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CEWG Newsletter is out and ECI task force is forming


First newsletter our Civic Education Working Group was sent. You can read it here. Inside you can find summary of our work until now, some calls to actions, updated on what is happening in the topic of civic education in Europe and some words of wisdom from our Policy Officer.

CAUTION! The exercise instruction link in the newsletter send by email was wrong. Proper link you can find here and in the new version on the newsletter that is linked above. Sorry for inconvenience.

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Another good news is that we are forming our European Citizens’ Initiative task force and you will hear a lot from us soon. The level of application was very high, it might be legendary!

Selected team: Esther, Guido, Joann...

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What has AEGEE said about civic education till now?

For the Strategic Plan 2014-2017 AEGEE-Europe decided to have Civic Education as one of its Focus Areas which will prioritize their work during this period. As part of this decision, AEGEE has to express what the position of the organization regarding civic education is. AEGEE has not had a position paper about civic education before. However, our organization has made several political statements connected with civic education in the recent past. These statements provide an initial indication of what we, AEGEEans, think about civic education.

The Strategic Plan specifies the two aims of the Focus Area in Civic Education, being one of them to “Put civic education in the political agenda at all levels”...

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Civic Education Newsletter

Right now Civic Education is a hot topic not only in AEGEE but in Europe in general (or at least we would like to believe in it).

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Stay civic, stay educated, stay informed!


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The coolest open call of this century

As some of you already know, Civic Education Working Group has many awesome plans. One of the plans is in particular epic and we invite you be be a part of it!

It’s just as cool as pushing for Erasmus Program or organizing the original Night of Seven Antennae. If we do it right it will be at least as legendary as winning the European Charlemagne Youth Prize.

What is it?writing-animals-20937247

European Citizens’ Initiative on Civic Education

It is an open call for a task force which will be working on implementation of aim 2 objective 2 of Action Agenda:

Start a European Citizens’ Initiative or an equivalent petition about increasing the topic of Civic Education in the curricula of institutions of formal education, and organise 25 actions to collect signatures for these initiatives.

Who are we looki...

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Join the Civic Education Working Group!

Open Call: 1 Policy Officer, up to 6 WG Members

Many topics received attention in AEGEE over the last years. Important to us as AEGEEans, yet they often don’t receive that much attention outside the organisation. We want a sustainable, diverse and democratic Europe, with respect for each other, the rule of law and human rights, but society lacks awareness. The responsibility to work towards our vision of society lies on everyone, but most people did not learn to see that (yet). Often it comes down to a lack of knowledge, skills and attitudes that are needed to act as a responsible citizen. We are going to change that!

As future coordinator of the Working Group on Civic Education, it is a pleasure to send out an open call for a Policy Officer and up to six other members of the Civic Education Working Group. Being the only working group with two aims of the Strategic Plan to work on, there is enough to do for a group of eight motivated persons that are up for a challenge!

The Civic Education working group will create and implement activities contributing to the aims of increasing the civic competences of AEGEE members, as well as the aim of putting Civic Education on the political agenda on all levels. Also it will perform tasks for AEGEE-Europe related to official positions on Civic Education and relevant research and representation.

As y...

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