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AEGEE’s Visual Identity



Do you need your Local’s logo in raster or vector format? Look no further, go to the AEGEE Logo Generator and get it!

Note: if your logo is still not available at the generator, just contact and we will provide you your local’s logo :)

Do you want to customise your logo so it will be unique for your Local? Then let your creativity flow and, when you’ll have a final result, send it to us via this form so we will review it for approval.

Rember to follow the Visual Identity Manual for the customisation. In page 4 you can find the max dimensions of the custom area. Place there a shape that represents your city or area and remember that the less elements, the better. The element in this area should be in the same colour as the rest of the logo and be as simple as possible so it’ will look nice even in small applications, such as pins.

Frequently Asked Questions about AEGEE Visual Identity

Check FAQ about Visual Identity!

AEGEE’s Visual Identity Manual


This Manual describe usage of AEGEE logo, its colors and applications.

Fonts and design elements to be used:

Map & Structure

Network Map Structure K2E 2015 Timeline K2E 2015

Examples and templates

To edit svg examples you will need vector graphical software such as Adobe Illustrator or free Inkscape.


Poster 1 Poster 2 Poster 3

Zip files:


Leaflet-Outside Leaflet-Inside

Zip files

Flyer in Colour

FLyer Front Colour FLyer Back Colour

Zip files

Flyer in Black and White

FLyer Front B&W FLyer Back B&W vs2 FLyer Back B&W vs1

Zip files

Diploma Template

Diploma termplate-01


ZIP files – ai, svg, psd
ZIP files – Word Document

Word Letter Head


ZIP file – dotx (MS Word), ott (Libre Writter)

AEGEE Presentation Template


Zip file – potx (MS PowerPoint),otp (Libre Impress)

Paper Folder


Zip file – ai, svg

AEGEE WordPress Theme version 1


Zip file

Note: If SMThemes writes you for an allegedly copyright infringement, just write an e-mail to with the address of your website. We will give you the activation code for your website since the license belongs to AEGEE-Europe and every website needs to be activated individually. You can also request it in advance to have your back covered!


AEGEE WordPress theme version 2


Zip file 

Business Cards


zip file – ai,pdf,svg

Yearly Agenda Calendar


 zip file – ai,svg,pdf

MailChimp Template



zip file – html

A letter with name of all locals

hoodie design_print

zip file – ai,svg,pdf

AEGEE-Europe banner

The size of the banner is 80×200 cm.

Banner AEGEE-Europe

zip file – svg, ai