Beata Matuszka

CD Telegram June 2013

The first month of the summer kept the Comité Directeur hyperactive, it has been full of work, events and conferences, many of them have showed that long months and sometimes years of hard work have been payed-off. The summer also means an amazing start for all of us. Dozens of AEGEEans  gathered together the last week of June to proudly… Read more →

Lobbying with AEGEE – 24h in the life of a Policy Officer

The work of a Policy Officer involves a lot of reading — lengthy study and survey reports, lofty European Commission publications, and repetitive online discussions — but every now and then something more exciting comes along as well. One of those moments was the first lobbying meeting of the Dutch Youth Council on Education for sustainability, followed the next day… Read more →

CD Telegram May 2013

We had the feeling that May has passed in a mere blink of an eye, even though we thought that the summer months will be less engaging than the rest of the year given the fact that the Network is preparing for the Summer Universities. We had a full month with Charlemagne Award Ceremony in Aachen, IT European School in… Read more →

CD Telegram April 2013

Something amazing this way comes… and yes, here it is, the long anticipated Spring has finally arrived in Brussels as well! The sunshine and the Spring breeze gave the Comité Directeur such a huge amount of energy this month, that even the extremely intense Agora couldn’t hold us back from the active work for the rest of the month! Luis Alvarado Martínez (President)… Read more →

CD Telegram March 2013

Even though the spring was swept away by the rigorous winter throughout Europe, the Comité Directeur (CD) spirit has not disappeared and the two statutory events, the tight deadlines, the many AEGEEans we met in these four weeks resulted in an unforgettable and crazy month! Despite the fact that the CD members spent many days together abroad, we still had the… Read more →

Why does Hungary matter? Reaction to the Fourth Amendment to the Fundamental Law of Hungary

Why does Hungary matter? This question was asked recently by the US Helsinki Commission, and also exactly a year ago by the Nobel prize laureate Paul Krugman. Why does Hungary, this small, landlocked country with around 10 million inhabitants in Central Eastern Europe, matter to the US or to any other EU country? However, the recent events, namely the latest,… Read more →

CD Telegram December 2012

December is always the shortest but brightest month of the year. Everyone is preparing for the assessment of the year, finishing the yearly plans and getting ready for the joyful holiday season. It was not different in the headoffice either, we spent the last days at home with our families and friends, but it does not mean that the first… Read more →