Are you ready for an aweSUme SUmmer?


As this year will be the year of the unusual we did an unuSUal meeting, which (unlike the others) took place in Budapest. The center of Europe, city of ravishing bridges and lights. Our active team members were running from one event to another and 2 of them arrived from PRES in Poznan. Other 3 members were getting ready for the Network Meeting in the city. We made an apartment our home and did not let ourselves out for two whole days in order to prepare the most unforgettable SUmmer experience for all AEGEEans.


Georgia, our sweetheart project manager, was the last one to arrive and it was her birthday just a couple of days ago. We wanted to give her a proper gift and prepared her a SUrprise birthday party.  After a nice traditional Spanish (!) dinner and late night talks we drank our milk and went to bed early :) The next day started with a famous AEGEE wake-up call by our dearie financial director and many times SU Coordinator, Ioana Duca yelling “AEGEE Peeople Come oon Noww Leets Goo Pleeassee Come ooon noww!! You are late agaiiinnn!!!!” Aand the day started with a beautiful breakfast.



We know you have been waiting for it and asking “what are the big ideas of the upcoming year”; so, here they are… Enjoy!


 Brace yourselves, a new Theme is coming: “GREEN SU”

Thousands of AEGEEans, from all around Europe, going somewhere in Europe and gathering for 15 days…spending and wasting is inevitable unfortunately. The thing is, how can we minimize this and turn the tables to our favor: By being more sustainable, using green materials and of course rising awareness through workshops and applied activities. You can either choose  “GREEN SU” as your main theme or combine it with another theme.  Such as Sports + Green or Culture + Green. And yes, it will be a PLUS for you! The Greener your SU becomes, the higher your ranking will be in the evaluation. Everybody will be Green, High and Happy!! :)



Ready to be a Super Mario 

Not only being GREEN, but also other things can give you extra points. SUCT is being very generous and we want to give you a lot of extra points and smiles. More thematic workshops, enriched content, more compulsory sessions (other than the two obligatory ones), and of course our milestone Action Agenda and implementing it to your SUs redounds you more points. Throughout the year SUCT will be in cooperation with ACT and together we will do our best to ensure the effective implementation of Action agenda to SUs! In order to do so, ACT will prepare a guideline for the organizers, including tips, suggestions, workshops and activities to tell people about the Focus Areas and make them ACTive on them…

Last but not least, one of the crucial issue that we – AEGEEans, the voice of Europe, have to focus on is Disabled Members. We should improve and adjust our activities according to the needs of our members. The SUs which are available for disabled members will be awarded with extra points as well.

So get prepare to run around and collect mushrooms (I mean your extra points) while doing amazing things for your princesses and princes.


Don’t Compete – Be Creative!

As we like the idea of giving many many points, we thought, why not give a real award to the ones who deserve it. This year’s extra awards will be on the following categories:

  • The GREENest SU
  • The Best Interactive Activity
  • The Best SU T-shirt Design

 Release the creative thoughts in your mind and pour them into your SUmmer!


Our Best Companies, Outgoing Responsibles

Their responsibility is one of the serious ones, as they are the ones keeping the project alive with their interactive communication with members, attractive presentations about the project and personal charm to motivate members to participate in a SU. The information they will give to the members is highly important, as not to deviate from the aim of the project. Create realistic and appropriate expectations in the members’ minds, explain the real purpose of the project and what is expected from them during a SU are among the essential duties of OR.

Having “follow up” sessions is something we highly expect from ORs this year. After the SU period ends and everybody turns back to their antennae safe and sound, with lots of unforgettable memories, the Outgoing Responsible should catch those happy thoughts and turn them into productive ideas. OR should meet with the participants so they can share the experience, discuss pros and cons and also to ask how they would like to continue their AEGEE life. As most of the SU participants can tell you, after the project, they came closer to the association and were part of great projects.

Have you ever participated in a SU? Have you ever wondered about the magic of SU? 
Wanna be famous? Do you want to know about SU stories of notable AEGEE people?

    A new database is coming! Including more than 100 old/new members of AEGEE who have participated in the SU project which changed their lives and owe all the great work they’ve done for this association to that great SUmmer! Be ready to discover the secrets of SUccessful members and share their experience. Do what you gotta do to take your place among them!

