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Guidelines for activities on Civic Education

Dear network, let’s get civic!
The long waited guidelines for activities related to civic education are here!
Based on your ideas and proposals at the autumn NWMs the Civic Education Working Group created some guidelines with all sort of activities you can do with your local (and other people). You can choose between very easy to organize, medium level of difficulty or  activities rather more complex to organize. Yet, you are free tot shape the activity you choose to organize as you wish. A whole range of type of activities, such as pub quiz, movie nights, workshops, debates and so on...
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Open Call for Job Shadowers!

Are you interested in getting involved in AEGEE at the European level?

Are you willing to strive for more Civic Education in Europe?
Are you curious to know how the CEWG is working?

Are you full of energy and motivation and looking to take up an incredible challenge?

Then the next Civic Education Working Group (CEWG) might be right for you! Want to find out? Send us a short email at and job-shadow us for a few weeks (from end of March until the Agora). You will get the opportunity to join our weekly skype meetings, learn about our activities and projects and even take part to some of them. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!!
Deadline: 24th March!
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Winners of Debate competition

Dear friends of debating,

two weeks ago the final of the debate competition took place at EPM Zagreb. 4 teams debated against each other on the proposal “This house believes that national referendums should be forbidden in representative democracies”. It was a very intense and complex debate. After the debate, the four judges Ivan Bielik, Eyrin Kyriakidi, Bálint Toronyai and Dorothea Harles announced the winners of the competition, the new proud owners of the two Interrail tickets: Winners_DebateDomen Brus and Alvaro Gonzales. The team was chosen because of their in depth analysis of the topic and the comprehensibility of their speeches. Watch the detailed results here. If you missed EPM and want to know what a debate looks like, take a look at the webpage where you can watch and listen to one deba...

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The finalists of the debate competition by CEWG


Dear all,

we are proud to announce the finalists for the debate competition at EPM! One week is left preparing the big moment when the four teams will debate on the topic “This house believes that national referendums should be forbidden in representative democracies.”

Here are the competitors:

Team 1: Aleksandar Karatosho+Marijana Asprovska  

Team 2: Álvaro González+Domen Brus  

Team 3: Willem Laurentzen+Lisan Viveen  

Team 4: Borja Torres+Jesús Pérez Gil  

The winning team will receive Interrail Tickets, with which they can travel through whole Europe.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the pre-round! It were really interesting debates...

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Open Call SU with the whole CEWG


Last summer (2016) AEGEE-Warszawa hosted the whole Civic Education Working Group to provide a SU about Civic Education; “Get Civic, Get Educated”. The training were creative, full of fun. Given the passion of the trainers, the session were a real pleasure. Often the conversation continued outside the workshops around some local delicacies. It was an amazing experience that had a great impact on all the participants. We all came back with the envy to know more about the current world but also with the will to find concrete solutions to the multiple current world crisis.

It is up to us to grab the opportunity to become actors of a positive change. If you want to be the local hosting the CEWG ? Just contact us :

Civically yours !

Alexia Thomas

for the CEWG

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European Citizens’ Initiative: More Than Education – Shaping Active and Responsible Citizens

Dear Network, pic4externals

Do you believe that Europe is at a crucial moment in its history, and that our democracies are increasingly threatened and under pressure? Do you believe that the education of young people should go beyond their preparation for the labour market? Do you believe that high-quality education of civic competences is indispensable in developing and securing democratic societies?

Then YOU should join us in the fight for a more democratic and a more educated Europe!

We, AEGEEans coming from all over Europe, are using the first-ever tool for direct democracy at the transnational level to put Civic Education on the European political agenda: the European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI)! The challenge that we have taken up is to collect 1.000...

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CEWG 2016-17 Newsletter#1 – October 2016

Read the awesome newsletter of the Civic Education Working Group (CEWG) ( and learn about their activities and how you can support them!
Not subscribed yet? Go to their site and click on Subscribe or directly subscribe to the mailing list (just click here). We promise it will not fill in your inbox with spam – just one, single newsletter a month.

Stay Civic, stay Educated!


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Debating Toolkit released

The long awaited Debating Toolkit is out! It is a very simple and short but at the same time comprehensive instruction how to organise debates in your local. Definitely worth taking a look at. We really aim to let debating live in our locals, so we strongly encourage you to organize one – debating is fun!
If you have any doubts about organizing debating events in you local now, you can always contact us via
We wish you many fruitful debates and do not forget to share the toolkit with your friends:


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Survey for Policy Paper on Civic Education – Ddl: 20th March

#Survey: Here
#Deadline: Sunday 20th of March
We would like to request your collaboration to collect answers for the survey on civic education.
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Organize a structured discussion about Civic Education

The Civic Education Working Group has prepared for you an easy exercise to discuss in your antenna about one of the Focus Areas of AEGEE: Civic Education!!

The exercise we propose is based on the discussion if some potentially controversial topics should be part of formal civic education or not. If you attended Agora Kyïv, maybe you received this exercise from us.

By organizing this discussion you are engaging members of your antennae in a meaningful discussion about one of AEGEE’s Focus Areas and contributing to shape AEGEE’s opinion about civic education. Moreover, you would be also organizing a local activity contributing to the Action Agenda (which is part of the antennae criteria), since the exercise fits into the description of objective 2 of aim 1 of the Civic Education Focus Area:

Objective 2: Engage 250 young people, of which at least 50% AEGEE members, in structured public discussions on civic matters*.

* Structure...
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