Dear Network, Dear Friends,

my name is Luca Bisighini and I am the president of the Audit Commission of AEGEE Europe, for the Chisinau-Catania term.

With the following communication*, Audit Commission (AC) would like to announce you that soon, you will be contacted by your assigned Subcommissioner (CLICK ON THE LINK) in order to improve the communications (and the help) on Financial matters, between your local and the AC.
Soon, we we will also announce on the Members’ Portal:
  • our Working Plan for the year;
  • the dates when you can start sending the Financial Reports (FR) for Financial year 2016 (we are working to review the structure a little, making toolkits and prepare templates);

The Financial Report Submission period will be between January 15th and the end of february 2017.

Also, this year’s Audit Commission wants to make things a little bit special, as we want to:
  • improve the communication between Audit Commission and you, the locals, like probably never happened before;
  • Move the form to Podio;
  • to stimulate discussions about Finances for a mutual improvement and help;
  • to raise awareness about the Financial/Tax Regulations your antenna as NGO/Association has in your own country
  • to ask for help, review and much more.

For these reasons, we would like to ask you:

  • to kindly establish an effective communication channel between the appointed treasurer of the local and the Subcommissioners of Audit Commission, on the way you two parts, will prefer;

  • to kindly provide to your Subcommissioners a copy (PDF/Microsoft Word/ a link where to find it, up to you in which form) about the National Financial/Tax Regulations your antenna -as NGO/Association/etc – is following in your country.
    This will be a reinforcement of awareness method used in Autumn Agora Chisinau by Netcom and CD, to allow you be sure that you are respecting your own National Financial/Tax regulations and overall, to avoid you any problems or fines with Tax Authorities (or generally authorities).

  • to allow your treasurer join the Facebook Group for treasurers of the antennae ( CLICK ON THE LINK) to have another easier channel where getting news about anything on Financial Matters from us.

Any data you will provide us privately, will be treated as highly confidential as agreed with Mediation Commission.

Feel free to contact us almost anytime at or to use the new Facebook group (CLICK ON THE LINK) for general infos.

We really hope for a fruitful, positive, happy and engaging cooperation! :)

Financially yours,

President of Audit Commission of AEGEE Europe 
SKYPE: tseemod

VIBER/Whatsapp: +48577179538


* This communication has been sent also on BOARD-INF L, ANNOUNCE-L and it will be sent to each local by every Subcommissioner

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