Cosmina Bisboaca

Meet Ioana Duca: Interim Financial Director of the new Comité Directeur

During Spring Agora-Patra 2014, unfortunately there was no candidate for Financial Director for the Comité Directeur 2014-2015. Soon after Agora-Patra, an open call was issued to find an Interim Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe until Agora-Cagliari. According to the open call,  it is expected that this person will officially run for this position in front of the Agora to be fully… Read more →

AEGEE-Valletta wins national selection for Charlemagne youth prize 2014

After last year’s success with the Charlemagne youth prize 2013, when AEGEE-Europe won the  final selection with the project Europe on Track, this year again there is an AEGEE-project running for it at the European final in Aachen: AEGEE-Valletta won the national competition with the EBM 2013  “Preserving the present, saving our future”. We have interviewed Martha Misdus, Vice-president of… Read more →

AEGEE-Genova goes to the middle of nature

Between the 30th May and 1st of June, AEGEE-Genova organized an inter-regional meeting where people from different antennae took part: AEGEE-Bari, AEGEE-Bergamo, AEGEE-Bologna, AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca, AEGEE-Milano, AEGEE-Padova, AEGEE-Pisa, AEGEE-Roma, AEGEE-Siena, AEGEE-Torino and  AEGEE-Udine sent at least one member to represent them. “And in the boat of wine we will sail on the reef/emigrants of laughter with nails in the eyes/’till the morning will… Read more →

Balázs Kovács for Network Commission:”Take up the challenge of contributing to empowering antennae”

He  joined AEGEE in 2011 and, after a long experience in the local level as former PR reponsible and current president of AEGEE-Debrecen, he’s now  running for Network Commission at the upcoming Spring Agora Patra. Balázs Kovács, also known as “Bali”, was interviewed by the AEGEEan in order to get more information about himself and his candidature. The AEGEEan: Being a NetCommie… Read more →

Elmar Guliyev for Network Commission: “The strength of the Network depends on the spirit and stamina of the team”

Another AEGEE member running for the Network Commission. His name is Elmar, he’s 23 and he joined AEGEE-Bakı in 2011. The AEGEEan interviewed him in order to get more information. The AEGEEan: You have been involved in so many different activities on a European level (Public Relations Committee, Environmental Working Group, Fundraising Assistant of Health4Youth Project) and on a local level… Read more →

AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca Local of the Month: “You always have to do something new”

Cluj-Napoca is  a Romanian city located in the heart of Transylvania, but no AEGEEan needs to be told this because she/he already knows it. AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca organized many events lately : Human Resouces European School, YVote convention “Pluralism of the media” . The NWM is coming soon and so is their Summer University. How do they manage to do all these?… Read more →

Zaragora proposals and their effects

What about the proposals’ process? Do you know the final result, but not what happened in between? Is what was obtained exactly what the proposers wanted to? If you wondered about at least one of these things, then keep reading the interview. 1. Change of the Visitors’ selection procedure What actually changes with your proposal in the visitors’ selection process?… Read more →

Gerardo Garcia for SUCT

Gerardo Garcia is candidating for the second time for the Summer University Coordination Team, below you can read his interview.  The AEGEEan: You had some past SU experience. Why do you want to get involved again? Why do you recandidate? Gerardo: Well, as I’ve said in my candidature, I want to be here again is because I have some pending… Read more →

Mateusz Dokurno for Network Commission

Mateusz Dokurno is candidating for Netcom, so we interviewed him for you. Keep reading and find out more! The AEGEEan: So, would you tell us more about your academic formation? How would this help you as a future Netcommie? Mateusz: My fields of study are really unusual, because computer science and econometrics has really nothing in common with journalism and… Read more →