Marina Klanjčić for the Network Commission: “I See a Space For Improvement When Others See Only Failure”

The position as Member of the Network Commission would be a real satisfaction for the former Main Organiser of EPM Zagreb and current President of the Croatian Antenna, Marina Klanjčić. Here you have the interview where Marina tells us her motivation in presenting the candidature for this European position. One of the main points of her programme: a promotional video of AEGEE.

The AEGEEan: What would you like your fellow members of AEGEE to know about yourself?
Agora BergamoMarina: I am Marina and I was born in Zagreb 26 years ago, though my family is originally from small villages in the North and the South of Croatia. Apart from being the current president of AEGEE-Zagreb, I am also a soon-to-be electrical and ICT engineer, architecture and music fan, contemporary dancer, adrenaline addict and a huge food and travelling lover! I am driven, capable and persistent. I do not quit until a find a solution to the problem. Most of all, I try not to forget to have fun while doing it [she smiles, ed.].
What would you like to do as a member of the Network Commission?
There are many things I would like to do as a Network Commissioner. The main points are written in my candidature, so I strongly suggest to read it! But I have to mention that I will do my best to bring back the thematic part to the locals and encourage them to organise such activities that we, indeed, are missing in the Network.
Why did you choose to apply for this European position?
I see opportunities when others see only threats. I see a space for improvement when others see only failure. I like to get things done and when I am not satisfied with something, I step out, try hard, and do my best to make it work.
Do you think your previous experience in organising NWMs and EPM can contribute to the development of the youngest antennae?
EOT 3 in Zagreb_organizerEven though I have not been a member for a long time, I am active since the day I joined and I did many things at the local level, so I am very well informed of every aspect of a local. One month after joining I became HR responsible and vice president, a year later I was our advisor and currently I am the president of my antenna. Apart from the positions I was having, I also did PR, FR and IT for our local, so my knowledge and experience cover most of the aspects needed for a local to function properly. In addition to that, my experience from organising an NWM and an EPM, and my general experience from attending many NWMs will surely help with the development of the youngest antennae.
Why do you say we are missing a sense of unity within the Network?
Some areas of the Network are very well interconnected and some are totally apart. Some locals are doing activities related to many different “fields” of AEGEE and some with only just some of them. There is a lack of unity within the Network and we should really work on it.
Do you think you will be really available 24 hours per day for the Network? It sounds really ambitious.
I am here for our members, to help them and to respond to their needs/questions/issues as soon as possible, which for me is usually within some hours. I would not even candidate if I knew I am not able to devote my time to this position.
EPM ZagrebWhy do many members not know much about the EU?
The educational system is not perfect or even close to it in most of the European countries, so things like politics and economy are very often neglected. Pupils/students get the knowledge about this mostly from their personal initiatives. At least this is how I perceive it.
Can you give us some details about making a promotional video of AEGEE?
The existing one can be used if modified. I am not saying it is not good, I am just stating it is not up-to-date and I really feel that any PR material should be up-to-date if we plan to use it. For founding a local, we can just add some informational slides at the end of the video and it will be enough, in my opinion. Without having a cameraman and an editor by my side, I really cannot say more, unfortunately. I have ideas and visions, but not the required equipment and skills to make them real by myself. I hope to be lucky enough to have someone in the SubCommies team with this knowledge [she smiles, ed.]. In general, I feel we are missing PR and a general communication strategy within the Network, so I will also try to work on it a lot!
SU with LjubljanaWhat makes you unique as a candidate or even a possible future member of the Network Commission?
My determination, strong will, problem-solving skills, down-to-earth approach and the desire for upgrading the Network!
Question from the Network: What is the area of the Network you would like to work with?
I will be happy to work with any area of the Network I will be assigned to, but working with the locals close to my city of residence (Zagreb) might be better for the locals, as in this way, I would be able to visit them and know them better!
You can read her full candidature here.
Written by Matteo Lai, AEGEE-Cagliari