    As you read down, these are the core topics of the upcoming year. Is it all? Of course not! New merchandising, guidelines for organizers, helpful workshop ideas, lots of support and fun is waiting for you along the way to the SUmmer 2015. Don’t forget that; we are AEGEE, we never walk alone!


Now let’s meet the amazing team!



 Georgia Grolliou- Project Manager in SUCT, PR of AEGEE-Thessaloniki.A few words about me: I am proudly studying Mechanical Engineering, kind of challenging for a girl, and I am about to get my Diploma in March! As I love travelling and new experiences, I went for Erasmus in Germany, in lovely Aachen, where I met the Aachen bears and I joined their great company! The first AEGEE event I joined was obviously a SU, TSU Barcelona-Las Palmas, and then I fell in love with this project and AEGEE! Later on, when I came back to Greece, I became member of AEGEE-Thessaloniki! Since then, I became really active, being President of AEGEE-Thessaloniki last year and elected board member for the upcoming one. Now, 2,5 years later in AEGEE, I was elected part of SUCT team, the project that made me join and love AEGEE since the beginning! My life has totally changed, having friends all over Europe, travelling, having developed myself and a lot of skills and feeling a citizen of Europe!! Don’t expect me to give you reasons to join AEGEE or a Summer University because the long and successful history of them talks by itself!!

Ioana: I am Ioano Duca from AEGEE Cluj-Napoca and Financial Director of AEGEE-Europe. I joined AEGEE in April 2010 and since then I was involved a lot on local level as I’m in AEGEE Cluj-Napoca’s board since April 2011 ( Secretary 2011-2012, President 2012-2013, SU Coordinator 2013-2014 and now as Board Adviser). I have organized a lot of events in my local: 6 SU’s, local trainings, network meetings, European Days of Languages, Culture Action Days, recruitment and SU presentations. I was mentor of AEGEE-Ploieşti for 1 year and trainer in some LTC’s for AEGEE-Iaşi and some other small things.I was CD Assistant for 2 months in 2012 working with archives and Financial Intern since 17th of March this year which gives me a lot of opportunity to be successful in what I am doing now. Working with SUCT is one of the thing I have always wanted in my AEGEE carrier and I believe we will have a great year together with this amazing team.

Suzan: I am Suzan from AEGEE- Eskisehir which  I have been a member since 2007; the first step to my university I took a step into this amazing world. I did my best to attend variety of different events including many local events, summer universities, academy trainings and conferences. After a successful summer with an Extreme Summer University by AEGEE- Eskisehir, I decided to go beyond and applied for SUCT. I already knew who was applying for it (except Antonis who surprised us on the stage in the last moment =)  and we will be a great time. I also applied for ACT as I believe AA is at the heart of the things we do for this organization and I wanted to be a part of it. It has been a very busy, fun and fruitful term so far and I know more are on the way. As I always say, AEGEE is an uninscribed book that is visible only to the ones wise enough to read, enthusiastic enough to implement and dareful enough to write new chapters to it. 

Ksenia :Hello everyone, I’m Ksenia, 21 years old and 3 yeared AEGEEan :)

Antonis:Hey there! I’m the guy with the long name you voted for in Cagliari :p I’ve been a volunteer for as long as I can remember myself (which, let’s face it, is quite long), developing my skills in the most amazing ways while working for various youth NGOs, culture groups and initiatives. I’ve been an active AEGEEan ever since I joined in 2010, but a lot more in the past year, and even more in the year ahead, since I’ll be both coordinating my local as a president and lending my IT skills to my precious SUCT. I’m overly happy to work with the most loving team ever and I feel really lucky to have met these amazing girls in SUPS Izmir, the reason this team came to be. The more I discover AEGEE the more I fall in love with it and the more awesome my life becomes because of it! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again cause I feel it more deeply as life goes on within AEGEE: if there’s a positive future for Europe it’s the one I see in AEGEE, shaped together by all of us becoming active citizens while feeling like one big family, calling Europe our home! This is what I love about it and the virus I want everyone to get infected with :)





Summerly yours =)

Georgia, , Ksenia, Suzan,  Antonis