Win fee for Agora Enschede

Dear Network,

AEGEE-Europe has a partnership with the company Study Portals, a platform providing information on study programmes from all over the world.

They are collecting feedback on the study experience of students to help people to make a better decision about where to study. They set up a questionnaire on line asking about your experience at university, including services available in the city – housing, social events etc.

We are supporting them in getting students’ feedback. We decided to give a prize to Antennae getting more than 100 answers to the questionnaire: a participation fee covering one delegate spot for Agora Enschede.

1-     Promote the questionnaire among people studying in your city. To collect answers using this link to the questionnaire

2-     Check here how many answers you collected for the university(ies) of your city

3-     Let us know when you reach the 100 answers to get your prize – write to

Deadline: 22nd May 2018

Good luck and see you in Enschede!

Comité Directeur 2016-2017

Joanna, Kasia, Lia, Maarten, Réka, Tekla and Zvonimir

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