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Open Call for Hosting Locals for EPM and Spring Agora 2018

Dear Network,


We would like to announce that AEGEE-Europe is looking for locals ready and willing to organise the European Planning Meeting 2018 or the Spring Agora 2018.


The European Planning Meeting is one of the most valuable and memorable events during which AEGEE´s future is shaped and a direction for the following years is given. It is also a place for members interested in thematics to gather and exchange their ideas, get inspired, and develop new activities, within the frame of the Strategic Plan of AEGEE Europe. Ideally, the event will take place around February 2018.


The Agora is one of AEGEE’s statutory events, gathering representatives of the whole Network in order to decide on the future of the organisation, to make decisions regarding the structure and the functioni...

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Open Call for Erasmus+ project mandates – Upgrade your local with funded projects!



#Application form

#Hangout with the Network – 30 January

#Deadline: 31 January

#Second deadline: 14th February

Dear AEGEEans

With this email, we are happy to launch a call for Erasmus+ partnership mandates towards the AEGEE network, in order to involve you and your local in the development of upcoming funded projects and initiatives, AEGEE-Europe is working on.

If your local wants to get involved, you can:

  1. Learn about projects under development in the AEGEE-Europe headoffice,
  2. Get involved as partners of the project and receive funding for activities with successful applications.

“New projects? How?”

The following ideas are drafted by the Comite Directeur based on the needs of the organisation, based on the development of our external partnerships, and based on the rel...

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Open Call – New Liaison Officers of AEGEE – Discover Brussels and more!



Application Form

Deadline: 15th January

Guidelines for Liaison Officers

The web of AEGEE’s external relations is a complex one. With each of the institutions and partner organisations we cooperate on different initiatives, and with each of them it is a relevant link that strengthens the work of our organisation towards the outside world.

We would like to invite you to take part in building AEGEE’s presence and image towards the external world – by applying to become Liaison Officer towards the following organisations. You can find a short description about our cooperation and the possible future plans you can work on with each of them.

European Youth Forum

AEGEE is full member of the European Youth Forum (YFJ) playing an active role in the policy and advo...

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Open Call for AEGEE Day Team

Dear Network,

Last year, on 16th of April 2016, we celebrated together the AEGEE Day.

For 2017, in order to get everyone ready for this celebration full of awesome activities all over Europe, we are looking for a team to work together with us on the content, preparation and spreading the AEGEE spirit.

Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Content Team, responsible for the creation of guidelines and other materials to help locals contribute to the AEGEE Day.

  • Public Relations team, responsible for the PR campaign and other promotional materials.

  • Ambassadors, responsible for encouraging locals to celebrate AEGEE Day by informing them about the possible activities they can do, to help them choose and promote their ideas and to collect information about the outcome of the activities (which a...

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Open Call for Task Force on Pushing the Free Interrail Ticket Discussion

Dear Network,

As a follow-up of the motionAsking the CD to support free interrail tickets’, we hereby launch an Open Call for a Task Force.

Youth mobility was and is at the center of AEGEE’s concerns. The experience of traveling and meeting new people from all over Europe – either at a Summer University, an Agora or another European event – has opened the eyes and minds of many AEGEEans already. The freedom to travel allows us to broaden our horizon, literally and figuratively speaking, and it is crucial in fostering a true sense of transnational, European citizenship among young people...

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Open Call for European Training Course #1

etc-coverLocal Training Courses (LTCs) and Regional Training Courses (RTCs) equip members with the knowledge and skills necessary to take up responsibilities in AEGEE locals and boards, while the European Training Course aims at preparing members to take an active role in the European bodies of AEGEE.

The concept is similar to European Schools – but being more accessible by lasting only weekend and taking place regularly in the AEGEE house in Brussels. Moreover, it is not only a place for training but also for consultation and brainstorming – there where you can have a sneak peek into the work of Comité Directeur and develop your ideas for initatives inside AEGEE. Our role will be to show you the ways to realize those ideas and to equip you with skills necessary to make them happen.

Sounds good?...

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++OPEN CALL++ Content Managers for EPM Zagreb – ‘Europe under Siege – Populism and Anti-European Agitation’

Dear Network,

At Autumn Agora Chisinau, the topic ‘Europe under Siege – Populism and Anti-European Agitation’ was selected for the thematic part of the upcoming European Planning Meeting (EPM), taking place between the 23rd and 27th of February 2017 in Zagreb.

This topic has proven to be of a high relevance and interest for our members. Therefore, we would like to send an open call for EPM Content Managers, who will work closely with the Comité Directeur in order to develop high-quality content for the conference.

We will select up to three people who will work with us on the following tasks:

  • developing the content of the EPM;
  • selecting relevant speakers that can give an added value to the discussion;
  • documenting the outcomes of the sessions during the EPM itself;
  • ensuring that there...
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Hackathon @ AEGEE House

Основные RGB

Dear AEGEEans,

We are organising a hackathon in Brussels between 18th and 20th of November to gather some AEGEE members willing to help in the development of My AEGEE (the Online Membership System that will replace Intranet) including getting to know its structure, coding and setting a timeline for further developments.

The participants will be hosted in the AEGEE house and it will be a nice alternative event, free of charge to make it more accessible to everyone, with some stuff on us ;). The travel costs can partially be covered by AEGEE so write us at (cc: to see how much of your travel costs we can cover.

Type of participant:

  • IT background
  • Motivated
  • Willing to have an awesome My AEGEE

Please fill in this form to apply.

Helping the the devel...

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Open Call – We Start Lisbon conference


Dear AEGEEans,

Would you like to know more about social entrepreneurship, product development, copywriting, how to pitch investors, how to build a business network, how to raise funding and how to get the attention of the local and international media?

If yes, then register and become a part of the European web entrepreneurship ecosystem by attending the We Start Lisbon conference, which is organised by the MY-WAY project.

We Start Lisbon will serve as a unique opportunity and meeting point for young entrepreneurs and students willing to launch their business to meet investors, mentors and other key players of the European startup ecosystem, network with peers, and learn new skills to pursue their dream.

The conference will take place in Lisbon on the 21st October in the Universidade ...

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OPEN CALL all-costs-covered policy training in Brussels


Brussels – the place where the European agenda influences different developments all over Europe.

AEGEE – the place where we volunteer, but also learn new skills and gain competences. Are you interested in learning more about the recognition processes of volunteering and policy processes happening in Brussels by first-hand experience?

The multiplier training of the GR-EAT project offers you a case-study based training that will focus on the social and political recognition of volunteering and the skills and competences you gain as a volunteer in AEGEE.

During this training you will:

  • Understand better the context of Non-Formal Informal Learning;
  • Get to know and visit Brussels stakeholders;
  • Spend an amazing week together with young people from diverse organisations.

Dates: 3rd to 8th of ...

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