AEGEE at the 18th University on Youth and Development Mollina!

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Dear AEGEEans

We are happy to announce that AEGEE-Europe will organise another training course during the 18th edition of the University on Youth and Development in Mollina, Spain. This year, the theme of the University’s joint theme “Developing Global Identities” – related to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. You can read the whole concept note of the joint theme: Developing Global Identities.

Our application this year was submitted in cooperation with UNSA Spain.

“Our mission is to create a network of cooperation between youth organizations engaged in the promotion of the UN’s values, including simulations of the UN system, training and the promotion of intercultural exchanges, with the intention to align our work with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”

You download and read the full application on our participation here.

#When: 18-23 September 2017
#What: Training Course on Sustainable Development
#Fee: 120 EUR (and working on fundraising)
#Call opening after Spring Agora Enschede


Within the framework of the UYD, you will have the chance to join a training course on sustainable development, spend one unforgettable week in Mollina in a global village experience – bringing the voice of European youth into a global dialogue.

You can check out a photo collection from the University from 2016
and a special video AEGEE members have recorded!

What is UYD?

The University on Youth and Development (UYD) is an activity jointly organised by the North-South Centre of the Council of Europe (NSC), the Spanish Government (INJUVE), the European Youth Forum (YFJ), the Spanish Youth Council (CJE), the Latin-American Youth Forum (FLAJ) and other international youth organisations and youth serving organisations.

You can read a brief from AEGEE’s participation where we were invited as the experts on non-formal and informal learning on behalf of the GR-EAT project.


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