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Financial Reports 2015

Dear treasurers of the locals,

As you may know, one of the Antenna Criteria is to submit a yearly financial report to be approved by the Audit Commission.

Regarding this fact, we would like to announce the deadline for Financial Reports submission – 21.02.2016, 23.59 CET.

You can submit your simple Financial Reports here. If you are obliged to prepare extended report please use this form.

You can find all needed instructions below in the file FR Guidance.

If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask on

FR Guidance


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(A)udit Commission – New Logo

Dear all,

We proudly present our new logo:

audit commission


Your Audit Comission.

David, Ilona and Olga

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Job shadowers for Audit Commission – OPEN CALL

Are you interested in numbers and money?

Do you want to know more about finances of AEGEE?

If you studying accounting or have a great interest in money – we need you!

Write down to till 7th of February 2014 BXL 23:59:

1. Your name

2. Your local

3. Your studies/current occupation

4. Your previous experience in finances

5. Your previous experience in AEGEE

6. Your motivation to join our team

Waiting to see you in our team!

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Financial Reports 2013.‏

Dear treasurers of the locals, 
Audit Commission would like to announce that the deadline for Financial Reports is 10.02.2014, 23.59 BXL time.

You can submit you Simple Financial Reports here. If you have extended form please use this form.

Here you can find all instructions :)  
Here also you can find a sample form for practise before submitting.
If you have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask
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It’s all about the money $$$

Audit Commission checks the Financial Reports of all locals and Working Groups, help locals in managing their finances  and audits the bookkeeping of the Financial Director.

Members of the AC:

David García Rodríguez started his first steps in AEGEE  at local level, in AEGEE – León. With high motivation he joined the board as FR, increasing the financial resources it his Local. After some experience in the European Level, he decided to candidate to the Audit Commission, been elected as President in AGORA Zaragoza, for the term of 2013-2014 – Zaragoza – Cagliari.


 His motivation to candidate was he could use his economical and financial knowledge needed for been part of this team.

Also he was also very encourage by the previous Audit Commission, in which he took part as Job Shadow...

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