Editor’s letter (November 2013) by Anna Martinez

Dear AEGEEans,

A new term starts today for The AEGEEan – AEGEE’s on-line magazine. My term as editor-in-chief has just started with lots of motivation, ideas and the will to contribute my grain of sand in order to keep improving this magazine more and more. It is a huge responsibility, but at the same time it’s sort of a big dream come true, since I always say that The AEGEEan is the point where my two passions (journalism and AEGEE) meet. Therefore, after a frantic post-Agora, it is high time to get things started.

I can’t start this first editor’s letter without thanking our former editor-in-chief, Patricia Anthony, for the wonderful work done with The AEGEEan: she has been completely devoted to the magazine, made a big effort in expanding it and getting regular updates, and has been always open to introducing new ideas in order to keep improving its quality – not to mention how supportive has been with me from the first moment I stepped into the magazine. It’s a huge challenge to follow the steps of dedicated people like Steffi and Tricia, my predecessors, but I feel extremely proud and excited to be leading this project.

I must also thank all the team of editors, journalists and proofreaders who have supported me from the start. My time as editor of the Thematics’ section of the magazine will remain as one of the most memorable ones – I have learnt a lot from the members of this team! I am looking forward to making the magazine go further with these AEGEEans and to keep learning from each one of them. The AEGEEan has become for me not just the magazine to get all the information about our association, but a school of journalism where I have developed myself and gained lots of confidence.

These are new times in The AEGEEan, with lots of interesting ideas to be carried on. We will keep struggling to improve  day by day the quality of the magazine, and reporting everything that happens in AEGEE with our commitment to have a well-informed Network!

The AEGEEan needs you!

We are constantly looking for fresh team members with a passion for journalism and for writing. We have very interesting projects and ideas in mind, and it is a unique experience to step into the European level of AEGEE! We are currently looking for editors for the People and European events’ section, and we are always open to welcome new journalists and proofreaders. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to approach us in aegeean@aegee.org  for further information!

Meanwhile, I hope you will be enjoying reading the great stories from our magazine as much as I do.

Kind regards from rainy (!) Barcelona,

Anna Gumbau Martínez
November 2013