Open Call for Home-based Assistants

#What: Open Call
#Where: Home-based
#Application form
#Deadline: 6th November

Dear Network

As you might know, AEGEE-Europe is the administrative head and executive board of the organisation, with seven members of AEGEE living and working in Brussels for one year, on different portfolio-related tasks, projects, representation and external relations, network development and many other things.

We are launching an open call for assistants who would support our work on specific fields and we are looking for members who could take part in a valuable learning experience, working in the headoffice. We are looking for enthusiastic members who would like to contribute to our work from home.

The assistants of AEGEE-Europe would be working in close cooperation with an appointed CD member. We will review the tasks assigned to the specific field of work, as well as you will get a chance to discuss with us your ideas for the development of AEGEE – given the specific period of time you would be our assistant.
For alternative sources of funding, we encourage you to check out if there is an Erasmus+ internship opportunity you can take with the help of your university!

You can find the application form here.
Deadline for applications: 6th November 12:00 CET

In case you have questions, comments or concerns, you can reach us at

Looking forward to your applications and looking forward to working with you!

Comité Directeur 2017-2018

Home-based Web Designer

Web designer is one of the most wanted jobs in the market. You can rank up your CV by implementing your skills in the main websites of AEGEE.
A unique opportunity to leave your mark in our association that will last for many upcoming years.

For more information: contact Adonis –

Main tasks will include:

  • Web designing
  • Creating designs for CD house events and more
  • Implementing our Visual Identity on several documents

Experience / Skills needed:

  • Web designing skills
  • Expertise on our Visual Identity
  • In possession of a good designing tool

Home-based librarian: Assistant on AEGEE-Wiki

Through the years, AEGEE developed in multiple aspects. The structure of AEGEE is undoubtedly complicated.
We don’t store our knowledge in a single encyclopedia. Time to put some order on our information.

For more information: contact Adonis –

Main tasks will include:

  • Formulating the information to Wiki format
  • Proofreading
  • Creating nice visuals (infographics, charts)

Experience / Skills needed:

  • Good writing skills and minutes reader
  • Proactive mindset
  • Basic knowledge on transforming data into visuals (infographics, charts)


Home-based librarian: Data Analyst

We organise countless events, trainings, activities, but what is the outreach of AEGEE?
We are collecting many data which we don’t process.
It’s time to identify the needs of AEGEE through the data we possess.

For more information: Check this presentation and/or contact Adonis –

The specific tasks will include:

  • Define which data are needed in different fields of impact
  • Analyse as much data gathered so far
  • Support the work of already existing impact measurement practices in projects and committees

Experience / Skills needed:

  • Assessing and filtering large amount of information
  • Sharp and chaotic thinking
  • Good analytical skills – Organisational management and systematic workstyle


Home-based assistant on Podio

To identify the added value the Podio can provide as a workspace.
Maintaining  the workflow of different european bodies.

For more information: contact Marco –

The specific tasks will include:

  • Fix and update the current Podio workspaces
  • Explore the chances to connect different workspaces and share information in a more efficient way through Podio
  • Investigate how can Podio be connected to OMS or how to make it more suitable to the new system.

Experience / Skills needed:

  • Expertise on Podio
  • Affiliation with Apps and how to extract data
  • Understanding the generic structure and workflow of AEGEE


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