BRAND | Implementation of a new brand: how would it work?

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BRAND | Implementation of a new brand: how would it work?

by Robin Verschuren » 20 Feb 2009 19:56 UTC

Implementation of a new brand: how would it work?

A revamped and fresh visual identity, introduced in the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, is a great moment for a big launch with huge visibility all over Europe. Launch parties in all AEGEE cities, media
coverage all over Europe, a huge load of new and synchronized PR materials to be spread all over the network. ESN and BEST profited enormously from their change, one year later their recognisability is stronger than ever!

Our name has a strong reputation, together with a new logo it could be strengthened even more. One year overlap would be provided to give everybody the time to make the change.

Concerns about the implementation of a new logo & brand? Ideas and suggestions how to make it a success? Express them here!

And please be polite :)
Robin Verschuren

by Wim van Ravesteijn » 21 Feb 2009 16:29 UTC

A year transition period? Sounds nice, but how do you see this?

- Gadgets are often bought in big amounts, for several years, as this is cheaper. So in a year they will not be gone.
- For one year, we'll have 2 identities? We'll be shouting around with different flags, posters, logos, do you really think people will consider us one group that belongs together?
- The current logo is wide-spread. Everybody knows it, everybody has a pile of clothes with this logo on it. People will not throw away their clothes when you tell them to do so, so for several years you'll see people with the 'old' logo. Even more because it seems (based on the facebook group) that people don't want the new logo, so they will keep wearing/using the old one.
- You claim that too many different versions of the current logo exist. I have here lot of stickers of the different locals, and with some exceptions of locals that really remade it, I actually like to see the differences, as long as the core logo stays visible (and the adjustments are not against the aims of AEGEE, like including national things). Look at Google, how they often have a different logo, doesn't it look nice to you? And do you think that this new logo will prevent people from adjusting it again? Check the facebook group, photo section, there is already lot of adjusted ones there, this will not change.

Based on all the opinions in the facebook group, if you want the brand implementation to be a success, and not a personal disaster, forget about this new logo, and either build the brand based on the old logo, or a small adjustment of the old logo, but not something totally new. It's up to you, but you are wasting your time and making yourself look extremely stupid by continuing with the proposed logo against the will of the organisation.
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