A new change is coming, and this time it’s for good!

Raise your hand if you think intranet sucks!
Ok don’t raise it. I can’t see you anyway.

I am looking for people who want to make THE change of AEGEE’s IT infrastructure. For too long we’ve been complaining on the intranet, but who has ever made anything to attempt to change it?

Many people think this will take time. This is not a job, this is volunteering. I ask for a contribution, not time. Time doesn’t mean anything, you may sit in front of the computer and waste one hour thinking where to begin to do stuff; but a contribution means that you really know what is wrong and what you want to change, and you sit there and tackle that shit. At the end of the day, you may have taken one hour or four hours or just 10 minutes, and yet your contribution made a difference. It’s better one small step every 2 days than no steps at all.

Until I decided to do something for ITC, no steps were the normality, (it’s the nature of such big NGOs) now I want to make it change.

I am distributing virtual environments such that people can start developing and contributing to the cause. I would like to focus on two things and create two teams:


This is the core module the so-called OMS (Online Membership System) core. It will be used by all the modules to log people in, to record/change their status, to see where they applied to, and so on.


The server will be written in node.js, the API will be REST, there’s some LDAP and PostgreSQL in the backend and nobody excludes some ElasticSearch or MongoDB. The version control will be GIT, the developing environment will use Vagrant and Puppet to provision a Linux box.

OBVIOUSLY you’re not going to do it all alone, and especially you don’t have to learn ALL the technologies all together it just depends on what you’ll be focusing on.

However I decided to put all those buzzwords up there so I could tell you one thing, as a former employee of a big multinational company:

“You have those skills in your CV?? You’re the man. You’re hired”
Quote by anyone who will interview you.

This stuff is the trend in computer science, add it to the fact that you’re doing it for a NGO: boom. This NGO is also big: kaboom. You’re the big deal now (does the word “scalable” ring any bell?)


There will be modules using such API. Not even that many, and the main ones are Statutory event application, JC voting, SU application, and AEGEE network management.

Due to the nature of the API architecture, they are all independent and not related to each other, so they can be finished in one month, or less. nobody even rules out there could be an app (say whaaat??), thanks to using this architecture.

Do you like going back to the 1990s and have that awful intranet look-and-feel? Or do you want to apply to Agora Bergamo with a shiny motherflippin’ brand-new website or even with your phone?

Then contact me at fabrizio@aegee.org and let’s get this done. The workload is not too high, but this can’t be done in due time by only one person: we need you and this can’t happen without you!


Please contact me before the 8th of June

Shy but curious? Check this out

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