Work Plan | Enschede – Catania

We are proud to present to you the Network Commission’s Work Plan until the end of our term in December. It is filled with initiatives and changes we are going to work on, with an aim to develop the Network and help the locals.

We are always open to suggestions, ideas and answering your questions. You can contact us on To follow our progress with this Work Plan, read our monthly Activity Reports.

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The Updated Working Plan of the Audit Commission (Enschede-Catania)


Dear Network,

The Audit Commission (AC) started this term just after Agora Enschede on May 29th, 2017 with two new elected members (Dennis and Oğuzhan) and a confirmed president (Luca) with the purpose to propose to achieve the following activities till Autumn Agora Catania.


HERE (CLICK) we listed all the members of the team you can contact for help.


The activities to carry on till Agora Catania, have been decided to be following:

16) Full Audit of 2 contacted Antennae;
17) Addressing and trying to solve the situation of non-approved antennae;
18) Proposing the new Financial Report Template to fix the issues it had and to make it conformed with EQAC, SUCT and IASB International Standards and ISO 190...

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Pictures, pictures everywhere!

Dear AEGEEans,

pictures, pictures everywhere!

This is a twofold open call – for pictures for AEGEE photobase/pictures library and for Social Media action that will put your picture in the next Key to Europe! Keep on reading to learn about both options.

  1. Photobase

Many of us struggle to find good quality pictures for our PR materials but that will soon come to an end because we are creating a new super cool AEGEE Photobase/ pictures library.

But we need you to contribute!

If you have any cool pictures that are AEGEE related, good quality and big size (not from facebook!) please share them here.

After collecting the inputs from the network and going through AEGEE archives, we will order, select and publish a photobase that will be for all of us to be used.

So if you have any epic picture...

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Poster for Events : Environmental Sustainability

Want to encourage AEGEEans to…
—-> sort out the trash ?
—-> to think before throwing away their food?
—> to take short showers?
—>to fill up water bottle instead of buying many plastic bottles?

Well just download the designs, print it, and put it up at your events. #SmallSteps #GreatResults


.Here we sort the trash         Tap Water= drinkable water

shorthen your showersave some water       Too Much Food?Ask your friend before throwing it away-5

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New Subcommie till Catania


Dear Network,

after having taken the following Subcommissioners till Agora Catania, we decided to consider another candidature for the role, to cover a quite uncovered area we need to work on.

Therefore we are proud to announce to you a new Subcommissioner.

Her name is Tuğçe Demir from AEGEE-Eskişehir and we are certain she will be a great member.

See you soon for the Adapted Working Plan till Autumn Agora Catania.


Financially Yours,

The Audit Commission Team Enschede-Catania
Luca, Dennis, Oğuzhan

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Open Call for E.Q.A.C. Assistants

Dear AEGEEans,

The Event Quality Assurance Committee happy to launch the open call for assistants!
There is an interesting work is waiting for your in our motivated and inspired team!

We are looking for people for the next positions:
1) Social media manager:
– Writing skills
– Basic knowledge about the publications on Facebook
Main tasks: writing posts on Facebook, development of the content for social medias, filling mediaplan for the publications

2) Designer:
– Photoshop knowledge is needed
– Basic knowledge of Visual Identity is need (or a wish to learn about it)
Main tasks: creation of PR materials/FB pictures/designs of guides according VI

3) Writer:
– Good English is needed
– Abitily to write clear easy-readable texts
Main tasks: creation of guidlines/toolkits, updating of EQAC page ...

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Workshops and helpers for the festival / Thumbs Up for Civic Education

Dear AEGEEans,

have you heard already about “Thumbs Up for Civic Education” event?

You already signed up for the hitchhiking competition but you would like to do more?

Or you would like to come to the festival but have no time to do the hitchhiking?

Then we have some great news for you!

You can now apply to deliver workshops during the Woodstock Festival Poland or simply be a helper.

The festival takes place: 3rd – 5th of August 2017 in Kostrzyń nad Odrą (near Polish-German border) and it is the biggest free of charge open-air festival in Europe.

The festival’s motto is “Love, Friendship, and Music”. It is organised by WOŚP – the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity NGO as a way of thanking its volunteers...

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Open Call for Secretary of Autumn Agora Catania

It is our pleasure to announce the Call for Secretary of the Agora to join the Chair Team for Autumn Agora Catania 2017.
The Secretary will be part of the Chair Team together with (Vice) Chairpersons and the IT responsible. S/he is expected to:
  • take minutes during Plenaries and some Prytania;
  • coordinate Secretary Assistants;
  • be responsible for the minutes and remain responsible for necessary changes until their ratification;
  • take part in the preparation for the Agora as part of the Chair Team.

In accordance with CIA, minutes of the Agora shall be sent to the Comité Directeur not later than two months after the Agora. For Agora Catania, minutes shall be sent no later than the 1st of December.


  • experience in taking minutes;
  • experience as a member of th...
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Audit Commission – Team (Enschede-Catania)


Dear Network,

After 2 weeks of carefully review and an Open Call, plus the internal changes who has seen Dennis and Oguzhan getting elected as Audit Commissioners and Teresa joining the CD #55 as Financial Director (again, congrats), we decided to announce our team from Spring Agora Enschede till Autumn Agora Catania.

Sadly we decided together not to take all the candidatures, as we needed to make considerations about our own work. Still, we would like to thank all the other candidates for their time.

The team will consist of 24 people as yes, we still have ambitious plans for things Audit needs to do and moreover, we do think there is the need to have trained Auditors to spread the Financial Education towards the whole network.

Yes, it’s one thing we 3 all agree on.
So, without any furth...

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External Partners at Agora Enschede

During the latest Agora an officer working at EU Careers presented the opportunities to work at the EU Institutions. Download the presentation and have a IMG-20170524-WA0013look at the video “Your EU Career. Our European Union“. 
The EU Institutions employ 40,000 people from a wide variety of cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds who are united by their passion for Europe. They are all professionals in their own field and excellent team players. With their enthusiasm and knowledge they contribute to the prosperity not only of Europe, but also to the world at large. We are looking for people who have something more than just knowledge and professional skills: the drive to deliver results and the ability to work effectively as part of a multi-cultural team. In this workshop you’ll learn ev...
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