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Open call for sessions in EPM Yerevan

Dear members of locals and European Bodies,

We invite you to contribute to the creation of sessions for both the thematic and the drafting parts of European Planning Meeting Yerevan which will takes place on 8-12 March 2018. You therefore have until the 30th of December to send us your applications.

About the thematic part:
The topic “Borderless Europe: Can we dream that big?” will allow members and bodies to exchange their experience on what ‘borderless Europe’ is and how AEGEE can and should advocate its core idea. As has been underlined in the topic proposal, Borders can be considered both mental (Cultural, mediatic, politic) or physical (economic, administrative..)...

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OPEN CALL – Eastern Partnership Project 2016 – 2018

Dear AEGEEans,

we are happy to announce an OPEN CALL for the AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project 2016 – 2018!

Are you passionate about Eastern Europe? Are you interested in EU-Russia relations, conflict in Ukraine, frozen conflicts and reform processes in Eastern Europe? Are you a young, motivated entrepreneur who wants to make a change?

If you answered YES to any of these questions ‘ then it is time for you to join our team!




We believe

In making a difference in lives of people that need it most.
In the importance of the project as the element of AEGEE’s mission of bridging Europe.
In the development of civil society in the Eastern Europe.
In the vital role of Eastern Europe in the foreign relations of the EU.

We want

To promote the idea of active citizenship and raise awareness o...

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AEGEE-Europe Position Paper on EU Eastern Partnership Programme

Dear Visitor,

HERE you may find the official position paper of AEGEE-Europe / European Students’ Forum on the Eastern Partnership. Through our experience in a large European students’ network, we have seen how unequally educational/ work /social opportunities are distributed among young people in the eastern and western parts of the European continent. AEGEE-Europe is deeply convinced that ensuring equal opportunities for young people all over Europe will be beneficial for the continent at large, thus we have prepared this paper for your consideration.

Armenak Minasyant & AEGEE Eastern Partnership Project

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AGORA Patra – we were there!


Spring AGORA Patra 2014 marked a very important milestone on the Eastern Partnership Project’s timeline. By signing contract with AEGEE-Europe the project was officially launched. Remarkably, it’s the second time that EaP embarks on a mission of bridging Europe in AEGEE, as it is continuation of the accomplished first phase of the initative.

In order to introduce the project to the Network EaP team took an opportunity to hold a progress meeting. At the beginning, participants were presented with a short explanation of the Eastern Partnership Programme, which is a part of the European Union foreign policy towards its Eastern neighbours and by its existence gives a framework for having such similar initative in AEGEE...

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Our live meeting – Brussels, 7-9th March

10014754_688060811256494_1851502540_oAlthough almost one month passed since the EBM Lublin has been organised (there were many of us participating in), the Eastern Partnership Project’s members met up once again last weekend in Brussels in order to finish up the new project’s concept shaping processes. The Eastern Partnership Project was officially summarised at the Autumn AGORA Zaragoza, but it does not mean that the team desists its activity. The project has already begun its work on the challenges that the second edition brings along. This is a short report written by Roland Papp/ Content Manager, and Adrian Browarczyk / Project Manager. 

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) is an initiative of the European Union governing their relationship with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine, intended to provide ...

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Our representatives at Young Leaders Forum, Brussels 2-4th December

EaP Young Leaders Forum

In the first week of December, the European Parliament organised an event called Young Leaders Forum, which gathered 24 young participants from EU and neighboring countries to discuss, debate, and start further developing initiatives.

The majority of participants came from the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries, 3 from each six (Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and Armenia).  There were young politicians, young leaders from NGOs, young scholars etc, hence the group was very diverse. However, we had a strong AEGEE lobby as 4 current and 1 ex-AEGEE member were there as a participants.  Most of the sessions took place in the building of the European Parliament, and we had many guests such as experts, representatives of trade unions, and Members of European Parliament (MEP)...

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“Western housewifes & Eastern leaders”, our workshop at Autumn AGORA Zaragoza 2013

 "Western housewifes & Eastern leaders"During the Autumn AGORA Zaragoza 2013 the Eastern Partnership Project organised a workshop „Western Housewives & Eastern Leaders”. The plan was to discuss the woman role in different European societies. On our heterogeneous continent gender equality means different things.  We wanted to show this diversity and  break the stereotypes that still function.

In the first part of the workshop we explained the Eastern Partnership Project and the EU’s policy towards its Eastern neighbours.  Then we had a more interactive part when 35 participants had the chance to take part in vivid discussion. Prior to Agora we made a survey about the female roles, which was translated into 8 different languages and posted to several websites...

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When two heads are better than one


The wonderful time of brainstorming, creating the route and imagining the perfect Summer University has started officially. Main coordinators, Incoming Responsible and Treasurers of every local that would like to organize any type of SU have to be chosen to submit the information about the dates, program, learning objectives and many other things until the 12 of January. To make the team’s life a bit easier Working Groups and Project Teams are here to help you with the ideas of the theme and all the following information. And SUCT is here to explain what benefits you will have.

  1. More focus on the theme

One of the strongest reasons for the collaboration is the help from any WG/PT with focusion on the theme. Let’s see what themes do we have this year and how different WG/PT can help you:

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Eastern Partnership future scenario. Ukrainian case.

Marta Wnuk, EaP workshop during NWM Poznan 2013

To learn, to share, to network – this are objectives of Network Meetings that take place in every area of AEGEE twice a year. During Autumn Network Meeting held in Poznań Eastern Partnership Project took opportunity to raise awareness of the participating youth about recent developments in Ukraine triggered by shelving the decision about signing the Association Agreement with the European Union. Sudden move of Ukrainian authorities to not to go further European path in the country’s foreign policy called for action and raised the need to present the worrying case to broader public.  So that the idea of workshop came to life. On Friday, Nov 29th over 30 young people from 15 different European cities came to get to know and discuss difficult Ukrainian reality.

The first part of the w...

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OPEN CALL – Eastern Partnership Project 2 is looking for you a bit longer!

We’d like to remind that Eastern Partnership Project 2 is still looking for you!

The application deadline has been extended to your very advantage and now you’re able to do so up till December 6th, 23:59 CET!

Eastern Partnership Project 2

EaP2 values are based on belief that this initiative is an important element of AEGEE’s mission of bridging EuropeIn order to make link between the Eastern and the Western part of our continent we decided to act with the objectives crucial to the development of civil society in the Eastern Europe.

Therefore, EaP2 aims 
to promote the idea of active citizenship and raise awareness of its importance:


1. by shaping political culture based on amicable cooperation with European youth

2. by increasing youth participation in non-governmental sector

3. by empowering the yo...

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