MEDIA - Global warming? :)

The Environmental Working Group has been founded at the Agora Valletta, Spring 2007. It will cover environmental issues.

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MEDIA - Global warming? :)

by vincent de bruijn » 31 May 2007 17:43 UTC

Check this:
vincent de bruijn

by Tamas Laszlo » 01 Jun 2007 11:57 UTC

Well...quite alternative. But funny also...
I've found this in a chat room:
" You must be also one of those people, who, doesn't care about our future, and wasting the energy resources of our planet. You are not using the numeric pad of your keyboard, but the num lock led is lighting for nothing...shame on you! :) "
Tamas Laszlo

2 more

by vincent de bruijn » 16 Jun 2007 11:40 UTC


and don't forget to check out the opinion of the economist:

and the logicist:

Seems like it's getting a hot issue ;)
vincent de bruijn

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