About Civic Education Working Group

The Civic Education Working Group (CEWG) is the co-responsible body for the fulfilling the objectives as defined in the Action Agenda in the field of Civic Education. Together with the Comité Directeur, they make an effort to support the network in its actions to achieve our goals for Civic Education together. The first CEWG took office in August 2015, after the Working Group Reform of 2015.

Civic Education as a Focus Area

Agora Zaragoza adopted Civic Education as a focus area for 2014-2017, with two main aims:

  1. Increase the civic competences of AEGEE members, enabling them to become responsible citizens.
  2. Put civic education on the political agenda on all levels

This focus area stresses the need to foster a culture of active participation and responsibility among citizens. Civic education addresses knowledge, skills and attitudes in fields such as human rights, democratic participation, intercultural communication and sustainability. AEGEE already contributes to the development of responsible citizens through nonformal education in its actions, but we see the need to include those competences in the educational curricula in the European countries in order to reach all citizens. Therefore, AEGEE actions have to go in two directions. First, reinforcing and coordinating our internal work on these fields, in order to have a bigger impact on our members; second, putting on the political agenda the inclusion of civic education in curricula.


With objectives as internal trainings, structured discussions, dedicated summer universities, as well as research on the legislation and implementation of formal civic education throughout Europe and a European Citizens’ Initiative to improve school curricula in Europe, the Civic Education Working Group is aiming to have a big impact!

In the Working Group are:

  • Andrea Ugrinoska
  • David Meinel
  • Joanna Pankowska
  • Jorge Miguel Vielva (Policy Officer)
  • Sien Rongen
  • Paul Smits (Coordinator)
source: http://www.oms.aegee.org/wiki/ http://www.oms.aegee.org/wiki/index.php?title=Civic_Education_Working_Group

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