if possible participants,

Workshop venue and materials,

Transportation during the training,

Social Programs,


Application form:

Send your budget and any other questions to


What is ESE?

The “European School of Entrepreneurship” (ESE) is a project established in
order to increase youth employability, stimulate the mo...

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Health4Youth meeting

From the 8th of February until the 10th of February, the Health4Youth meeting is taking place! The last year of the project will be discussed, along with new ideas for the upcoming time. 8 team members are gathered in Nijmegen to make the last year a blast.

The last 1,5 year was amazing and we are still motivated to continue our work. Healthy lifestyle is just as important as it was when we started and with the current threats of diabetes and morbid obesitas, it becomes more important. We as Health4Youth project consider it our mission to inform all students about healthy lifestyle and make a change in their lives!

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Social skype meeting EnWG at 7pm,9th of february about “Climate Change”


Do you know that climate change every minut?

Do you know the aftermath of changes?

What will be with planet after 100 year?

How we can regulate situation?

Let’s discuss many of this questions and how AEGEE can stop it!

In order to feed the discussion for Sunday, here an article about the results from the Un Climate Change Conference – negotiations in Warsaw (which was in November 2013):

and video about climate change

Or other websites:

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+++OPEN CALL for SU Coordinator of Cultural SUs+++

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CWG is searching for YOU!SU COORDINATOR!

Send your application before 14.02.14 to

WHAT you will have to do? Contact SU organizers, help to them with ideas,games,workshops(we have some already) for their thematic content,looking for trainers if required. And YOU CAN go the as a trainer!

We have 8 collaborations
AEGEE-Düsseldorf dusSUbam! – ART you ready to SUrprise?
AEGEE-Sibiu I’m ready to play, coach Dracula!
AEGEE-Foggia La Bella Vita
4.AEGEE-Heraklio I know what you’ll do this SUmmer
5.AEGEE-Oviedo Lil’ things can be great: Breaking the Astureotype.
6.AEGEE-Peiraias Sea Wars: The Port strikes again!
7.AEGEE-Riga Survive Latvian culture

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CWG is looking for AEGEE LOVE COUPLE


Just some days left to Valentines!To mark the month of February, CWG would like to know if you have ever met love through AEGEE.Send us a picture of you and your sweetheart and tell us a bit about yourselves!
On 14.02.2014 we will post a special album dedicated to our AEGEE couples.

Contact us through e-mail at

We wish you lots of love!

CWG board

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