Anita Kalmane

AEGEEans are running for European Parliament – Part I

Do you remember the recent European Parliament (EP) elections, where other citizens of the European Union and, hopefully, also you, voted for your chosen future Members of the European Parliament (MEPs)? While preparing the latest Key To Europe issue, the annual publication of AEGEE-Europe, we had a chance to ask some questions to those former and current AEGEE members who… Read more →

Bringing Eurovision and AEGEE Together

AEGEE and Eurovision have quite a lot in common, the main thing being a vision about united Europe. This year the connection is stronger than ever as in May during the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen one of the participants will be well known for some AEGEEans! In 2014 Latvia is represented by a special participant – Jöran Steinhauer and… Read more →

Get hired to organise Summer Universities!

Who would not have ever heard about Michele Turati or Mickey (AEGEE-Brescia)? That person probably has not been active in AEGEE for a long time, as otherwise (s)he would have already met this enthusiastic Italian whose AEGEE life started back in 2003. Continuing our series with AEGEE members and Summer University (SU) impact on them, this time we interviewed Michele. Michele, the… Read more →

AEGEE’s way of meeting people

As the third interview with people who will forever remember their first Summer University (SU), we offer you meeting Felipe Gonzalez Santos (AEGEE-Coruña), whom some of you probably have already met. As Felipe told to Summer University 25 Booklet Team, he started his AEGEE career with SU organised by AEGEE-Izmir and AEGEE-Rhodos. How did you join AEGEE? I joined AEGEE… Read more →