Editors Letter May

Hi everybody,

So I’ve survived my first months as editor-in-chief of this amazing magazine. Is it a challenge? Yes! Is there a lot of work? That too! But it is all worth it. In my time where I had put forward my candidature I made a lot of promises to The AEGEEan if I would become editor-in-chief and they are of course being kept.

Establishing The AEGEEan Facebook group for freelance journalists

We know a lot of AEGEE members joggle tons of things all the time and might not have the time to join The AEGEEan even though they want to. However, it is still possible to be a minimal part of the magazine through joining our newly established Facebook group for freelance journalist. Here editors will make “open calls” trying to find voluntary journalists to cover different topics such as events, travel guides and more. You can find the group right here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/528218913876505/.  The group of freelancers has already grown during the EBM Valletta and Agora Rhein-Neckar and it is great to see the interest in writing by so many different people in the Network!

Collaboration with other AEGEE bodies

In The AEGEEan it is considered to be very important to reassure Working Groups, Project Teams, Committees and commissions that they can always publish news in the magazine. So the writing guidelines have been shared once again will after of the different European Level bodies with the hopes of getting more coverage of the work on the top level of AEGEE.

Furthermore, the AEGEEan has established cooperation with the Events Committee hoping that the outcome of much more events will be published in our European Events section in the future.

Promoting AEGEE projects

The AEGEEan keeps on working on its own projects The AEGEEans Choice Awards and the Local/Member of the Month. Projects that I value highly because it involves the members our the AEGEE Network and I am happy to be part of a time that keeps fighting to get more and more people to help find nominations to honor work of active AEGEE people. We receive more and more ideas for these honors, and I hope that the trend of submitting ideas will continue in that direction.

As you can see there are many things going on in The AEGEEan and if I would have to tell you about all of it then I would have to bore you with 4-5 pages. That would make no sense, since the main message behind my first editors letter is that I am extremely proud to lead this team which keeps developing, and what I really like about it is the involvement of other AEGEE projects in The AEGEEan. We are increasing the amount of members in our team, and I can truly recommend anybody reading this to join us. Whether you would like to become an editor, work with HR, PR or even FR, or just really like to write articles then there is room for you in our team! Being part of The AEGEEan is such a meaningful experience where there is a high potential to learn about yourself, and AEGEE in general and hopefully you have learned a bit more about our magazine through reading this first editors letter by me.


Tricia Anthony

May 2013