Honorary Members

1989 – Franck Biancheri (AEGEE-Paris)

Honorary President of AEGEE-Europe, Founder of AEGEE, President of AEGEE-Europe  (1985- 1988). Recognised for the creation of the organisation, for his contribution in launching important initiatives that influenced European policy makers and European students such as the introduction of the Erasmus Programme

1993 – Georg von der Gablentz (AEGEE-Berlin)

President of AEGEE-Europe 1990-1992 (Quo Vadis reform CD), President of the East-West Working Group, President of AEGEE-Berlin. Recognised for his contribution in increasing the participation of AEGEE antenna in the decision-making process of AEGEE, as well as for his initiatives to open up AEGEE to students from Central and Eastern European Countries

1993 -Vittorio Dell’Aquila (AEGEE-Milano)

Coordinator of the AEGEE Summer University Project, the largest and longest-running mobility project of AEGEE-Europe from 1990-1995, Vice-President of AEGEE-Europe 1990/1991. Recognized for his dedication to promote, develop, disseminate and sustain the Summer University Project and for his dedication to promote the use and learning of languages

1993 – Jeroen Hoogerwerf (AEGEE-Amsterdam)

Chairman of the Agora 1990/1991, President of AEGEE Europe 1992/1993 and President of AEGEE-Amsterdam, first chief editor of the News Bulletin 1988/1989

1993 – Michael Merker (AEGEE -Leipzig)

Member of the Comité Directeur of AEGEE-Europe 1990-1992, Vice-President of AEGEE-Europe 1991/1992, Chairman of the Agora 1994/1995, founder of AEGEE-Leipzig, the first AEGEE antenna behind the Iron Curtain in 1990. Recognized for his involvement in AEGEE’s expansion to the East and the foundation of new locals beyond the Iron Curtain

1995 – Zsuzsa Kigyós (AEGEE-Budapest)

Founder of AEGEE-Budapest in 1990, Organiser of the Agora in Budapest in 1991, the first Agora in Central and Eastern Europe, President of AEGEE Europe 1993/1994. Recognised for her involvement in establishing AEGEE in Central and Eastern Europe, as well as being AEGEE-Europe’s first female president

1996 – Philipp von Klitzing (AEGEE-Aachen)

Member of the Comité Directeur in 1993/1994. Editor-in-Chief of the OneEurope Magazine 1994/1998, ongoing support for the past 20 years of AEGEE’s technical infrastructure. Recognized for his contribution of introducing the concept of long-term strategic planning and yearplan projects that helped AEGEE to streamline and focus its activities, also for his enormous dedication to the IT infrastructure of the organisation.

1999 – Stefan Recksiegel (AEGEE-Karlsruhe)

One of the leading people of AEGEE’s IT Working Group in the early year’s of the Internet. Administrator of the first AEGEE server, President of AEGEE-Karlsruhe. Recognised for innovations and improvements which he brought forward in the field of IT in AEGEE, as well as his contribution in establishing AEGEE on Cyprus.

2001 – Markus Schönherr (AEGEE-Passau)

Founder and Speaker of the Visa Freedom Fighters (Visa Fredom Working Group), Financial Director and Network Director of AEGEE-Europe 1997/1998, first generation Network Commission member in 1997, Organiser of Case Study Trip Moldavia in 1997. Recognised for his commitment to the network development in Central and Eastern Europe and his activities to abolish visa in Europe.

2002 – Michiel Van Hees (AEGEE-Eindhoven)

Member of the Coordination Team of the AEGEE-Europe Yearplan Projects “Find Your Way” in 1996 and “Europe and Euro” in 1997, creator of AEGEE.tv in 2002, creator and organiser of several Media Schools, Liaison Officer towards the European Cultural Foundation in 1996, President of AEGEE-Eindhoven, main organiser of the Presidents’ Meeting in Eindhoven 1996, founder and President of AEGEE-Arnhem in 1998. Recognised for his contribution to AEGEE-Europe projects and for introducing AEGEE.tv and Media Schools

2005 – Olivier Genkin (AEGEE-Mainz/Wiesbaden)

Project Manager of Year Plan Project of AEGEE-Europe “EU & Europe” in 2003/2004, Speaker of the International Politics Working Group 2000/2004, member of the AddressBook Coordination Team, AEGEE20 Project Team Member 2004/2005. Recognized for his overall contribution to the organisation, development and planning of new AEGEE-Europe projects, establishment of new antennae, constant support to European project teams.

2006 – Gunnar Erth (AEGEE-Szeged)

Editor-in-Chief of five Keys to Europe, among them the 20th Anniversary Book, organiser of five European Schools, two PRES and several other European trainings, Member of the Comité Directeur 1996, Network Commissioner 1997/1998, Members Commissioner 1999/2000, President of the Human Rights Working Group 1995/1996, Board member of the PRWG, Founding member of the AEGEE Academy, Member of the Coordination Team of the AEGEE-Europe Yearplan Project “Find Your Way”. Recognised for his contribution to AEGEE-Europe’s publications and human resources trainings as well as ongoing support

2009 – Silvia Baita (AEGEE-Cagliari)

President of AEGEE-Europe 2004/2005, Network Director of AEGEE-Europe 2004, Vice-Chairperson of the Agora 2006, PRWG board member 2002/2003. Recognized for being a prime example of female leadership for many years, being a rare person in the history of AEGEE who took both the roles of the President of AEGEE and Chair of the Agora.

2009 -Kamala Schütze (AEGEE-Gießen, AEGEE-Termoli)

Secretary-General of AEGEE-Europe 2004/2005, Project Manager and member of the Summer University Coordination Team 2000-2007, Address Book Coordination Team member 2003-2007. Recognised for her years of devotion to the Summer University Project of AEGEE-Europe, and for bringing innovation and quality to AEGEE’s biggest and most important project.

2012 – Burcu Becermen (AEGEE-Ankara)

President of AEGEE-Europe in 2005, European Institutions Director of AEGEE-Europe 2004/2005, Project Manager of the “Turkish-Greek Civic Dialogue Project” 2002/2005. Young European of the Year in 2006, awarded by the Schwarzkopf Foundation . Recognised for her contribution to peace-building, people to people contacts and cooperation of young people and organisations in the region by managing the large-scale dialogue project.

2013 – David Stulik (AEGEE-Praha)

Czech, member and Vice-President of of AEGEE-Warszawa 1991/1993, one of the first AEGEE members who got accepted in CEU (Central European University), speaker of the East-West WG – 1993/1994 (helping many east locals open, when we decided to open AEGEE to east), projects Director and Vice-President of AEGEE-Europe -1995/1996, coordination Team of Find your Way project of AEGEE-Europe, coordinator of the Case Study trip to Ukraine 1995 – establishment of AEGEE antenna in Ukraine, 1st ever Young European of the Year, awarded by Schwarzkopf Foundation in 1997 (when award was created)

2014 – Christophe Leclerq (AEGEE-Koln)

He was part of the first group of AEGEEans who shaped this organization (involved in the famous dinner with French President Mitterand and the strong lobby towards ERASMUS), and after his active time in AEGEE he founded Euractiv, one of the leading online media platforms for European issues. He has provided valuable support to our European Boards in Brussels year after year, with his personal advice and through a special partnership with Euractiv. Although he could not attend the Agora in Patras, he sent a video message thanking the Network for this