Post-EPM discussion on draft objectives of Action Agenda 2017-2018


Dear Network,

European Planning Meeting Zagreb is over, but the planning fun has only just begun. During the EPM, we have dealt for the first time with our brand new Focus Areas – Equal Rights, Civic Education, Youth Development & European Citizenship. As a result, we have created a first draft of the Action Agenda 2017-2018. Now it is time to continue the discussion on this draft online.

What are Focus Areas?
Focus Areas are thematic fields that we as an organization want to focus on for a period of three years. Together with the Organisational Improvements, they constitute our Strategic Plan. You can find the Strategic Plan 2017-2020 here (behind log-in). It will come into force on the August 1st, 2017, together with the first Action Agenda.

What is the Action Agenda?
The Action Agenda is the document that makes the aims of the Focus Areas more concrete. That is to say, for every Focus Area we develop a number of concrete 1-year objectives. The annual European Planning Meeting (EPM)  is the central event in the development of these objectives, but we have called for your input beforehand and now we continue with the post-EPM consultation on the first draft of the Action Agenda 2017-2018.

How will the Action Agenda be implemented?
For every Focus Area a Working Group will be formed that has the task to coordinate and support the implementation of the Action Agenda. A Working Group consists of 8 members, including a Coordinator and a Policy Officer. Working Group Coordinators are elected during Agora Enschede, so those interested in becoming Coordinator, stay tuned and wait for the Juridical Commission to open the candidatures around the 23rd of March.

How can I join the discussion?
Join the discussion on the drafted objectives for the different Focus Areas on the Forum (behind log-in). The online consultation and discussion period ends on April 15th. Afterwards, the Comité Directeur will review all the feedback and present a proposal for the Action Agenda 2017-2018 to be discussed and voted upon during Agora Enschede.

For any questions regarding the development of the Action Agenda 2017-2018, do not hesitate to contact us at

Europeanly yours,

Comité Directeur 2016-2017
Joanna, Kasia, Lia, Maarten, Réka, Tekla and Zvonimir


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