Strategic Plan

The concept of the Strategic Plan is to foresee a significant change in our organisation and in Europe in three years, and put AEGEE in a key role towards these changes. This is the reason why the Strategic Plan of AEGEE, in the current shape, is divided in 2 main parts, a thematic and an organisational part.

Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe 2017-2020

The thematic part for 2017-2020 is divided in four main Focus Areas:

  1. Equal Rights
  2. Civic Education
  3. Youth Development
  4. European Citizenship

Strategic Plan 2017-2020

  • Thematic Focus Areas
  • Organisational improvements

Action Agenda 2019/2020

Action Agenda 2018-2019

Action Agenda 2017-2018

Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe 2014-2017 (Updated April 2015)

Action Agenda 2016-2017

Action Agenda 2016-2017 Guidelines

Action Agenda 2015-2016

Action Agenda 2015-2016 Guidelines

Action Agenda 2014-2015

Action Agenda 2014-2015 Guidelines

Old version of Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe 2014-2017

Previous Strategic Plan and Action Agendas

Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe 2011-2014

The thematic part for 2001-2014 is divided in three main Focus Areas:

  1. Youth Participation,
  2. Bridging Europe,
  3. Inclusion of Minorities.

Strategic Plan of AEGEE-Europe 2011-2014

Action Agenda 2011-2012

Action Agenda 2012-2013

Action Agenda 2013-2014