The AEGEE day is a project that aims at organizing several activities all across the AEGEE network concentrating them in the day of the foundation of AEGEE, 16th of April. This is the 2nd year of the implementation of the project and it is running in a yearly basis connecting all the antennae of the network to the priorities of the organisation. The topic proposed for this year is Building Bridges.

We live in challenging times. The rudimentary European idea that it is cooperation, not competition and war between nations, that can bring the continent forward, is under severe pressure, and so are the values that this Europe of cooperation is built upon: democracy, equality, solidarity and respect for diversity. The European Union, Europe’s flagship project, was guided by the – until recently – unshakable belief in an ‘ever-closer Union among the peoples of Europe’. However, the Brexit referendum has shown that the European integration process is not an irreversible historical development – it is a manmade project that can only be sustained by the will and the efforts of the peoples of Europe. 2017 marks the 30th anniversary of the Erasmus programme, the programme that raises European citizens, one exchange student at a time. But today’s developments signal that it is not enough, and that more is needed in order to keep the European dream alive.
In times of newly emerging walls and borders, rising nationalism, xenophobia and discrimination, AEGEE aims at Building Bridges, bridges between people from different countries, cultures and religions, from different ethnic or socio-economic backgrounds, between the old and the young, between those living within Europe, between the higher educated and the lower educated, between the Europtimists and the Eurosceptics, between the politically engaged and those who feel excluded.