AGORA Patra – we were there!


Spring AGORA Patra 2014 marked a very important milestone on the Eastern Partnership Project’s timeline. By signing contract with AEGEE-Europe the project was officially launched. Remarkably, it’s the second time that EaP embarks on a mission of bridging Europe in AEGEE, as it is continuation of the accomplished first phase of the initative.

In order to introduce the project to the Network EaP team took an opportunity to hold a progress meeting. At the beginning, participants were presented with a short explanation of the Eastern Partnership Programme, which is a part of the European Union foreign policy towards its Eastern neighbours and by its existence gives a framework for having such similar initative in AEGEE.  Then, the audience got a short overview of the state of the civil society in the EaP countries. It was an important focus part as development of civil society in the targeted region is the overriding aim for all the project’s activities. It is one of the biggest problems in those countries and at the same time the biggest opportunity for shaping a better future.

Given this priority, the team chose to work on the following aims and objectives:

I. To promote the idea of active citizenship and youth participation in the Eastern Partnership program region.

1. to advocate to stakeholders and governments for the recognition of the role that youth participation has in shaping a democratic society.

2. to empower youth by providing it with knowledge and tools regarding citizens’ rights and duties.

II. To build mutual understanding and trust between people from the Eastern Partnership countries and the rest of Europe.

1. to strengthen partnerships and to share practices with youth organizations from the Eastern Partnership and other European countries.

2. to promote the respect of human rights as crucial focus area in the consensus-building processes.

3. to inform and to create an opportunity for discussion.

In order to achieve these goals there are planned activities such as: Eastern Partnership Express, side event to Civil Society Forum in Tbilisi, Active Citizenship Action Days, conventions – just to mention the main ones. In the near future, you can expect open calls with the detailed information about each specific action and ways to get engaged. We can proudly say, when writing this article, that the first important undertaking has taken place already. 21 people from AEGEE have been sent to Ukraine for the election observation mission and has just returned from there. They will surely share their experiences soon. Stay tuned!

The progress meeting was also a great opportunity of gathering people’s feedback and find out how the project is perceived in the Network. We are very grateful for your numerous participation and valuable comments and thoughts shared with us. We are also happy to see your great interest in the project and wish to take part in our activities. We hope that the project will fulfil your expectations and its impact will contribute to positive changes in the Eastern Partnership region in the youth area and their involvement in society.

PS.: If you want to contribute to our works, please do fill in the survey.

Written by Marta Wnuk, Content Manager.