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Open Call for Participants: Training for Facilitators

Training for facilitators cover

Dear AEGEEans,

Are you passionate about Civic Education? Would you like to help high schoolers in your city to understand better the functioning of the European Union and encourage 18-year-old students to vote in the European Elections in May? Here is your chance!

Join our training for facilitators and improve your skills and knowledge!

During the training, you will learn about:

  • Training skills (powered by Academy):
    • Theoretical input on political non-formal education, sensible language
    • Practical input on body language, rhetorics, how-to-facilitate
  • How to deliver a workshop on EU and civic education to be delivered for high-schoolers,
  • Practical advice, tips&tricks on how to organize the workshops in high schools

In order to participate you need:

  • Excitement to get a (first) training...
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Open Call for CEWG Members

Join the next CEWG! (2)

Are you passionate about Civic Education, especially about the Sustainable Development Goals and debating? Would you like to improve your skills by working in an international team, collaborate with many locals and European Bodies in order to organize events and activities connected to the focus are of civic education? Then you are the person we are looking for!

What is a Working Group?

The Working Group makes sure that the Action Agenda for the focus area of Civic Education gets implemented. This means organizing activities on its own (e.g. conferences, trainings, online actions), promoting the focus area (via Facebook, newsletter, and through workshops at statutory events and NWMs) and supporting locals in organizing activities related to the focus area (e.g...

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Get Civic during the Civic Education Action Month in April!

Hello AEGEEans!

Are you ready to get civic and get educated? Do you want to discover more what is behind the C? The series of the Action Months is continuing with the Civic Education Action Month in April!
What is an Action Month? It is thematic month organized by the Working Groups focusing on one of the focus areas, whit the aim to support the network to fulfill the objectives connected to the focus areas.

Check out the Civic Month Booklet full of activities, workshop materials, debating topics! When you organize an event or activity, send us pictures, so we can share it in the event as good examples and remember to report it to ACT as well. 
Find more info in the Facebook event or contact us at
CEWG Action Month
Stay Civic! Stay Educated! :)
Civically yours,
the Civic...
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Be the next Working Group hero!

Dear AEGEEans,

as the call for candidates for new Working Groups coordinators is closing on 24.03, we would like to offer you the opportunity to ask all the possible questions you might have about this position.


Either in our open Skype meeting on Sunday, 18.03.2018 at 7 pm CET (join here).

or individually – contact us and ask your questions via email or request an individual Skype meeting!

Alvaro, European Citizenship WG

Joanna, Civic Education WG

Svenja, Youth Development WG

Viola, Equal Rights WG

Maria, CD

2 (1)

If you are thinking about becoming member of the next Working Groups, we also offer the opportunity of job shadowing to experience our work...

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Civic Education WG offers

Dear AEGEEans,

Civic Education Working Group has plenty of open calls and opportunities for you, here is a short overview of them:

Training for Facilitators 

  • 23.02.18 – 25.02.18, Leipzig
  • More info on the facebook event and Members Portal post
  • deadline to apply: 12.01.2018

“High 5 School(er)s” Project

  • We are looking for hosting antennae willing to cooperate with one high school in your local where to facilitate workshops on Civic Education with the help of our experienced and qualified trainer.
  • More info on the Members Portal post
  • deadline to apply extended: 12.01.2018

Essay Competition

  • Describe your ideal political system and win an Interrail ticket
  • Enter the competition now (deadline 10.01.2018) and  submit you essey later
  • More info on the facebook event and the Members P...
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Training for Facilitators by CEWG in Leipzig


#Deadline: 12th January 2018 until 23.59 CET

#What: Looking for wanting-to-be Facilitators for pupils

Hello dear and beloved network,

Here is Civic Education hunting for people willing to bring Civic Education to high school(er)s.

What: Training for facilitators weekend for 15 AEGEEns

When: 23.02.18 – 25.02.18

Where: Leipzig

Fee: 39€

…including: accomodation, training location, training materials and three meals a day with coffee breaks

For one weekend you will have the opportunity to get an introductory training of being a facilitator, ready to go into your local highschool to gather young voices for Europe’s future. During two and half days 15 motivated AEGEEns from all over Europe are gathering in the German new city to be: Leipzig...

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Franck Biancheri Award 2018: and the winner is… Aegee-Salerno !

AEGEE-Delft in 2014, AEGEE-Paris in 2015, AEGEE Cluj-Napoca in 2016, AEGEE-Budapest in 2017…
the winning antenna of the AAFB’s prestigious Franck Biancheri Award* in 2018 is …
AEGEE-Salerno !!!!
For this 2018 edition, the open call for applications launched to all AEGEE antennae resulted in a variety of highly interesting proposals that led to interesting discussions among the members of the Selection Committee.
AEGEE-Salerno, winner of the “Franck Biancheri Award” in 2018, will dedicate the award to the shaping of a big 3 days event in spring 2018 in partnership with the Civic Education Working Group and the AAFB, on the following inspiring topic : “Are we up to make Europe stronger for the future?“, with a view to reflect on the future of European Union elections and...

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“High 5 School(er)s” Project


#Deadline: 5th January 2018 until 23.59 CET

#What: Looking for locals for “High 5 School(er)s” Project

Hello dear and beloved network,

Here is Civic Education hunting for locals willing to bring Civic Education to high school(er)s on its action month.

“High 5 School(er)s”

April is CEWG action month and The Civic Education Working Group is looking for hosting antennae willing to cooperate with one high school in your local where to facilitate workshops on Civic Education with the help from our experienced and qualified trainer.

The Workshop concept is developed by the social startup CUBE. Your Take on Europe ( CUBE has the goal of making youth participation in the EU more inclusive...

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Education Interest Group (new!)

Today is the Human Rights Day which I hope many of you is celebrating with materials prepared by European bodies. On this occasion, Civic Education Working Group is launching Education Interest Group.

Education is essential for Human Rights in two ways; it is not only one of the essential rights which also influences other aspects of life (for example economic welfare and health) but there is also education on Human Rights because knowledge of rights and freedoms is considered a fundamental tool to guarantee respect for the rights of all.

Both of those aspects and much more we will be discussing in this new IG...

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Describe your ideal political system and win an Interrail ticket





How would you organize the government of a country? Is the government really needed? Do you believe in a philosophy that the government and political system is based on? Which one?

Share your opinion and win an InterRail ticket! The Civic Education Working Group is organising an Essay Competition with the title: “What does the ideal political system look like?”.

Note that under political systems we do not only understand democracy, monarchy, autocracy or socialism. Try to think about the different ways to organize a democratic society such as parliamentarian or presidential systems, direct or representative democracy. Is two-house parliament or federal state your ideal system? Or maybe you like the constitutional monarchies...

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