The Agora is the most important meeting within AEGEE, it is our member’s General Assembly. The aim of the Agora is to decide on the work we are all doing as an organisation, control the work of those who administer it directly (the Comité Directeur and the Commissions), change whatever we don’t like and suggest new ideas to be applied in the future. The Agora is a forum where opinions from all around our network are shared. It is the direct participation of all the antennae in the administration of our organisation.

Every spring and autumn, an Agora gathers over 800 AEGEE members for 4-5 days in order to discuss key questions, elect new teams for administrative bodies of the Association, follow activity reports and vote for changes to the existing rules. The Agora is organised by an AEGEE local and coordinated by the special body called the Chair Team in cooperation with the Comité Directeur (board of directors).

Statutory events website

Through the website for statutory events you can apply for the Agora as well as gather the most updated information about the Statutory Meeting from the Chair Corner. Also applications for elected positions should be done here. For Local Boards, they have to accept their members for the particular meeting and upload members’ lists.

Of course, following the selection for participants, the list of accepted participants is made public on the website.

During the Agora

Here on members portal you may find the Agora Booklets, Presentations & Minutes, as well as a link to the online voting system votes during the Agora. This system is also used to create and manage proposals for changes in the CIA up to one month before the start of each Agora.

Further information on the Agora can be found in the Agora for dummies booklet and Agora for newbies presentation.

Role of Delegates

A delegate is someone who speaks or acts on behalf of an organisation at a meeting or conference between organisations of the same level. – Wikipedia

When we talk about delegates in AEGEE and Agora, it is important to emphasise that the delegate speaks or acts on behalf of an organisation, which at Agora means, that delegate speaks and acts on behalf of her/his own local which elected her/him as delegate and by election gives him/her the right to do so.

The delegates’ role at Agora is to voice the opinion of their local (=member of AEGEE-Europe) which he/she represents. The main reason why a delegate is at the Agora is to work (voluntarily).

Obligations of delegates

  • Know the agenda and the rules of the Agora (can be found in the ‘Agora Booklet’)
  • Be prepared for the discussed topics – proposals, candidates
  • Voice opinion of the local, the local is expected to have a common position
    •  For these two points it is recommended to have a meeting with all local members to gather input, during the last two weeks before the Agora.
  • Participate in the compulsory sessions.
  • Report back to the local after the Agora.

Reimbursement of delegates

As delegates are the representatives of the locals at Agora, which requires their presence according to CIA (antenna criteria), it is recommended be reimburse the delegates of you local for the fee and/or the travel cost to Agora, if possible (this is up to the local to decide).