AEGEE Day 2018 Ambassadors

We have 11 AEGEE Day Ambassadors assigned to each Network distribution area, below you find the list of Ambassadors and their contact e-mail. If you would like to organise an activity, or if you have any kind of question you can always contact your assigned Ambassador or us.


Alin’s locals: Violeta Vasile, AEGEE-Bucuresti (
Celia’s locals: Cristina de la Parte, AEGEE-León (
Dominic’s locals: Olga Sidorowicz, AEGEE-Kraków (
Elena’s locals: Maria Smirnova, AEGEE-Moskva (
Evrim’s locals: Pelin Sezer, AEGEE-Eskişehir (
Francesca’s locals: Antonio Castiello, AEGEE-Salerno (
Laura’s locals: Constantine Bakiris, AEGEE-Niš (
Maria’s locals: Cristina de la Parte, AEGEE-León (
Marina’s locals: Nur Melis Kılıç, AEGEE-Izmir (
Marta’s locals: Bartłomiej Nowotny, AEGEE-Gliwice (
Spyros’ locals: Hilal Rahimli, AEGEE-Baki (

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