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AEGEE Ideas Factory +++ Why your local should send at least one member to León…

#Deadline to apply: 4th July

Dear boards

The AEGEE Idea Factory is not just any ordinary event… this is a place for AEGEE members from all over the network to come together,

discuss (we love discussions!),
draft the new Strategic Plan (2017-2020), and
define the future directon of AEGEE.

We would like to highly encourage your board to make sure to send at least one representative/envoy from your local to this event because…

We want to have 100% representation of the AEGEE network in León.

From Ankara to Utrecht – do you know what are the members different perceptions about AEGEE?
Do you want to learn how to work more together with different parts of the network?
The AEGEE Ideas Factory is the pla...
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Open-call – AEGEE Social Responsibility Fund

The Agora is getting closer and closer. It is time to select your delegates for Spring Agora Oviedo 2015. The selection of delegates is very important because they will represent your local and later bring the information from the Agora back to your antenna.

We are aware that in some cases, the best possible delegates cannot attend the Agora due to financial issues. That is one of the reasons for recommending locals to support your delegates, since they will be working in the Agora on your behalf. Additionally, in the last years we launched a fund to help people travel to relevant AEGEE events. Since the money in the AEGEE Social Responsibility Fund (ASRF) comes from donations and specific FR efforts, we can support only a few AEGEEans each event.

The procedure for application is long and ...

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Results of AEGEE Social Responsibility Fund for Agora Zaragoza

The AEGEE Social Responsibility Fund (ASRF) launched a special Call for support to participants for the Agora Zaragoza, and after the deadline we received 6 applications for support. For the sake of transparency, here is the result of the selection process (names of applicants are kept unrevealed due to privacy reasons).

2 applicants did not submit the necessary documents so they could not be be selected.
1 applicant was not selected as participant of the Agora so his application wan not selected.
1 application was selected and will get support up to the required amount demanded in the application.
1 application was selected for partial funding, and alternatives for traveling were suggested.
1 application was not selected for support.

According to ASRF Working Format, a committee composed ...

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