Editors Letter Steffi

Welcome to our first AEGEE magazine The AEGEEan!

Dear Readers,

I am very proud to inform you that since 30th September 2012 this magazine is one year old!

I personally never thought that this project would work for so long and also so successful as it is at the moment! Currently the magazine has around 1000 views per day and over 150,000 views of all times. If you like to follow the magazine regularly like our facebook page or subscribe to our blog.

The idea of this project came up some time ago during a meeting of the Public Relations Committee (PRC) when we were looking at other organisations and saw that AEGEE was lacking something the others had – a place where members can access relevant news about the organisation.

After an open call, a small group of writing/ proofreading/ design/ programming fanatics started working together, bound by the wish to give something our network: a place where people can share their AEGEE experience.

We were working hard during the past months for you to be up to date about upcoming events, to get to know your Network, and to read the newest CD Telegram, which are only some of the topics you will find here.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading the pages!

All the best,

Stephanie Müller