Laia Garcia Montufo

AEGEE crosses new borders: My experience at the World Conference on Youth in Sri Lanka

Currently, there are over 1.2 billion young people in the world – the largest generation of youth ever seen. In his opening message, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon indicated that this is a “time of both unprecedented opportunity and uncertainty, with high unemployment, changing workplaces, and evolving social, political and economic challenges.” He noted that expectations are “rightly high”, and… Read more →

AEGEE present at the Regional Youth Forum in Istanbul organized by UNFPA and UNECE

      While hundreds of people were gathered in Istanbul’s Gezi Park – Taksim’s last remaining public park, fighting for their present day, in a neighboring district 40 young activists from diverse countries were taking part in a much less dangerous but still very important meeting aimed at building a more decent life for youth in the future. While… Read more →

First signatures MEPs

“Environmental destruction must become a crime”

Do you remember the workshop of the Environmental Working Group (EnWG) about Ending Ecocide or the speech in the closing plenary of Agora Budapest by Polly Higgins? At this Spring Agora Rhein-Neckar, Prisca Merz from AEGEE-Passau and Director of End Ecocide in Europe was the person who reminded us that the main idea of their initiative is intriguingly simple: Environmental… Read more →

“2013 as Europe’s Year of Air – The Future of Europe and Air Pollution”

Almost two months have passed since EBM Valletta 2013 took place. It was, indeed, an amazing event which gave all participants courage and inspiration to start acting and become part of the change all over Europe. Plenty of discussions, sessions, presentations and workshops were included in the programme, making the contribution of the participants both necessary and fun! One of… Read more →

A Worldtour by Bike

Can you imagine doing a world tour by bike? Perhaps you use your bike to go to your classes, or to the supermarket. Or maybe you made a cycling tour for a few days in your own country. The bicycle is an ecofriendly, cheap, fast (especially in big cities) and healthy way of transportation. But doing a world tour by… Read more →