Rising of left extremism in AEGEE

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Rising of left extremism in AEGEE

by Michele Turati » 20 Mar 2009 16:49 UTC

Dear all, recently there have been two externation made by a candidate for the position of CD member, and one made by a person that was candidate but her candidature wasn't accepted.

The following is quoted from Percin Imrek (President candidate)'s facebook wall, written by Denis Macksimov (CD candidate)
Denis Macksimov wrote:libertad e muerte!
Denis Macksimov wrote:get my full support, commandante!

Do you see something funny in those words? I don't!!
Then I ask myself if possible AEGEE officials, who will have to deal with politicians and EU officials, will represent AEGEE in this way, it's better they don't!

But that wasn't enough. Ana Danila, she candidated for the CD at this round but her candidature was rejected, wrote on the wall of AEGEE's main group on facebook
Ana Danila wrote:better extreme left wing than extreme right

and this is simply unacceptable from any member of AEGEE. We should focus ourself on the principles of democracy, not take as ideal hero people who riot and took the power with force and violence! That should be blamed, always!

This is my point: having two candidates running for presidency of AEGEE is good; it's a normal democratic process. But when some people are deviated to ideas of extremism that do not belong to AEGEE, do not belong to civil society, those people should be condamned by the whole network.
Michele Turati

by Anita Kalmane » 21 Mar 2009 12:07 UTC

Just a small comment:

As long as I remember Ana Danila's application was accepted by the JC and it was showed on Statutory webpage that there are 5 approved candidates, but then apparently she withdrawed, that's why afterwards till now there are only 4 candidates.

Correct me if I am wrong, please! :)
Anita Kalmane

by Michael Makowiecki » 07 Apr 2009 13:18 UTC

I think that the fear of a lefwing extremism is highly exagerrated. Especially in the case of what Denis posted on Percin's wall. It is even ridiculous to think that calling someone "commandante" is already a statement of a extreme leftwing identity. As we all know these quotes are since a long time simply part of popculture. Do we call someone a leftwing extremist only because that person wears a red t-shirt (not even mentioning Che Guevara on it)?

I would appreciate not to see this kind of messages.

Best wishes
Michael Makowiecki

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