next flagship project of AEGEE-Europe

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next flagship project of AEGEE-Europe

by Rene Keijzer » 19 Jan 2009 15:09 UTC

Dear network,

AEGEE-Europe invites you to share your ideas for the next flagship topic of AEGEE.

What is a flagship project ?

The Flagship project is one of main tools that gives AEGEE a clear direction both internally and externally. Together with the Main Fields of Action and the Strategic Plan, the Flagship project enables establishing of a connection between abstract goals, strategic planning and the concrete actions of the association.

The aim of the Flagship project is to encourage a discussion on a certain topic among young people from all over Europe and to organize activities in its thematic frame (Flagship-projects, conferences, case study trips...). The results of these activities are presented to European decision makers. This enables AEGEE to give a contribution to the developments taking place in our European society.

For the flagship project of 2008-2010, please click:

For previous flagship projects, please click: ... y=Yearplan

The process of the next flagship project is going to be as

AGORA-Magusa: Decision on the topic for the flagship project
AGORA-KYIV: Proposal and voting of the project

Now it is your chance to give your ideas to initiate the next flagship topic of AEGEE-Europe. We as, AEGEE-Europe are striving to make our projects for our members, with our members. Hence, your ideas are very much

If you have an idea for the next flagship project of AEGEE-Europe, please send:

The topic of the project
A brief introduction of the idea
How it fits AEGEE’s aims?
How AEGEE can benefit from this project?

To Percin Imrek till February 5,


Percin Imrek
Projects Director of AEGEE-Europe

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