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PostPosted: 31 Jul 2009 11:44 UTC
by Rene Keijzer
Idealist, they are there... we just need to find them and they are most of the time silent, since they have the feeling they are alone, or the minorty; but minorties can make the difference!

Maybe a good survey is a nice idea. Just do it ladies!

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2009 11:47 UTC
by Anita Kalmane
Rene Keijzer wrote:C.I.A. PROJECTS WORKING FORMAT - Article 3: AEGEE-Europe Projects

(9) 1The Comité Directeur shall decide when to close an AEGEE-Europe project, in consultation with the
project team. 2The project and its outcomes shall be evaluated by an independent person (not a Project
Team member) appointed by the Comité Directeur. 3At the following Agora the Project Coordinator or the
Content Manager shall present the project and its outcomes, and the evaluator shall present their
evaluation. 4If the outcomes include positions or opinions, these should be approved by the Agora by an
absolute majority.

Here is how you should delete some projects. Because what happend lately with Caucasus Project, Cyprus Project and EuroIslam? So, I guess these can be deleted, or a new fresh team should be there which will make a report on the next agora, what they will do, and also make a new project proposal.

Thanks a lot, Rene, will get grasp on it from September on! Much appreciated! :)

PostPosted: 31 Jul 2009 17:49 UTC
by verena schmidt
In Agora Eskisehir Find Europe was closed with Nadine presenting the results of the FECT and Vincent evaluating the project.
However, as FECT and SUCT are/were kind of special projects (the only ones for which team members were elected during Agorae and who had to present an AR), I'm not sure whether this applies for all as there are A-Europe projects and European projects, and I'm not sure whether all projects mentioned are really A-Europe projects (as only for them this article seems to be relevant).